1.3 Million Weapon X - Alliance War Matches - MARVEL Strike Force - MSF

  • Published on: 04 November 2021
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  • Runtime : 22:14
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  • De Wooten
    De Wooten   2 months ago

    @4:15This is new reply to opponents.I wish he said, "GET WRECKED NERDS!!!"Need to turn this into a GIF.

  • II Sixx
    II Sixx   2 months ago

    Can’t help but feel like that Red is very very sad! He has been out 4 feckin minutes man

  • gokijin
    gokijin   2 months ago

    I can hear the F bombs being held back lmao, that 300k Omega Red though...I dropped enough F bombs for us all lmao.

  • Andre Lucas Santos
    Andre Lucas Santos   2 months ago

    I dont play anymore, Just keep comming for The Fun (Thats what she said) youre great boomer!

  • Zac Rogers
    Zac Rogers   2 months ago

    I want to see the 300k omega red fight!!!!!!

  • rudi Wot
    rudi Wot   2 months ago

    First Shang , than Luke ;)

  • Glamprince89 Rockking77

    You guys either spend far too much cash to build your players..which is a lame way to build them.OR you have no life and play Strike force like a fat kid turns away candy and exercise.

  • Dominus Pegas
    Dominus Pegas   2 months ago

    What? You wanted to see how the battle ended? Well too bad! Whale harder.

  • eliseo melgarejo
    eliseo melgarejo   2 months ago

    Can you try in the test server, full fortifier axmen? do you think they perform better in doom?

  • Aaqilian5.0
    Aaqilian5.0   2 months ago

    309k character? Pfft. Getting a little fucking absurd now. Hilarious reaction though.

  • Chuck Y
    Chuck Y   2 months ago

    How the mighty have fallen.... He's using BO vs Pym

  • mrstephen43084
    mrstephen43084   2 months ago

    I’m very grateful you make these hilight videos. I end up missing so much of the live wars on stream.

  • Kilgore
    Kilgore   2 months ago

    LMFAO at the Omega Red reaction

  • MWong12
    MWong12   2 months ago

    That's a kraken baby lol

  • Shazam
    Shazam   2 months ago

    You should of used nebula basic on Shang chi to remove some buffs before applying the block

  • Blaze Chaisson
    Blaze Chaisson   2 months ago

    Help with the supernaturals is just nasty..I love it..I have them at 940k..Beast team.

  • Blaze Chaisson
    Blaze Chaisson   2 months ago

    My omega red is around that same size but with war buffs.

  • Edward Perez
    Edward Perez   2 months ago

    17:03 Who didn’t you switch to skirmisher?

  • B Free
    B Free   2 months ago

    U used Gamora's W, dropping the slowed Shang Chi into yellow, and his slow flipped to speed up.U needed that slow as long as possible

  • Will R
    Will R   2 months ago

    5:02 Meeeeeeeooooow

  • Valodar
    Valodar   2 months ago

    I pulled a 7 rs on lady deathstrike and 7 rs on omega red; however, there is no way in hell that i'll be seeing a 7ys on those toons anytime soon. LOL. Maybe in a year. :)

  • Crispy Gamer
    Crispy Gamer   2 months ago

    How the hell does that person have Omega Red at 300K power level!

  • DOOM
    DOOM   2 months ago

    the kill order is always LC,IF,SC,CW then MK!!!!!!!!That's why you lost

  • Faze Curry
    Faze Curry   2 months ago

    It's bs that there was 300k omega red

  • Jeffxm003
    Jeffxm003   2 months ago

    Imagine paying 1000s of dollars for the brand new team and you just get wrecked🀣

  • joshua hamilton
    joshua hamilton   2 months ago

    Which alliance are you in now because you weren,t Sigma varients anymore

  • ok-iot
    ok-iot   2 months ago

    Imo your axmen are not optimally placed. Bishop needs to be on the end in the front for splash damage and kitty behind him

  • Meap1234 MR
    Meap1234 MR   2 months ago

    Thank you. I’d love more type of these videos. Very enjoyable!

  • will g
    will g   2 months ago

    The bigger they are, the harder we fail!

  • JuCeBruSe
    JuCeBruSe   2 months ago


  • Sli
    Sli   2 months ago

    Did you punch down against that weapon x team? :P