HELL HOUSE LLC (2015) Ending Explained

  • Published on: 22 September 2019
  • #hellhousellc #endingexplained

    In the terrifying found footage classic HELL HOUSE LLC, a group of friends who set up haunted attractions choose The Abbadon Hotel for their latest project. But soon find that the hotel has a dark history and might actually be haunted. Find out all about the bigger story that is pieced together over time, who is behind the evil at the hotel, and explaining the twist ending that changes everything we've seen up to that point.

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  • Runtime : 18:6
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  • LeAnn's Fear Cocktail

    Hell House llc is hands down my favorite found footage film of all time!!! I've watched this movie more than any other film ever. The writer/director did an absolute brilliant job creating this piece of cinematic horror gold!!! I too, purchased the extended version, but actually liked the original better. I think more than anything people fear the unknown. I preferred catching just a glimpse of the demons coming out of the basement wall and then letting my morbid imagination take over.

  • Jessie
    Jessie   2 weeks ago

    17:27 Probably the most important part of the video for me. I had no idea it was always planned to be a trilogy. That helps with a lot of the frustration I felt. Thank you!

  • Spirit Walker
    Spirit Walker   2 weeks ago

    Ok so one person commenting here says absolutely the best horror movie and another person says absolutely the worst LOL Really!!??? LOL 😂 either one of these people or both of these people are totally lying

  • Mister Ripper
    Mister Ripper   2 weeks ago

    Best part is that upside down crosses aren't symbols of satanism either. Think it was something to do with Peter The Apostle. Satanic cross is wacky as heck

  • Matthew Roberts
    Matthew Roberts   3 weeks ago

    Not going to lie, this is one of the BEST horror movies ive ever seen, the sheer amount of suspense and uncertainty that was captured in this really kept me on edge right till the end. One of those absolute hidden gems.

  • Antwon Miller
    Antwon Miller   1 months ago

    Watched last night from the recommendation of my daughter. This was by far the worst movie ever. The acting was horrible. It wasn't scary at all. The only thing that was scary to me was the thought of how a crap movie like this gets made in the first place.

  • yeee_51
    yeee_51   1 months ago

    Fun Fact: they filmed this at an actual haunted attraction. The attraction now does a “hell house escape”, aka an escape room based off of HH1

  • Doktor Weedus
    Doktor Weedus   1 months ago

    BooHey it’s still better than the animated adams family bullshit

  • flowandgrow
    flowandgrow   1 months ago

    Having worked at a haunted house, this movie spooked me for reals. It's very realistic because I've always worried if something happened no one would take you seriously bc everyone is screaming and covered in blood anyways

  • White Sabbath
    White Sabbath   1 months ago

    Hell House LLC (2015)———————————————————————Director: Stephen Cognetti———————————————————————Writer: Stephen Cognetti———————————————————————Producers: Joe Bandelli, Matt DePaola———————————————————————Starring: Ryan Jennifer, Danny Bellini, Gore Adams, Jared Hacker, Adam Schneider, Alice Bahlke———————————————————————Cinematographer: Brian C. Harnick———————————————————————Production Company: Cognetti Films———————————————————————Distributor: Terror Films———————————————————————Release Date: November 1, 2016———————————————————————Runtime: 93 minutes 129 minutes (Director’s cut)

  • Relentless Chaos
    Relentless Chaos   1 months ago

    Just watched this. Highly recommend and S tier found footage flick alongside Lake Mungo, Cannibal Holocaust, The Tunnel, 🔴[REC], Blair Witch Project, As Above So Below

  • SeanDVK
    SeanDVK   1 months ago

    I just moved into my new house I watched this movie at 2 am it was hard to walk around the house I was so fuckin scared

  • Josue Schaefer
    Josue Schaefer   1 months ago

    I’m barely coming around to watching this movie just because it’s free on Amazon prime video

  • Prince Luffy
    Prince Luffy   1 months ago

    It's always an Alex in these found footage films.

  • rukia1216
    rukia1216   1 months ago

    this is one of my fave found footage series. i really enjoy these movies so much

  • Tunguska Lumberjack
    Tunguska Lumberjack   2 months ago

    I was SO pleasantly surprised by this movie. I would 100% recommend this .

  • Victoria Menendez
    Victoria Menendez   2 months ago

    Is this based on the book by Richard Matheson, " Hell House" ?

  • James Webb
    James Webb   2 months ago

    I first thought this film was shit, but I just realised in the version I watched the portal hell scene never happens? Huh?

  • Maria do Carmo Sobreira

    Not only was it a fun movie with some actually scary moments, despite being rather formulaic, but it finally showed what happens to the people killed inside the haunted house. I always thought what would happen to the souls of those people."Dude, why did you kill me? I don't even know you!""We're lonely."

  • Fynn the Fox
    Fynn the Fox   2 months ago

    I just saw the movie and I really liked it. It was creepy and had me engaged.

  • Emily Em
    Emily Em   2 months ago

    Wait so what happened to mac? He got locked in, told Tony to go to the basement, and then…?

  • Mitch Rosander
    Mitch Rosander   2 months ago

    U want to know what’s scarier. 300 pound x girlfriend holding a raw turkey breast yelling where’s the BUTTER at exctally 3 in the morning. With a half bottle of mayonnaise running down her 3rd chin!!!!! Now that’s fukin scary…

  • Mitch Rosander
    Mitch Rosander   2 months ago

    This is all a set up everyone is in on it . Where are the parents freaking out trying to find their kids ??? I’m calling b.s . Good cgi tho

  • billz co
    billz co   2 months ago

    Ok I just seen it for free on YouTube... https://youtu.be/_ZCq1MmqOYQBut it seems to be a cheaper or altered version...almost exactly the same except they cut the part out where melissa is being dragged to hell...also when the reporter lady goes down to the house...I can see the guy in the corner they didn't notice but hes wearing a completely different shirt. Am I missing something here? Is the free one on YouTube a watered down version? If you don't believe me here is the link again feel free to fast forward to the mentioned scenes https://youtu.be/_ZCq1MmqOYQ. When it cuts away from melissa she is still tied up and that's the last they show of her..the ground never exploded opening a hole to hell. I rewinded it over and over to see if I was going crazy but it's not. Wouldn't have even knew that happened if it wasn't for your video

    KÎŃG ČØŁD   2 months ago

    I claim no negative energy from this video ✝️✝️🙏

  • Mitchell Good
    Mitchell Good   2 months ago

    My kids soccer practice is behind the building that this move was filmed at. Thats really cool because nothing happens in lehighton Pennsylvania. And on Halloween you can go their its called the Waldorf hotel.

  • Thrift'Z'3 Millien
    Thrift'Z'3 Millien   2 months ago

    I must say that this particular Found Footage Horror, is one of the creepiest. From the jump scares, to the dark frame intermission, to moving puppets I highly recommend this film.

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia   2 months ago

    There was so much going on a the end of the movie I couldn’t keep track of what was happening

  • Chris
    Chris   3 months ago

    Pentagram and upside down crosses are so overplayed and annoying. They're not even satanic

  • Satan
    Satan   3 months ago

    In the movies timeline, the interview with Sarah happened shortly after the tragedy (a few weeks or so) in 2009 but the hell house documentary came out in 2015

  • R3TЯ0-93
    R3TЯ0-93   3 months ago

    anyone know who that creepy woman sitting on the floor in the bedroom was?