Luka Doncic is better than Zion and it's not even close — Chris Broussard | NBA | UNDISPUTED

  • Published on: 07 April 2021
  • Chris Broussard joins Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless to discuss which player is better; New Orleans Pelicans star Zion Williamson or Luka Dončić? Hear why Broussard believes Luka's ability to shoot the three ball surpasses Zion's dominance in the paint.

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    UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

    Luka Doncic is better than Zion and it's not even close — Chris Broussard | NBA | UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
  • Runtime : 11:45
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  • Sebastian Condon
    Sebastian Condon   5 hours ago

    Bruh how can luka be 2-15 when he has 3 buzzer beaters (1 to send to ot)

  • Valters Grunde
    Valters Grunde   5 hours ago

    Skip makes his money by being wrong on purpose. It`s probably in the contract of his tv persona. He has to get the views so he says the most outrageos things.

  • João Brito
    João Brito   12 hours ago

    Skip is still bitter that luka hit that game winner in the playoffs

  • João Brito
    João Brito   12 hours ago

    Zion reminds me of Blake griffin. Everyone hyped him up because he can jump out the building but his skill set is very limited

  • SaltVPN
    SaltVPN   1 days ago

    I take great pleasure in that disgusting look on Skip's face while he's getting blasted with the truth. lmao

  • Wada Ya
    Wada Ya   1 days ago

    Shawn kemp wud be making 70% of his field goals in todays game..🤣🤣🤣

  • Coops
    Coops   1 days ago

    Luka is a 3 pt shooter? He is an awful 3pt shooter lol

  • Lynx
    Lynx   1 days ago

    Skip is trash.

  • Sira .H
    Sira .H   1 days ago

    Luka has so many skills compared to zion

  • Luka Muren
    Luka Muren   2 days ago

    Yo Skip is 69 years old!!!!! No wonder he has no idea what he is talking about

  • Luke Regan
    Luke Regan   2 days ago

    This is just a ridiculous argument. Why do you need to choose one over the other? They're completely different players. Both are great and anyone would be happy to have either on their team. It's just silly to pit the 2 against each other

  • Darth Maul
    Darth Maul   2 days ago

    anyone remembers the last time Skip won an argument?

  • They Call Me Pappy
    They Call Me Pappy   2 days ago

    Luka is arguably the best player in the league already, dudes IQ is as good as the CP3s, Rondos, and LeBrons of the world.

  • Mark Daher
    Mark Daher   2 days ago

    Skip is crazy and clueless when it comes to the NBA, Zion doesn’t come close to Luka.

  • KittyLazyBeamz
    KittyLazyBeamz   2 days ago

    Luka is better sure as he has been playing with grown men since he was a teenager. That being said saying it isn't even close is disrespectful, It is close, and at some point with enough experience Zion may even surpass him. Not even close though come on man.

  • Akira Rin
    Akira Rin   2 days ago

    Skip has found the successor for LeBron in Luka. Watch out!

  • Uli Spi
    Uli Spi   2 days ago

    Y'all sleeping on Zion the guy is a mini Shaq he is literally unstoppable for everyone, he is 6'6 bullying centers while driving to the basket.

  • Scott y
    Scott y   2 days ago

    Not even close? Wow thats quite ignorant.

  • Quaan Adams
    Quaan Adams   2 days ago

    And Luka averages more rebounds!!! Not close Luka the man

  • Johan Rijhkelaar
    Johan Rijhkelaar   3 days ago

    Zion is a great player but bases much of his game on his strenght. Luka’s a generational talent, his basketball IQ is so high, dribbling,passing,vision and has that “stud” mentality about him

  • Mazvydas Seskauskas
    Mazvydas Seskauskas   3 days ago

    zion is a body and luka is all in one so sorry zion is more like freak of nature

  • Esoteric Guru
    Esoteric Guru   3 days ago

    I'd take Zion if I'm starting a franchise. F all that 3 point shooting analytical stuff.

  • Luis Perla
    Luis Perla   3 days ago

    Don't argue with an old man he's not gonna change his mind..nope

  • Victor
    Victor   4 days ago

    After all this years doing this job seems like Skip still has no idea about NBA.

  • Viilutaja
    Viilutaja   6 days ago

    Skip is playing idiot just to be controversial and get more screen time or HE IS ACTUALLY IDIOT? I think the second one is more plausible. Why that guy is allowed to make statements ?

  • Kevin Kinchen
    Kevin Kinchen   1 weeks ago

    I agree with Skip on the all importance of the PER metric. Zion if he stays healthy, will be THE face of the NBA when Lebron retires.

  • Kevin Kinchen
    Kevin Kinchen   1 weeks ago

    The reigning NBA champions, the Lakers were not a great three point shooting team. In fact, a high percentage shot in the paint (a dunk) will always be marginally better than even the most effective three point shooters in basketball. Always.