THE UNHOLY (2021) Ending Explained

  • Published on: 07 June 2021
  • #theunholy #endingexplained

    In The Unholy, a girl inexplicably gains the power to heal the sick after a supposed visit from the Virgin Mary that catches the attention from a down on his luck journalist. As strange and violent events start to occur, he wonders if these phenomena are the work of something more sinister. We're breaking down the story, including Jerry's arc to his newfound faith, just what the entity is and what it really wants, as well as explaining the ending.

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  • Runtime : 26:18
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  • Mae S
    Mae S   3 days ago

    If you like this, you should watch Seklusyon. It's a Filipino horror movie based on the ritual that priests-to-be are to be placed in a secluded a week before they receive their rites. This week is when they will be tempted the most by the devil. In this movie, a child also starts healing people and performing miracles in the name of God. To keep the child safe, she is placed in the same secluded area as the priests-to-be.

  • Sammey Phammey
    Sammey Phammey   4 days ago

    I blame cinemasins. Now when I hear the name of the movie inside said movie, I automatically say “roll credits “

  • FiNNiK
    FiNNiK   1 weeks ago

    I would've expected more from John Winchester.

  • synthmalicious
    synthmalicious   1 weeks ago

    Seemed like a great story but man, those effects and the costume for Mary… jeez

  • Gayle Cheung
    Gayle Cheung   2 weeks ago

    I’m basically an atheist but I really enjoy the movie

  • Tarahji Cheatham 2
    Tarahji Cheatham 2   2 weeks ago

    Mary is a ewe and Jesus is a lamb and Joseph is a ram because Mary is not a big mean ol black nanny goat she is a sweet and kind ewe btw god bless you and Jesus Christ too

  • Emmanuel Joshua Belga

    The holy of Jesus is the king world and the holy water is the only way to stop the spirit

  • Gabriel Cayton
    Gabriel Cayton   4 weeks ago

    Love that you always start with a general review - giving us a chance to stop and watch the movie if it was a great movie.

  • GabsNY87
    GabsNY87   1 months ago

    I just came across your channel, u are really awesome I cannot stop watching I find myself not even watching the movie because you give such a great summary of the story! It’s perfect for a busy mom.

  • 新四月
    新四月   1 months ago

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  • 埃利斯穆爾基亞
    埃利斯穆爾基亞   1 months ago

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  • Atlas
    Atlas   1 months ago

    18:05 saving that one for later

  • Mohammad Hakim
    Mohammad Hakim   1 months ago

    During Mary's carnage in town blood came out a statue's eye.. In the last scene right before the ending blood started coming out of the statue's eyes..I think it's a sign that Alice was not bought back to life by God but some other demonic entity ..

  • Anna M. Lopez
    Anna M. Lopez   1 months ago

    Negan goes from smashing people with a bat to smashing evil spirits. Kind of an upgrade. Lol

    TOEQIEM   1 months ago

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  • Alexa H
    Alexa H   1 months ago

    I watch these videos before I watch any scary movie my boyfriend makes me watch so I won’t be as scared … lol I love them

  • Rene P
    Rene P   1 months ago

    This was actually one of my favourite books to read when I was teenager saying that makes me realize I first read the book 15 years ago

  • Dan's Buddha Bodega
    Dan's Buddha Bodega   1 months ago

    BLESS THE CHILD. THE RITE. THE EXORCIST. The reaping. The Skeleton key.

  • hiddengnome
    hiddengnome   1 months ago

    And that is how easy religion can make people believe the wrong things.

  • Sheam Liahckie
    Sheam Liahckie   1 months ago

    Imagine not ever making or directing a movie but you have something to say about everyone else's work while you have none. Besides crying and whining.

  • Elizabeth Gaspodnetich
    Elizabeth Gaspodnetich   1 months ago

    Although the movie was good and unique, I felt a little cheated at the ending. The girl was too quick to agree with them, even after all that time she spent in awe of "The Lady" I felt there should have been a bigger ending.

  • Solaris of Malkior
    Solaris of Malkior   2 months ago

    I want a serious horror film about a haunted fast food restaurant

  • Crazeddingo
    Crazeddingo   2 months ago

    "Sheeps in wolve's clothing." You almost had the quote right. Almost lol.

  • alynn1477
    alynn1477   2 months ago

    It wasn’t two girls that died. It was a girl and a boy.

  • Freja hertz
    Freja hertz   2 months ago

    This movie would’ve been miles better if they didn’t use jumpscares, but psychological horror instead. It would have made much more of an impact if it was more in the shadows and empty spaces. Still enjoyed it, mostly because of Jeffrey Dean Morgan

  • Deeptimay Routray
    Deeptimay Routray   2 months ago

    Hey .. you missed in one shot the god was still crying at the end of the movie.. may the soul Alice carring now it's not her

  • Soviet Dog
    Soviet Dog   2 months ago

    Yo wtf is Negan doing praising to god

  • Varun
    Varun   2 months ago

    After the ending quote, what does the blood from the statue's eyes signify?

    AMIR ABDUL AZEEZ   2 months ago

    The unholy is Something like the movie the omen, which scared the shit out of me. Ending was happily ever after so that part I didn’t like. Rest all is awesome, concept is awesome.