NEW Leaks about Creative 2.0 & Fortnite Adventure Mode!

  • Published on: 19 August 2021
  • A ton of NEW Leaks about #FortniteCreative 2.0 & the new #Fortnite Adventure Mode have come out over the past few days and we HAVE to talk about it!

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  • Mustard Plays
    Mustard Plays   3 months ago

    What are you most excited about that's been leaked?

  • NG 4769
    NG 4769   2 months ago

    Hopefully someone remakes the Ch 1 map. Literally all I want.

  • JOey
    JOey   2 months ago

    I want brutes back in creative

  • ROKO
    ROKO   2 months ago

    I have a feeling that creative 2.0 will some how be connected to the new gamemode coming soon maybe the tools they use to make some ore most of the new gamemode was used in creative 2.0 mixed with unreal engine which both are the same just creative 2.0 a bit more kid friendly. maybe games on the new gamemode are from creative 2.0 like the imposter gamemode. or in the city they have recommended games made from others in the apollo

  • moneydwarf
    moneydwarf   3 months ago

    It's kinda stupid if only pc will have this cause now all other maps will look bad and I've been making maps since chapter 1 season 7

  • Jj Horsfall
    Jj Horsfall   3 months ago

    Frost dragon queen bee queen queen bee king p v. R r I rrrr

  • Jane Horwat
    Jane Horwat   3 months ago

    there gonna add character manipulation device and 'monument prefab

  • Mrboy666
    Mrboy666   3 months ago


  • -_- .
    -_- .   3 months ago

    Yo i need you asap

  • Tr1cK Sh0tZ_Youtube
    Tr1cK Sh0tZ_Youtube   3 months ago

    I found an insane glitch, first, go to ur map barrier, then click the setting to move ur weapons, after, go outside the barrier while in the setting, finally, switch to the creative setting mode to see unreleased items

  • Greg. B
    Greg. B   3 months ago

    Espero con ansias el nuevo modo! Cierto , saludos desde Ecuador 😁🇪🇨

  • Scrumbl
    Scrumbl   3 months ago

    The thought that either a crap ton of memory, or props/devices of all kind will lessin in the value with Mega islands and 2.0 will be the best. I have an island i want to do so much detailing to and yet it cant live up to what it should be due to memory.

  • Nomadic
    Nomadic   3 months ago

    Athena is the code name for Battle Royale

  • red4666
    red4666   3 months ago

    I hope they give us unfiltered access to their materials. I really would like to learn, from the source, how some of their effects are created. I bet they have a lot of tips and tricks, and material functions that would be extremely handy for any 3d artist using Unreal.

    LIGHTNING ARROW   3 months ago

    Hi mustard can you pls add me I love making maps but I need to have a better builder to help me

  • James Wells
    James Wells   3 months ago

    Mustard.... here is a wish for 2.0. Maybe your brother could think about this.For Chapter 3, Creative 2.0MAP LINKING. Maps... even the big XL Thermo Maps only have 100k. If we can't rent or buy more memory Creative maps... then let us LINK maps together that appear as one Map. As in several large separate independent 100k maps, where you seamlessly walk through a door, drive over a bridge or some other creative method... that teleports you to Map B, where you can continue your theme from Map 1. This would give the appearance of a much larger world. Linking maps would avoid going back to the Hub... to load the next map to switch to another map. That just breaks the flow of the first map you got to 100k on.Think what a builder could achieve with MAP LINKING!! With MAP LINKING... the size of your world... could be endless!Here is 5 excellent 2.0 wishes from a friend.

  • Top rocket 855
    Top rocket 855   3 months ago

    Because the creative 2.0 map editor thing he has been said to be unreal engine basically that means hopefully there is unlimited mod potential in one world and I hope they make it so anyone and everyone can publish maps and mods in creative 2.0

  • G A
    G A   3 months ago

    Hey musterd can we get a looney tune map please im begging.

  • Universal Games
    Universal Games   3 months ago

    I hope the weapon manager device will allow you to change the names of weapons and the color of the rarity

  • AZL-9-1-09
    AZL-9-1-09   3 months ago

    I really want a weapon mamager that would also allow us to increase fire rate because I would love to recreate the midas drum gun, skyes scar etc

  • Dr. Unknown
    Dr. Unknown   3 months ago

    I Think Creative 2.0 Will Come When Season 8 Come Out

  • dajakie
    dajakie   3 months ago

    I wish epic would add the authority

  • AwesmazingGuy
    AwesmazingGuy   3 months ago

    I wonder how epic will handle mature content that people make in creative 2.0. Will creators be allowed to use blood and gore? Will cuss words be allowed in their maps? If not, then how would it be regulated? Will maps be limited to whatever guidelines epic may have or will people be able to do what they want?

  • M. and M.
    M. and M.   3 months ago

    If the emote device comes out ima use it a lot

  • Gresia Olmeda
    Gresia Olmeda   3 months ago

    I know I’m one day late but I hope and pray they put it all weapons that were Battle royale that got took it out and never got to creative like the guided missile launcher or the ZappeTron and another thing and I hope they do you put like a thing where you can make events but like actual events like your own version of the black hole of it your own version of the rocket event I hope they do this in the future in creative 2.0

  • Charlie Irving
    Charlie Irving   3 months ago

    Cannon return Emote controller Item shop device +more

  • ricardo .compere
    ricardo .compere   3 months ago

    I just want a new road gallery and pink sand from season 5 not even the tunnel mechanic

  • Yousef Thamer
    Yousef Thamer   3 months ago

    Hi my friend Hassan got scammed by someone called ahmed5_2007 plzzzzzz tell your brother

  • Max_Eniro
    Max_Eniro   3 months ago

    Why is nobody talking about the new water in creative

  • Taruna Singh
    Taruna Singh   3 months ago

    I know how to get the creative sword early my Fortnite name is Ethan9Alpha add me and I so you

  • Chasing mayX
    Chasing mayX   3 months ago

    Have you realised there is a lot more colours for the sky dome device now