Can You Find This Man? - Inside A Mind

  • Published on: 07 February 2020
  • Is it possible to find a man using only a name and a photograph?
    Laura E. Hall has been searching for a mysterious man found in a picture next to Japanese text that translates to two simple words... Find Me.

    Follow us on Laura's journey and learn everything she's done to try and find this person named, Satoshi.
    This all began with a game taking place back in 2005 called Perplex City.

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  • Inside A Mind
    Inside A Mind   1 years ago

    I'm gonna answer some recurring questions:Have you tried reaching out to the creators?Yes. I spoke to them before Laura. They don't want to release any more info about where this man is because the game is still technically going and it wouldn't be in the spirit of the game if they did (Laura is also married to one of the creators and they have promised to be as vague as possible until he is found).What if it's the location you gotta find?It's actually the person. Which is why the hint for this card was "My name is Satoshi." Laura has visited the area and took a picture where Satoshi stood. The creators would've announced the card as solved the second she posted her pic online had that been the case.What if the picture is an AI? While the creators refuse to say where he is or who he is. They have announced that this person is a friend from someone within their group. They've also announced that this is a card that is possible to solve, unlike the other card that Laura mentioned at the beginning of the video.If anymore recurring questions pop up I'll edit this post and add an answer to them :)

  • Frank Boogaard
    Frank Boogaard   3 weeks ago

    I guess ALL Japanese RPG games are in cahoots with this, since they prefer German ;)

  • Dillon Burnett
    Dillon Burnett   2 months ago

    Yes, the first think I would want to do is contact the person who created a world wide internet man hunt for me...

  • BluSpykz
    BluSpykz   3 months ago

    There's a YouTuber - GeoWizard - who does this with his subscribers. Finds them by a single picture.

  • Harry Nelson
    Harry Nelson   3 months ago

    Has no one checked the houses in the picture

  • T Y
    T Y   3 months ago

    How do you find a Japanese in English community…..the site isn’t even translated into Japanese…..for a puzzle for smart people she is pretty dumb

  • TheMettaur
    TheMettaur   4 months ago

    When someone pronounces ARG as "argh", I die a little inside.

  • Shine's Actually Popular Channel

    It took me so long to realise why the company name 'Mind Candy' sounded familiar, they also made Moshi Monsters. What a difference in tone, huh

  • Mosquito Valentine
    Mosquito Valentine   5 months ago

    Laura: Satoshi! I found you!Satoshi: why are you stalking me?Laura: GET OVER YOURSELF!“..If he didn’t think my 14 year global manhunt to find him was at all cute, then he wasn’t the 1 in a billion puzzle I was dedicating to solving, turns out Satoshi was a bit of a loser!”

  • james rogers
    james rogers   6 months ago

    woman stalks man oh come on its just a game man stalks woman gun shots

  • Chimerat
    Chimerat   6 months ago

    I facepalmed so hard at the "examples". Why the English-language email for the German lady?Why the heck were both people on their pre-wedding trips looking to cheat?

  • donnerschwein
    donnerschwein   7 months ago

    Soooo ... in December 2020 some German dude used reverse image search and they found him. lol

  • qlxvee
    qlxvee   7 months ago

    I seems like the river from attack on titan near eren's house

  • pig_porkchop_ !
    pig_porkchop_ !   7 months ago

    2:09 Uhh. "difficult but not impossible to do" Im just wondering since back then they didnt have much tecnology ( it said later most didnt even have social media! ) how is this supposed to be not impossible. How smart do you have to be to think this is not impossible? ( but really i find this really intresting )

  • Exorio Reo
    Exorio Reo   8 months ago

    It’s like that one kid who hides in the best spot but then everyone gives up, and there’s that one kid who’s still playing even after the parents say it’s time to come inside

  • jorg
    jorg   8 months ago

    Satoshis' inbox be like:James wants to know your locationWallace wants to know your locationRose wants to know your locationBobby wants to know your location+6253646252615151424253639494040938373 other messages.

  • antfbi
    antfbi   10 months ago

    That voice for the woman looking for Gavin sounds like whis scrim dragon ball super

  • antfbi
    antfbi   10 months ago

    128 million people in Japan and you need to find one guy?

  • antfbi
    antfbi   10 months ago

    It’s Jackie Chan

  • Andre Dellamorte
    Andre Dellamorte   10 months ago

    I would have tried to get a government employee who has access to a national resident database excited about this. Then hope that facial recognition software can do the rest.

  • werethless12
    werethless12   10 months ago

    Melanie needs to not be so creepy.Imagine if the sexes were reversed and it was a male that took a pic of a female and then sent it to all his friends to find her?Why is it okay for women to do this but not men?

  • King Donut
    King Donut   10 months ago

    That German lady got all of London to stalk some random man on that was on a bus. What the hell is wrong with that woman.

  • Victor Kane
    Victor Kane   10 months ago

    I know him! That’s John normalman, he lives down the road from me

  • Myles Conner
    Myles Conner   10 months ago

    @5:10 if a man did this he would be called a stalker and arrested

  • FancyDan
    FancyDan   10 months ago

    The part about “randomly harassing Asian men” reminded me of the Family Guy bit where Peter keeps going up to Asians and yelling “OH MY GOD IT’S JACKIE CHAN!”

  • 外人in九州
    外人in九州   11 months ago

    For Gavin case just bribe and ask the hotel for his details....!Satoshi might returned to japan and also a whole new level with Corona because everyone gonna wear mask lol