FNCS Analyst - “Breaking It Down” feat. Clay and Reiss

  • Published on: 14 August 2021
  • Pull up a chair and tune in as Clay and Reiss breakdown a competitive game by stages and introduce some new stats for analysis.

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  • Runtime : 6:39
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  • PlayStation Grenade
    PlayStation Grenade   1 months ago

    Can we get the continental hotel from Neo tilted into creative mode !!

  • My FNaF life
    My FNaF life   1 months ago

    I wonder what is going to happen for fortnitemares

  • zeno_Tuby
    zeno_Tuby   2 months ago

    I hope you make the internal Download fast

  • Kian Goku prime
    Kian Goku prime   2 months ago

    Yo I learned how to return items but I have none of them ticket things and I dunno how to contact you except this can u help epic names Meganjane82

  • Kieran
    Kieran   2 months ago

    merging accounts where you at?scamming has entered the chat: :()

  • B_O_J
    B_O_J   2 months ago

    Fortnite R.I.P now u bad game

  • Ahmed Alali
    Ahmed Alali   2 months ago

    you are the best geme ♥️ I love fortnite

  • Jessica Aromy
    Jessica Aromy   2 months ago

    Can I get my vbucks back on the Bear hug Emote epic imyourdaddo

  • ª
    ª   2 months ago

    fortnite te amo

  • Lincoln Davies
    Lincoln Davies   2 months ago

    yo the super hero skins are glitched iwant my vbucks back

  • BK
    BK   2 months ago

    Give console players a setting to lower graphics.

  • Duc anh Phan
    Duc anh Phan   2 months ago

    Hey fortnite pls add fortnite for huawei p smart z i want play it😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺😢😢😢😢

  • DantyMedic 205
    DantyMedic 205   2 months ago

    Epic games please ad a excluisive skin for samsung s21 series🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Bullga
    Bullga   2 months ago

    Bro fortnite can u put like a free pack or skin for Xbox one

  • Not Rich
    Not Rich   2 months ago

    I want to play in the iPad I can’t play in the ps I’m a depressed child plz let me play with my friends on the iPad fortnite is amazing BUT I CANT PLAY ON THe IPAD WHy NOW IM SAD

  • Wouter van der Neut
    Wouter van der Neut   2 months ago

    Can you please do something to matchmaking? I am getting destroyed by People who are way better then me

    INST EARTH   2 months ago

    Fortnight pis being back Kevin the cube back pis i love fortnight if you do being back Kevin back I love the cube a LOT please being him back bye

  • l am n のこと
    l am n のこと   2 months ago

    Fortnite zapatron not return and back and coming now do it!

  • Hlias Mau
    Hlias Mau   2 months ago


  • Fishy goes flop
    Fishy goes flop   2 months ago

    Hi fortnight do you know the ball thing could you fix it when you use it then don’t use can’t use emotes thxNotflimflam

  • secret gaming
    secret gaming   2 months ago

    Can you tell me how tO download fortnite in mi note 6 pro please

  • CharlieDaPup
    CharlieDaPup   2 months ago

    Pls add meowcles back to fortnite because I rlly want him but I started playing at chapter 2 season 6 so could you add him to the item shop? 🥺

  • Refl3x
    Refl3x   2 months ago

    Why do you even play this game

  • Refl3x
    Refl3x   2 months ago

    Fortnite awfull

  • Refl3x
    Refl3x   2 months ago

    Foftnite awfull

  • Refl3x
    Refl3x   2 months ago

    Fortnite awfull

  • Zwiebidrake
    Zwiebidrake   2 months ago

    Can you pls make a Nathan drake skin? It’s my dreammmmm