Gang Of Youths - Achilles, Come Down (Lyrics)

  • Published on: 29 June 2020


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    • Artists: Gang Of Youth
    Album: Go Farther In Lightness
    Genre : Alternative/Indie
    Year: 2017

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  • Runtime : 7:2
  • GangOfYouth TheSongOfAchilles


  • el tunas
    el tunas   5 minuts ago

    ya es mi canción favorita👌

  • Vildan X
    Vildan X   6 hours ago

    hi artemisa and friends, I wanna learn and read mythology but I don't know how and where I can start, so do you have any advice for me? Thanks✨

  • achilles
    achilles   1 days ago

    so i just finished the book after listening to this song for months. everything make sense now. i thought patroclus was the depressed one but no, achilles's grief was too much. he didn't bother to live if patroclus wasn't there. when he twitches and crying in his sleep, while patroclus whisper that he couldn't bear seeing achilles like this... my heart broke so much

  • Finn Fowler
    Finn Fowler   1 days ago

    “Engage with the pain as a motive” is my favorite line I think it’s just beautiful

  • axolotl
    axolotl   2 days ago

    Does anyone else watch this version just to read comments

  • Aquiles Marti
    Aquiles Marti   3 days ago

    My name is actually achilles buts spelled in spanish do its aquiles

  • Otto Heckel
    Otto Heckel   3 days ago

    i thought achilles says that to hector

  • Eliza C
    Eliza C   3 days ago

    I just finished Song of Achilles and this song is just perfection 🤌

  • Toska95
    Toska95   5 days ago

    I am grateful that this song exists

  • Canete Concernepas
    Canete Concernepas   5 days ago

    0:40Je vois que beaucoup de gens meurent parce qu'ils estiment que la vie ne vaut pas la peine d'être vécue. J'en vois d'autres qui se font paradoxalement tuer pour les idées ou les illusions qui leur donnent une raison de vivre (ce qu'on appelle une raison de vivre est en même temps une excellente raison de mourir).I see many people die because they judge that life is not worth living. I see others paradoxically getting killed for the ideas or illusions that give them a reason for living (what is called a reason for living is also an excellent reason for dying). ~Albert Camus

  • Kiwi
    Kiwi   5 days ago

    I've been listening to this song for years now and only just realized the meaning of the lyrics after making the connection that "OHH ITS FROM PATROCLUS' PESPECTIVE OHHH" and yeah basically its hard to type through these tears ahahah :I

  • - clo̸udiipeaches -

    Can we just appreciate the lyrics of this song for a minute?? Like its written so beautifully

  • hallie fritsch
    hallie fritsch   5 days ago

    idk if this will resonate with anyone else but i see it as a few things:“achilles, come down” as in come down from the rooftop, please don’t jump“achilles, come down” as in center yourself, bring your mind back to the present and stop listening to that voice inside you telling you to jumpi have the phrase “achilles come down” tattooed on my arm, because i struggle with intrusive thoughts and when i can feel myself spiraling into that mindset, that tattoo is a reminder to “bring myself down”, and remember how WORTH IT living is.

  • Wisteria 🍃🍂
    Wisteria 🍃🍂   6 days ago

    Well, the wonderful YouTube algorithm can't stop recommending this to me so I guess its time to cry my eyes out again...

  • whodiswhodat
    whodiswhodat   6 days ago

    Where is all the burnt out gifted ones at? Still burnt out? That is why noone will remember you guys.🥴

  • Keerthana Rai Gopinath

    Isn't everyone just a broken piece embodiment of Achilles in the world? Or it just me? Cuz I'm having my mental breakdown to this song... Happily.

  • C.L Strife
    C.L Strife   1 weeks ago

    Patroclus's Spirit: Get up off the roof! Hector's Spirit: DO A BACK FLIP!

  • B Ream
    B Ream   1 weeks ago

    I just finished song of Achilles so now I’m sobbing to this

  • Adam Pettus
    Adam Pettus   1 weeks ago

    I dunno, that second voice makes a lot of good points...

  • Erza Kerhanaj
    Erza Kerhanaj   1 weeks ago

    Patroclus saying this to Achilles after he dies “use the pain as a motive”

  • Mae Ko
    Mae Ko   1 weeks ago

    Can somebody PLEASE suggest songs that have the same vibe as this musically wise and lyrically. I actually beg, this song is just so good and hits that spot in my brain

  • wishsong98
    wishsong98   1 weeks ago

    You're scaring us, and all of us- (looks at Agamemnon)- some of us love you, Achilles

  • DC comics Sans
    DC comics Sans   1 weeks ago

    The song has a totally different vibe when you understand what the man is talking about (the guy speaking in French)

  • Scott Kennan
    Scott Kennan   1 weeks ago

    Once, a creature calling itself "The Herald" portrayed Achilles to Achilles himself...badly. He then thought to rape a goddess. The gods drove him to his death.

  • Elena
    Elena   1 weeks ago

    After "The song of Achilles" this song hits different.

  • Life, sew magickal
    Life, sew magickal   1 weeks ago

    Ya'll, I just started reading that book and now I'm fucking scared for my life!

  • Erin Smith
    Erin Smith   1 weeks ago

    The most dangerous thing is to love, I think that may be one of the most hard hitting lyrics for me