Kevin Durant - NOTORIOUS KD (NETS HYPE) Mini-Movie

  • Published on: 09 December 2020
  • In 2016 Kevin Durant became arguably the most hated person in sports when he joined the 73-9 Golden State Warriors. Now in 2020, KD is a Brooklyn Net coming off of an Achilles injury. This film encapsulates KD's journey from 2016 to now and shows how Kevin Durant became THE NOTORIOUS KD.
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    Credit to:
    Bleacher Report
    House of Highlights
    Golden State Warriors
    Brooklyn Nets
    Vic Mensa
    Kanye West
    J. Cole
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  • Runtime : 33:9


  • Ken Betta
    Ken Betta   5 months ago

    Best KD documentary I ever seen 🔥

  • Meta PeAce
    Meta PeAce   2 weeks ago

    Trust me, this is the best KD's movie of all time 😍.Not even close.You did an awesome job, I'm telling you 🔥✌️.#Masterpiece#Masterclass 👍

  • Kabir Pasricha
    Kabir Pasricha   2 weeks ago

    Thanks for this great documentary . Best scorer in the history of NBA U know who he is KEVIN DURANT........................

  • Mal Burch
    Mal Burch   2 weeks ago

    It was the media forcing him to play. But KD creates his own controversy to fuel himself dude is somethin else lol

  • Ranvir Tatineni
    Ranvir Tatineni   3 weeks ago

    This is the best YouTube documentary I have seen. Very well edited and the background music was great as well. Keep up the good work.🙂

  • Gabriel Losolla
    Gabriel Losolla   3 weeks ago

    🥶🥶🥶🥶😳😳🥵🥵🥵😤😤😤😤😤😤😤 hes comin

  • Shaashwath Sivakumar
    Shaashwath Sivakumar   4 weeks ago

    Hey @EyeZAyah Entertainment what was the name of the song that was played during the 2019 playoffs? Cuz I liked that song

  • Raees Ali
    Raees Ali   1 months ago

    Imagine how much more lethal and great he'd be if he never smoked cannabis which has been weakening his joints and bones

  • Maleak Castillo
    Maleak Castillo   1 months ago

    We being saying he a snake but we would do the same thing if we was in his position.

  • Mouhamad Jalloh
    Mouhamad Jalloh   1 months ago

    I believe that if KD won the finals in 2012 and had 2 league MVP he would be the best player alive

  • Francisco Ernesto
    Francisco Ernesto   1 months ago

    Jursuf nurkic isn’t in the same level as KD why is he talking? he’s trasg🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Owen Stafford
    Owen Stafford   1 months ago

    It feels Illegal that I'm watching this for free

  • ariasirz
    ariasirz   1 months ago

    I hate KD but dam bro that was amazing piece of art you put together.. how the hell do you not have at least a million subscribers

  • cartermgmt
    cartermgmt   1 months ago

    By far one of the best hoop documentaries on YouTube good shit🔥

  • Herbert Jr
    Herbert Jr   1 months ago

    DAMN! This video is HAM! Thumbs up dude.

  • Jones Bugnosen
    Jones Bugnosen   1 months ago

    Even the golden states warriors were wrong about him.

  • Jones Bugnosen
    Jones Bugnosen   1 months ago

    A man destroyed by media and past nba personalities who feels they know everything.

  • Ni Co
    Ni Co   1 months ago

    This guy is a nightmare to guard 🤫🤫🤫

  • Real Conspiracy Wow!
    Real Conspiracy Wow!   2 months ago

    From this point on Kevin Durant need muscle milk for his ankles and feet.