• Published on: 26 October 2020
  • We play a NEW mini Game in AMONG US!
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  • Runtime : 18:3


  • Cutie J_E
    Cutie J_E   4 days ago

    Ssundee can you please do the EVIL STAR WARS role.

  • P & P Heard
    P & P Heard   1 weeks ago

    8:19 why does he not wear a cap in vids and rarely takes it off

  • Mxincex
    Mxincex   3 weeks ago

    you should do more mini games like this

  • Acacia Dwyer
    Acacia Dwyer   3 weeks ago

    Do among us but the imposter is a kidnapper

  •   3 weeks ago

    The Thumbnail for this video is actually God! 🤩

  • HTS GamerYT
    HTS GamerYT   4 weeks ago

    I have been watching since the Fortnite death runs

  • Ypx Jayden
    Ypx Jayden   1 months ago

    Sundee didn’t see Andrew walk at 7:01

  • justine bilansing
    justine bilansing   1 months ago

    do brawl star crow poison and bibi smash and spike cactus and amber fire and download brawl star to u know the amber bibi crow and spike pls im your big fan

  • Victoria Amah-Tutui
    Victoria Amah-Tutui   1 months ago

    I played this model before don't worry Ssunday I'm a little girl but I love your amungus videos

  • kayo923
    kayo923   1 months ago

    Ewww look at that hair messy go take a shower how

  • kayo923
    kayo923   1 months ago

    Wait do you have your last task

  • RichBoyMichal
    RichBoyMichal   1 months ago

    Mod idea: BIFFLE Abilities -colour blind turns the whole map grey and the players too-high IQ drops a photo of biffle with a big brain and if people step on it they get a big brain and it burst if a player dosnt click the low IQ button on them

  • Michaela Jansova
    Michaela Jansova   1 months ago

    Can you please make a mod with a imposter that can make more imposters but they will be invisible because they have emergency and dead body meetings

  • Shek Adil
    Shek Adil   1 months ago

    I saw Ssundee's hair for the first time 😂