• Published on: 27 December 2020
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  • XxCloudyDogoxX
    XxCloudyDogoxX   16 hours ago

    This would be so much less offensive if it was called 24hr scavenger hunt

  • Shreyan Gaming
    Shreyan Gaming   1 days ago

    Who 👏 in the beginning may be Lexi's mom miss rivera

  • Margo E
    Margo E   2 days ago

    I feel like this is tje best prank to do on your friends... especially if you want to see them suffer😈Lol😂

  • Jayani A
    Jayani A   2 days ago

    I love how Brent and Pierson look more like siblings and Lexi and Ben look more like siblings more than Brent and Lexi. 😃😅

  • S Darby
    S Darby   2 days ago

    Is alexa your real name

  • Shobhna Samarth
    Shobhna Samarth   2 days ago

    The real winner is Brent and pieroson because Ben and Dom cheated

  • Panda Girl
    Panda Girl   3 days ago

    omg her christmas wish was to take a boyfriend!!

  • Ronika Zar
    Ronika Zar   4 days ago

    If you come to Canada you should go to this place called Edward Garden I just love it and has too much flowers you can't resist

  • Kai_ Rules
    Kai_ Rules   4 days ago

    Who’s the person who claps at the beginning of the vid

  • Amisha Poudyel
    Amisha Poudyel   4 days ago

    I think Brent and Pierson should of one they did the hard work

  • hailey rainee
    hailey rainee   5 days ago

    My boyfriend is Jeremy my real name is Elizabeth Gillies

  • Afsha
    Afsha   6 days ago

    Why is brent so quite & rude often...like he's kinda prank master...i can only see him smiling heartlessly😅...& I'm really disappointed 😔

  • B. divya
    B. divya   6 days ago

    i am new to your channel i am watching your continuously i just love your videos . ok i am going to watch remaining videos . and lot of love and support from india

  • Abby Rowe
    Abby Rowe   1 weeks ago

    All this just to show how a narcissist thinks.

  • Rejana Aliti
    Rejana Aliti   1 weeks ago

    Haha lexi i wuld do that too well anyways all be hiding somewere and my family wuld freak out

  • Louise Fonseca
    Louise Fonseca   1 weeks ago

    What are you doing do you know your friends are going to get out

  • Louise Fonseca
    Louise Fonseca   1 weeks ago

    Dude Lexi you know your friends are gonna freak out what the hell what so I was wondering if me and Lexi could be friends

    CHARLOTTE Slade   1 weeks ago

    with the clue at the hotel, i wouldve gone in and got a room, thinking thats the clue, but then accidently finding lexi cartweeling in the halls

  • Emily brennan
    Emily brennan   1 weeks ago

    Who else tried to call the number on the video

  • Shyamala Devi Posham
    Shyamala Devi Posham   1 weeks ago

    6:44 omg the address just got leaked they r in los angles omg frickin Lord that is crazy l live in California btw ❤️

  • joyeta Karmaker
    joyeta Karmaker   1 weeks ago

    Who will try the thumbnail picture number I try this one is real 😂