What Are the Best Scenes of the MCU? | SJU

  • Published on: 07 June 2019
  • Our SJU panel catches up on the week's news, talks favorite MCU Scenes, and takes Fan Questions! - it's SJ Universe!
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    Our Favorite MCU Scenes! | SJU (One Marvelous Scene)
    Hosted by: Dan Murrell
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  • Fandom Entertainment
    Fandom Entertainment   2 years ago

    What moment from the MCU did you love most? Plus more! Hit See More For Timestamps The Vid Starts Early Because Ryan Started The Stream Late Don't Blame JTEMake sure to check out the return of Honest Game Trailers (from the same creative team from Smosh Games and Screen Junkies) on our new sister channel Fandom Games. Featuring a rotating cast of voices to give greater variety to the trailers. Check back every Tuesday for a brand new Honest Game Trailer at 10AM Pacific.01:49 - Our Marvelous Scenes►►Shoutout to Nanda V Movies and everybody who's been involved with The One Marvelous Scene Playlist►►https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLd7v7nQLQGwKQxfPtUPz6i1h3-JVxBx0D24:14 - News Roundup (Swamp Thing Follow Up, Studios Dropping out of SDCC)48:35 - Fan QuestionsPOOL RULESOne: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate.Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated.Three: Don’t go looking for fights.Four: “Be nice.” – Dalton from Roadhouse

  • Diego Palacios
    Diego Palacios   1 years ago

    The tracking shot of all the Avengers during the Battle of New York is still one of my favorite scenes. When Iron Man flies to Cap and shoots off his shield, then goes to Hawkeye and he shoots a bow by Hulk and Thor destroying the ship. So cool.

  • Adam Mercer
    Adam Mercer   2 years ago

    Love this panel. Great discussion points too. Billy should try to appear as often as Ryan lets him.

  • Matthew King
    Matthew King   2 years ago

    My favourite marvel scenes: - Groot dies in GotG - Peter finds out who Liz's dad is - Wanda kills Vision

  • Michelle Koh
    Michelle Koh   2 years ago

    One of my favourite MCU scene is in Captain America:TFA when skinny steve and his company are training and the superior throws a grenade into them

  • C S
    C S   2 years ago

    love the scene where tonys in the past and gets to talk to his father

  • TheNamekianClown
    TheNamekianClown   2 years ago

    One of my favorites that I never see anyone talk about is the Ancient One's death scene, where she teaches Strange one last lesson while they are astral projected.

  • Reggie Brown
    Reggie Brown   2 years ago

    Vanessa Gritton looks so gorgeous in this vid, not to take away from her amazing points i just couldn't help but notice, she is all around amazing every time i see her

  • Drew Carleton
    Drew Carleton   2 years ago

    This has been, "Why we love Dan and Charting with Him." Tune in on Mondays for 13 reasons why...we love his box office analysis.

  • Saint Wachter
    Saint Wachter   2 years ago

    I'm like Billy. I keep DC Universe for the comics. That's the appeal to me. Probably could get better for ComiXology (if I looked into it). I got it because I heard the appeal of Doom Patrol while in the middle of moving and I figured, sure might as well. I'll have stuff to read and outside of them picking really weird endings points for their ongoings (had it for less than a month) and it doesn't seem to update quickly enough. And I totally agree with Vanessa... Zoom? Is that the YA imprint? That NEEDS to go up on DC Universe the same time as the release. I'm trying to get my nephew into comics and he's of an age that he can read pretty much anything and understand the maturity but a few years ago, the search interface is terrible and it doesn't really help to give suggestions to younger readers. It's just random stuff like Super Sons or Robin: Son of Batman that have that universal appeal but focuses on more on the young aspect and their personalities than even the likes of Teen Titans.

  • TJ Balous
    TJ Balous   2 years ago

    The Defeated Avengers scene in Ultron of Tony’s fear before the opening title card. That’s when it all started. Seeing everyone beaten and how it affected Tony, hearing Cap say, “You could’ve saved us” sets up Tony’s Endgame sacrifice perfectly.

  • EGA83
    EGA83   2 years ago

    Dan's point on human behavior and the why's: Captian Marvel is a perfect example. That is not a Billion dollar movie on it's own merits.

  • Stephen Sandridge
    Stephen Sandridge   2 years ago

    My favorite moment (though I'll probably change my mind in the next 5 minutes) -- "Grab my hand" - the Guardians of the Galaxy holding the Power Stone together from GOTG1.

  • Colorful Insanity
    Colorful Insanity   2 years ago

    to this day two things at the Oscars anger me so much... one, that Rinko Kikuchi lost the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for Dreamgirls when Kikuchi's perfomance was and still is one of the best of all time and while Jennifer Hudson was really good, Kikuchi had the better and more emotional perfomance.Also Julia Roberts winning for Erin Brokovich instead of Ellen Burstyn for Requiem for a Dream was a fucking crime against cinema.

  • M Noir
    M Noir   2 years ago

    Well said, Billy. I can't imagine something that would cut deeper into Steve Rogers than being called a liar, untrustworthy, and a failure.

  • Astranaithes
    Astranaithes   2 years ago

    It took me forever to realize that Vanessa is wearing a Kate Bush shirt. Kate Bush is my favorite musician but hardly anyone knows who she is (at least in America). Nice to see another Kate fan!

