2021 NBA Slam Dunk Contest Participants Revealed

  • Published on: 03 March 2021
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  • Runtime : 4:51


  • strak shirt
    strak shirt   1 months ago

    Vince Carter would have performed better at his current age, This competition ain't the same anymore.

  • Cameron Sarmiento
    Cameron Sarmiento   1 months ago

    Dumdum Generation z needs to cancel this disgraceful presentation of a so called dunk "contest."

  • Ary Munoz
    Ary Munoz   1 months ago

    The format of the All-Star game is terrible it breaks the Rhythm and the enthusiasm and the slam dunk contest was atrocious how the heck are you going to make a player dunk again after he just finished dunking while the other guy is resting his legs if it's not broken don't fix it..just terrible.

    ITS_JUST_ME_JAYLA !   1 months ago

    Cassious stanley should have got 50,obi tobbin should have got 45, and last guy should have got 47

  • James Michael
    James Michael   1 months ago

    Where's Aaron Gordon? Wait... he'll probably kill the dunk contest and get F'ed over again! Lmao, dude won 2 years in a row and no trophy to show for it! F'ing joke... stopped watching.

  • j k
    j k   1 months ago

    I'm sorry... but I dont need a WNBA star telling me what makes a good dunk....Edit: nor do I think a wnba star should be a judge in the dunk contest. That's my opinion.

  • 4KT Chris
    4KT Chris   1 months ago

    Zion and lebron would be a crazy final contenders on the last round

  • xXbest 500
    xXbest 500   1 months ago

    Ja morant zion and lebron would be crazy

  • Damien Morgan
    Damien Morgan   1 months ago

    Who is dressing Shaq bruh?!🤨 They need they 🤬 whooped!!!

  • Fortlord 1234
    Fortlord 1234   1 months ago

    Should have been Arron Gordon, Zion, Zach lavine, and Alex Coruso

  • This Guy
    This Guy   1 months ago

    When the judges are 100 times better then the dunkers

  • Joshua Roughan
    Joshua Roughan   1 months ago

    Randomly pick from a hat 3 NBA players and it would be better than these three dude 😔

  • M G
    M G   1 months ago

    Slam dunk going to be garbage like it has for the yrs

  • Magnus Flagg
    Magnus Flagg   1 months ago

    Too many good dunkers skipping the dunk contest this year.

  • ChungusBlue
    ChungusBlue   1 months ago

    we need derrick jones jr, aaron gordon, donovan mitchell, zack lavine

  • Trever Fogarty
    Trever Fogarty   1 months ago

    The winner of the dunk contest should get into the big game 😂

  • King Suave
    King Suave   1 months ago

    So no star power houses skipping this after last year bored me

  • jíø EZ
    jíø EZ   1 months ago

    Where is anothy Edward s go look his cl up clips up yo

  • ED23 Prod.
    ED23 Prod.   1 months ago

    Bro I swear half these dudes r in the g league

  • xele fonte
    xele fonte   1 months ago

    Anthony Edwards should be in this dunking contest and Yuta Watanabe should be his assistant.

  • Mills Dollas
    Mills Dollas   1 months ago

    If candance and Dwayne don’t jut admit they judged wrong and snatched ANOTHER dunk trophy from Aron Gordon

  • Liam Valentine
    Liam Valentine   1 months ago

    No oneEveryone's reaction to the dunk contest😐

  • Jose Soto
    Jose Soto   1 months ago

    Me looking at Candace wondering how Shelfon Williams did it.