Chris Broussard & Rob Parker - Should Deshaun Watson Have Taken a Plea Deal, Guilty or Not?

  • Published on: 08 April 2021
  • THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Rob Parker talk in-depth about Deshaun Watson's case as the situation continues to gets worse with major sponsorships deciding to part ways with him.

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  • Runtime : 19:19
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  • Diego Saysgetoffmylawn

    Really she was crying. So it must be true. How many women have lied on men while crying? Only to find out later they were lying.

  • Many Gods
    Many Gods   2 weeks ago

    The masseuse who was working with Deshaunfor over 2 yrs told him that the new girls he was dealing with did more than backrubs and were opportunists who weren’t trustworthy

  • ueno ocean
    ueno ocean   2 weeks ago

    Watson should’ve settled. People see your contract on TV. Have to move easy. Disappointing

    SLICENSLASH   3 weeks ago

    I think it's clear he paid for sex or extras from these women. Too many spewing the same story. The question is whether during the process, the act, did he do things that made them feel disrespected or in danger. That would explain why they are coming for him.Just my opinion. It's hard for me to believe these weren't transactions becuz no one is coming for him criminally.

  • hustlaus
    hustlaus   4 weeks ago

    It's funny to me that Chris said that the accuser who gave the interview was believable. Let me have the potential of putting my hands on $100K and you would swear that I was the second coming of Denzel Washington.

  • hustlaus
    hustlaus   4 weeks ago

    I think that at this point, people shouldn't discuss this until there are facts and proof to report. What I am constantly and consistently seeing is people slickly making Deshaun guilty with no proof or facts to support their position. I notice that when Ben Rothlisberger was going through his legal issues over a sexual assault incident, the coverage was handled differently.

  • Chad Alahio
    Chad Alahio   1 months ago

    How the hell can you take a plea deal when you haven't even been charged?

  • Jerry Dillon
    Jerry Dillon   1 months ago

    I say stand your ground if you’re not guilty. If you’re, then you should hv paid.

  • Christopher
    Christopher   1 months ago

    Rob looking down playing solitaire on his blackberry the whole clip.

  • Cheefekeefe
    Cheefekeefe   1 months ago

    Yes even if you think you are innocent.

    TANK SHERMAN   1 months ago

    Man Deshaun has gotta regret hanging on to that $100k. When you know you’ve been piping every masseuse in Houston, and one comes to you for money or else, PAY.

  • T Jones
    T Jones   1 months ago

    Y’all know they lying on that brother because he wants to leave Houston. It is ridiculous! This is the same owner who said the prisoners shouldn’t run the prison. It’s sad that they do people of melanin in this manner

  • T. Rizbone
    T. Rizbone   1 months ago

    You never take plea deals when somebody is clearly trying to extort you..

  • DONALD Jean-Jacques
    DONALD Jean-Jacques   1 months ago

    I wouldn't settle a damn thing if I know I didn't do something that I was accused of doing. For all you know all these other allegations could be a round up of women to jump on the train and pressure Deshaun Watson.

  • Anthony Taylor
    Anthony Taylor   1 months ago

    I agree, it's a money grab. They want money, because how they gonna say. U pay, we won't say anything. He said no, now they file these civil suits. Why they scared to go to the cops. If u got balls to file civil suits. U got the balls to take it to the cops, if u believe truly, he did it. Remember wrong is wrong, and right is right

  • Jimmy Rouse
    Jimmy Rouse   1 months ago

    The best thing he can do at this point is put some money in a off shore account

  • K Trimble
    K Trimble   1 months ago

    Bruhhh.... she was not convincing. Wiping tears that were not there. I will note that I find it interesting how this is being followed compared to the Kraft situation 😑.

  • norris mann
    norris mann   1 months ago

    I think a lot of people could put on a show for 100k!

  • Eazy
    Eazy   1 months ago

    It amazes me how dumb these entitled athletes are. With all the professional escort and sex massage services out there, they still do stupid things

  • North Ward330
    North Ward330   1 months ago

    Them women is lying point blank period if he did something soooooooo wrong why would u try and get him to give you 100,000$? Wtf is money gonna do to do called heal the emotional pain you say you went thru???

  • A Toast To The Men
    A Toast To The Men   1 months ago

    Extortion!!! These women consensually had sex with him for a little more cash on top of the massage service charge.

  • Slem Eaz
    Slem Eaz   1 months ago

    This story all seems like 💩. With the me too movement I don’t see how these women find themselves in this situation unless they wanted to do it. Like when one supposedly victim say he came to her home and she came out he was naked but she continued even though she was uncomfortable. If you uncomfortable why you continue why you didn’t say no I’m not doing it until you get dress. She didn’t say she didn’t tell him she was uncomfortable but felt like she had how you had to what he threaten youMy opinion she seen it as pay day coming by keep going. Before backpage was discontinue women was prostituting by advertising massage. Who to say they wasn’t doing the same Then you try for 100k settlement once denied you go for millions and more come out and now you talk to police after he turn down your 100k offer. So if you doing it for money why go with criminal charges first especially with the me too movement when the law believes everything a woman say right now If he takes the plea deal at first that open the door for criminal for the others who come after who don’t get paid. This all because he’s a black qb who asked for a trade what happen to Big Ben he had multiple cases like this back to back criminal he paid them after they filed and no one talks about it. They don’t bring up him they’ll bring up another black man like bill cosbey

  • Richard Nash
    Richard Nash   1 months ago

    What does the women want from D.Watson. Jail time or money. If a crime has been committed they should go the Police and file charges.

  • Brandon Clark
    Brandon Clark   1 months ago

    Plea deals are only smart if you actually did the crime. The problem with plea deals is it actually puts you "on record" that you kinda admit you were guilty....which opens the door for future lawsuits or cases being reopened. Just ask Bill Cosby or.Weinstein. Never take a plea deal if you know in your heart you didnt do it

    TRILLTALK TV   1 months ago

    how they believe a person reading a statement instead of speaking from the heart?

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight   1 months ago

    There are countless reasons someone would opt for civil court instead of pressing charges. Criminal proceedings are incredibly invasive and in the case of sexual offences since it usually happens behind closed doors the victims are basically obliged to relive what happened and testify. Not to mention that things are slanted in favour of the defendant. There's a greater level of control in civil court, lower burden of proof, and obv there is a financial benefit

  • jeff card1A
    jeff card1A   1 months ago

    deshaun likes massages just like jeffrey epstein did. they're therapeutic.

  • hi ali
    hi ali   1 months ago

    If he didn't rap anyone. If he has sex with a massage therapist is it illegal? I dont believe it

  • R Lee
    R Lee   1 months ago

    i would fire that lawyer if he didnt advise you that if you dont pay her and she goes public that it would start the ''me too'' on his ass. and he knows if he did it or not.

  • R Lee
    R Lee   1 months ago


  • Gregory Howard
    Gregory Howard   1 months ago

    Unbelievable how people are quick to judge so amazing but only in (America)!!

  • Drew Wilson
    Drew Wilson   1 months ago

    Lmao "some not so great news" kills me everytime