2021 West All-Star Starters Annnouncement - Inside the NBA | February 18, 2021

  • Published on: 19 February 2021
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  • Brain Drain
    Brain Drain   1 months ago

    Ossie Schectman is an All Star. Check out our All Star Game vid for proof!

  • JC&Fam
    JC&Fam   1 months ago

    Look at curry man :)

  • Maxximo tv
    Maxximo tv   1 months ago

    Plss put jc on all star because jc have a better year than ad

  • Ryan Makarski
    Ryan Makarski   1 months ago

    The abandoned star fourthly hover because college prudently punch around a hoc discussion. colossal, abaft activity

  • luzon rodante
    luzon rodante   1 months ago

    2020 all starsTop TeamBucks vs LALeaderGianmis vs James2021 all starsTop TeamJazz vs 76ersLeaderMitchell vs SimmonsLebron vs Durant?

  • Den zzuu
    Den zzuu   1 months ago

    Curry and lebron and luka it’s over🔥

  • 4TF Benji Glo
    4TF Benji Glo   1 months ago

    Dame over luka. Dame is have a better season to me than luka

  • MusicVideos 4
    MusicVideos 4   1 months ago

    kD and kyrie are teammates, captains usually take teammates, could we see Giannis,Bron and Curry 👀

  • Ely Boii
    Ely Boii   1 months ago

    The west will win 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000percent

  • オチ
    オチ   1 months ago

    0:54 自分用

  • Chris Og
    Chris Og   2 months ago

    Don Mitchell and Jamal Murray yall time gon come devon booker... lavine ..Kat Russell...etc... love the nba yall!!! Be patient

  • Not swift
    Not swift   2 months ago

    Dame should be a starter rather than curry dame has better numbers and can carry his team

  • Iceyy Bill
    Iceyy Bill   2 months ago

    Please include Bradley Beal on East 🥺

  • Jack Ryan
    Jack Ryan   2 months ago

    Remove curry and kawhi, they dont deserve to be there

  • F Humble
    F Humble   2 months ago

    Curry should start over Lillard

  • Tony McCloud
    Tony McCloud   2 months ago

    The disrespect yall gave my mans AD n Dillard

  • Piere skyper
    Piere skyper   2 months ago

    Better luka than Dame, dame just a shooter

  • Yoshi
    Yoshi   2 months ago

    hopefully all of them agree to this game and all stay healthy

  • Wylem Ah Far
    Wylem Ah Far   2 months ago

    hope curry and lebron get to play together

  • Kami Conradi
    Kami Conradi   2 months ago

    The domineering ferryboat problematically x-ray because detective tellingly heap despite a versed karen. wiry, juvenile cement

  • ToXic Gaming
    ToXic Gaming   2 months ago

    Finally Curry and Bron playing together in ALLSTAR

  • Joe Capone
    Joe Capone   2 months ago

    Why vote for racist LeBron? You guys must all be racist too...