  • Beejay Swifter
    Beejay Swifter   2 years ago

    Ed Greer: Vanilla Coke. Soda fountain Vanilla Coke. If you haven't tried it, do it now. Even, if it's still there, Tennessee Grill, SF.'s Vanilla Coke and french fries got me through high school...and I'm a Pepsi girl all the way. ;)

  • Tyler Breault
    Tyler Breault   2 years ago

    If Crunchyroll can keep VRV afloat for the 2 or so years it's been a service then I see no reason Warner Media can't keep DC Universe as a catalogue of only DC stuff

  • Gaby Moran
    Gaby Moran   2 years ago

    Ryan’s little “I can’t find it” at 23:45 caught me off guard but it was so endearingly funny, I love those moments in the show

  • Andie Oak
    Andie Oak   2 years ago

    Ed, you are looking for Hulu Live. It is a basically a streamable cable.

  • Erich Kortum
    Erich Kortum   2 years ago

    One my favorite MCU scenes would have to be from Homecoming when Peter comes home asking Aunt May for help getting ready for the dance. It’s one of sweetest moments in the movie and really drives home the fact that Peter is still just a kid trying to do what’s right

  • DaveD
    DaveD   2 years ago

    Who’s Ryan again? And what does he do?

  • Emily Plunkett
    Emily Plunkett   2 years ago

    Very quick question: If we have a fan question, where would we submit it?

  • Al Dean
    Al Dean   2 years ago

    The one time Dan pauses for the FF intro clip.. Lol!

  • Axells Abode
    Axells Abode   2 years ago

    Similarities with Comic Con and E3. We're seeing something similar with games and E3. Sony not there this year, EA start early not actually at E3 but in the area Ninetendo always do their own thing.

  • Travis Noble
    Travis Noble   2 years ago

    Seriously, this was a fantastic panel and discussion!

  • Pigmiwarrior Entertainment

    The scene from Avengers where Cap is telling the cops what to do & they say 'Why should we listen to you?' is one of the few scenes I've watched on its own multiple times. It's great, it has comedy action & drama elements. I also really enjoy the birth of Vision for the same reason. When he says 'There's nothing I can say that will make you trust me' & then hands Thor his hammer I get goosebumps.

  • Gary Dodd
    Gary Dodd   2 years ago

    I luv this show, i luv the MCU but i hate 2 MCU films and they are Guardians 2 and Civil War and the first 10 minutes are discussing these films...i dont have a favourite scene as there are too many but Cap using Mjolnir in Endgame made me freak out both times i saw the film...I love Winter Soldier more then any other so probably a scene from that...do luv the scene wen Cap, Black Widow and Falcon are on top of that building interigating Sidwell (is that his name) The fight scene on the bridge with Winter Soldier or wen Black Widow fools Robert Redfords character by looking like that older woman, The Avengers wen Hulk smashed Loki around or Stark on the Ship bridge, 'That guy is playing Galaga'...Also luv Black Panther movie, 'i never freeze', so many great scenes..and Scarlet Witch in Age of Ultron when she rips Ultron apart on train, messy film but some great scenes and any scene in Cap Marvel...MCU favourite scenes u could talk about forever, I am a massive DC fan and X-Men fan but MCU have created something that has never been done before and i think Feige should get an Oscar for his work over the 11 years, my opinion...keep up the good work on the show, will fast forward Civil War discussion and watch rest of the show🤗

  • Karl Maxey
    Karl Maxey   2 years ago

    1st: since when fandom entertainment hired sailor mercury? 2nd: I love doctor strange's I come to bargain line

  • ShelbyBaby27
    ShelbyBaby27   2 years ago

    One of my faves is from Winter Solider. It's when Cap visits Falcon at the support group. Falcon realizes that Cap needs someone to talk to whether hew wants to admit it or not. He asks Cap what he's gonna do when there's no more wars ro fight. Cap doesn't answer immediately, but finally says I don't know. The fact that Cap is leading a support group in Endgame shows the influence Falcon had on him, maybe even more so than Bucky at that point, and it was only fitting to pass the shield to him.

  • Silent-Active
    Silent-Active   2 years ago

    At 37:00 when Ed mentions "make a reader that works with the TV", yes there is one -- the Madefire Motion Book platform, it out-performs comixology and Madefire makes digital comic versions of the entire comicbook industry's catalog. Madefire is the first comicbook platform for VR and mixed reality, and allows people to upload/publish to it as well. You can read fully animated books on xbox, occulus, etc. etc. etc.

  • Tangarang
    Tangarang   2 years ago

    33:50 Rick: it's just Cable with extra steps

  • Jess_Marie_G
    Jess_Marie_G   2 years ago

    Mine has got to be Spidey during the airport fight.  The Raimi Spiderman movies came out at just the right time for my then 2 to 7 year old brother to want to watch them on repeat as kids that age tend to do with their favorites.  I was fine with this as it was way better than Calliou or some of those kids shows.  As he grew older, the MCU started to develop and so did his love for comic book movies; which gave us an odd way to bond despite our 12 year age difference. We resigned ourselves to the fact that Spidey was never gonna join the MCU because of legalities, but low and behold, the studios realized the should work together and make more money.  Seeing the same type of excitement on that moody 16 year old's face when Spidey stole Cap's shield as I used to see every time that 5 year old face saw the funny "discovering his powers" montage was priceless!  Plus the fact that Spidey was acting as a actual teenager would while in a superhero scrimmage was fun.

  • Mr. Spock
    Mr. Spock   2 years ago

    One of my absolute favorite scenes is when Odin banishes Thor. Talk about allowing heroes to be wrong, what other hero was told that they were unworthy of all they had by their father, banished, and stripped of power?