Gym Stereotypes

  • Published on: 06 January 2014
  • Please re-rack your weights after use.
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  • Runtime : 6:11
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  • Laura Feder
    Laura Feder   20 hours ago

    Gyms are great 🤠👍💯👍💯👍 jhjhnjhihjhbjbbjjhhjuijhjhjhhjhkhi

  • Horror 3756
    Horror 3756   1 days ago

    Could you guys do horror movie stereotypes

  • Majesker
    Majesker   1 days ago

    I love the rage monsters in all these stryotype series

  • Tamim
    Tamim   2 days ago

    I’m the protein person I don’t know 🤷‍♂️

  • Luminita Hall
    Luminita Hall   3 days ago

    4:00 the creepy guy in the corner that gnaws on a pickle 🥒

  • Fi1ippo3
    Fi1ippo3   6 days ago

    1:07 when pre workout kiks in

  • snozzy_ boi
    snozzy_ boi   1 weeks ago

    only thing is the plants when doing rage monster they are alive to

  • Svenne
    Svenne   1 weeks ago

    If you are watching This in 2022, You are a legend

  • CSquared 84
    CSquared 84   1 weeks ago

    3:46. Okay I still don’t get the Hunter Gatherer stereotype. Anyone ever actually see that one at the gym somewhere?

  • Raging_Moose510
    Raging_Moose510   1 weeks ago

    Who else thinks the no idea whet he’s doing guy kinda looks like Kobe Bryant

  • Balls
    Balls   1 weeks ago

    what song was ty singing at 1:22

  • eric adams
    eric adams   1 weeks ago

    I would be "the gallon of water guy". I LOVE WATER!

  • end
    end   1 weeks ago

    8 years later time flies by 😢

  • Aziolp
    Aziolp   1 weeks ago

    8 year anniversary

  • Katoka
    Katoka   2 weeks ago

    We’re in online school and my teachers making me watch this lol

  • Guinea pig Ollie
    Guinea pig Ollie   2 weeks ago

    If Ty was in the hunger games he just needs to become the rage monster and he would win in the first few minutes

  • Mr.Johnny303
    Mr.Johnny303   2 weeks ago

    Imagine Tyler (sweaty type) wearing a sauna suit😳