SMP Earth: The Empire Begins

  • Published on: 01 December 2019
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    "Mischief Maker" by Kevin MacLeod (
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  • Runtime : 10:10
  • Minecraft Technoblade Technothepig SMP Earth Minecraft Earth Map Minecraft SMP Earth Technoblade SMP Earth Antarctic Empire SMP Earth Antarctic Empire


  • Woolint
    Woolint   8 hours ago

    Techno: were going to africa, to steal all they're resources.Techno not even 30 seconds later: WHERE IS ALL THE FOOD?!

  • Phoebus Larson
    Phoebus Larson   9 hours ago

    Technically a biplane is ww1 technology, but ill stay subscribed

  • Finnify YT
    Finnify YT   1 days ago

    techno: lets ruin Africa 1stMe: don't tell me YOU started unichron however u spell the new covid which was spotted in south africa

  • Rapjs 798
    Rapjs 798   1 days ago

    Techno:we are going to the volcano cuz the nether is disabledchat:*laughs in peru*Oyeme mi causa Ctm-

  • MercillesReaperLmao
    MercillesReaperLmao   1 days ago

    I Just love that After techno gets diamonds, After 8 picoseconds Tommy dm's him

  • poocrafter2
    poocrafter2   2 days ago

    Hes not wrong about Africa being a solid starting point for world domination. Lot of history in that method cause of the.... free.... forced labor

  • Infamous Quest
    Infamous Quest   3 days ago

    The new minecraft update makes diomands as rare as dirt. I have more diomonds than iron.

  • Shawn Pate
    Shawn Pate   3 days ago

    that transition to outro was so smooth i didnt even notice the video was about to end

  • julian 07
    julian 07   4 days ago

    So all of us are at thid point, where we are just rewatching every video because there are no new ones?

  • Lord Brady. Ruler
    Lord Brady. Ruler   5 days ago

    1:53The traitor possessed an army upon a scale not encountered by TechnoBlade before. They're beating us up

  • YakAsha
    YakAsha   1 weeks ago

    Mans said we’re the good at in Africa 🤣

  • Sunspot Gamer
    Sunspot Gamer   1 weeks ago

    4:30 SERIOUSLY!!!! Every time I almost win that game MADAGASCAR GETS IN THE WAY!!!!

  • Ace Gaming
    Ace Gaming   1 weeks ago

    Nobody:Technoblade: haha winter time

  • Insighting
    Insighting   2 weeks ago

    My teacher told me that there is no empire that has worked wellWell there's one that worked well

  • i like games :D
    i like games :D   2 weeks ago

    there is this country in Africa called Ghana and there was so much gold.

  • Nemysis
    Nemysis   3 weeks ago

    Its a shame poweder snow didn't exist yet, he would've probably made a trap and then torture the intruders by slowly freezing them

  • Lazy_Lappy
    Lazy_Lappy   3 weeks ago

    New Zealand (My country) and Australia are just sitting in the corner-

  • Hidaven
    Hidaven   4 weeks ago

    Alternative title: Technoblade roleplays as Belgium and terrorizes the Congo of all its resources!

  • Ametrine
    Ametrine   1 months ago

    I'd go to Antarctica just to join technos army

  • Ianandriam
    Ianandriam   1 months ago

    Being from Madagascar and seeing him skip it, I was genuinely like: " bruh "

  • Rex Random
    Rex Random   1 months ago

    Techno:Dibs on the planetSometime later wilbur: wait YOU WEREN'T JOKING!?