MOMMY vs DADDY in Among Us

  • Published on: 02 June 2021
  • We put DADDY Imposter vs Mommy in Modded Among Us!

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  • Runtime : 15:14


  • Keeley C
    Keeley C   6 hours ago

    who is better?dad or mum

  • ∆ Khloey ∆
    ∆ Khloey ∆   12 hours ago

    OKAY SSUNDEE IS SUS he said ''Like if your parents are weird'' and 484K people liked- wooooow

  • Eunice Guo
    Eunice Guo   13 hours ago

    it's not a city it's a skeld/ space ship

  • Arthur
    Arthur   16 hours ago

    Abusive Dad vs Nice Mom (Bassicaly)

  • The cat girl
    The cat girl   1 days ago

    When they said mommy fortnite music turnd on in the backrund

  • MademoiselleRose
    MademoiselleRose   1 days ago

    That is not my dad he owns his own architectural firm and has been on NPR (Yeah I’m bragging) I love my dad even if he’s rough on me sometimes let’s take a minute and Appreciate all the dads out there

  • Sarah Naif
    Sarah Naif   1 days ago

    Mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy

  • Sayfay
    Sayfay   1 days ago

    Lol it turned black not blue

  • Tiky
    Tiky   2 days ago

    not going to like :/

  • 3465_ Elizabethbunny1

    I have an idea for a mod (day 8 of asking) The Beach ModThere is one crewmate who is chosen to be a life guard their is a sun aswell with sunscreen (like the teli tubbys mod but not with a face) The imposter try’s to get you sunburnt and their is sunscreen that spawns randomly the imposter can put a poison down that looks like a sunscreen bottle, their is stands that sell hats (for free) it’s a cool down to get one for 30 seconds you can walk in front of the sun for 20 seconds with a hat on, you can compete in a volleyball mini game(the imposter abilities are your choice but it has to do with the beach like sand bury, invisible, etc.) Please Mention my comment if you decide to do it :D

  • Skull Gamer
    Skull Gamer   3 days ago

    That is not my mom that’s for sure my mom grounds me

  • Melody Ng
    Melody Ng   3 days ago

    I love your videos. Can you please do a video with a Twitter or Instagram or Snapchat or something like those please

  •   4 days ago

    Henwy:-200 iqMe:He could have used the pie earlier

  • Zendaya Koplin
    Zendaya Koplin   4 days ago

    oh my god no no no no No NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stevie No
    Stevie No   4 days ago

    “ I got the top one I got the top one I got the top one” Go’s to the bottom one

  • Logan W
    Logan W   4 days ago

    daddy give me some milk XD

    DEEZ NUTS   4 days ago

    Henwy:why where u in this roomSigils: I just wanted to swipe my card Henwy: accuses sigils so hard