The Last Dragon (1985) - Leroy and Sho'nuff Ending Battle (HD)

  • Published on: 03 July 2020
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    Set in New York City, the movie follows a martial artist named Leroy Green (also known as "Bruce Leeroy"), who has dreams of becoming a great martial artist like his idol Bruce Lee. His master explains that he has reached the final level of martial arts accomplishment known as "The Last Dragon." Martial artists who reach this final level are said to be able to concentrate such mystical energy into their hands that they begin to glow. Only a true martial arts master would be able to exhibit "The Glow" over his entire body. Leroy doesn't fully understand and, in possession of a medal supposedly belonging to Bruce Lee, Leroy embarks upon a spiritual journey to find Master Sum Dum Goy, whom his master claims can help Leroy unlock the power of "The Glow."

    Another martial artist, Sho'nuff (also known as "The Shogun of Harlem") sees Leroy as the only obstacle to being acknowledged as the true master of martial arts. Leroy refuses to fight him and a furious Sho'nuff vows that he will defeat Leroy. Sho'nuff and his gang later break in and assault Johnny Yu, one of the students at Leroy's martial arts school, demanding that Leroy bow before Sho'nuff. Finally, Sho'nuff and his gang attempt to send a message to Leroy by destroying the Green family pizza restaurant.

    Meanwhile, video arcade mogul Eddie Arkadian sends his men to kidnap 7th Heaven VJ Laura Charles in the hopes of getting his girlfriend Angela Viracco's new music video featured on her show. The kidnap attempt is thwarted by Leroy who easily fends off the thugs. He loses his medal during the struggle, which Laura recovers. Later, Leroy witnesses Laura being kidnapped by Arkadian's brutish henchman Rock. A clue left behind reveals that the kidnappers work for Eddie Arkadian Productions.

    Laura refuses to promote Angela's video on her program, but as Arkadian's men prepare to coerce her by force, Leroy suddenly bursts into the room clothed as a Ninja and rescues Laura once again. Back at her apartment, Laura gratefully returns Leroy's medal. Consumed with vengeance, Arkadian hires Sho'nuff to defeat Leroy and takes control of the 7th Heaven studio, capturing Laura and Leroy's younger brother, Richie, who has snuck in hoping to woo Laura.

    Posing as a pizza delivery man, Leroy manages to infiltrate the assumed lair of Master Sum Dum Goy within a fortune cookie factory, but is shocked to discover that the "Master" is only a computer churning out cookie fortunes. Leroy consults his former master for answers, but his master suggests that Leroy has known the answers all along.

    Not wanting anyone to get hurt in the process of achieving her stardom, Angela leaves Arkadian and asks Johnny to warn Leroy about his plan. As Leroy returns to 7th Heaven, he is ambushed by an army of violent thugs hired by Arkadian. Leroy's students, led by Johnny, charge into the studio to even the odds. Using Laura as bait, Eddie lures Leroy to a dilapidated building where he finally faces off against Sho'nuff. During the battle, Sho'nuff reveals his ability to use "The Glow," his hands pulsating with a red aura, and beats Leroy viciously before attempting to force him to acknowledge Sho'nuff as "The Master." As recent events flash before Leroy's eyes, he realizes that his former Master was correct and that everything he needed to achieve the "Final Level" was within him all along. His entire body bathed in the sublime golden light of "The Glow," Leroy uses his newfound power to defeat Sho'nuff.

    Arkadian appears and fires a single bullet which Leroy catches between his teeth before detaining Arkadian for the police. Laura and Leroy are reunited at the studio where the two kiss.
  • Runtime : 7:45


  • Game Player
    Game Player   1 days ago

    Yeah!.... Playtime is over boy!When I say: "Who is the master?"You press Ctrl-Alt+Delete"Who is the master..?" 😉😉Edit: For Windows versions only!! 😜

  • Spiritual Galaxy333
    Spiritual Galaxy333   1 days ago

    My favorite movie and I just recently understand the glow is your inner power within in you.🙌☀️☀️🧘🏾🧘🏾🧘🏾

  • Jojo Ramos
    Jojo Ramos   2 days ago

    When that beat drop, you knew shit was about to get real

  • Luis Antonio Monge Cabrera

    una de mis peliculas antiguas muy buenas!!! los 80 fueron de los mejores!, sabian como emocionar a la gente!!!


    I found that same fire in my eyes an been doing well ever since. Masa within. just comes out.

  • _Michael_
    _Michael_   1 weeks ago

    Busta rhymes got the karate moves

  • Devion Cherry
    Devion Cherry   1 weeks ago

    In the age of remakes we haven’t received a remake if this. Wonder why that is 😒

  • southy98
    southy98   1 weeks ago

    Houktou Shin Ken: Harlem Style.

  • Shane Toumey
    Shane Toumey   1 weeks ago

    I fuckin lost it at Sho’Nuff’s line at :55. 🤣

  • Todd Robottom
    Todd Robottom   1 weeks ago

    Without a shadow of doubt, this is one of my most favorite fight scenes of all time.

  • Robert Harbin
    Robert Harbin   1 weeks ago

    This is the first movie that never had sequel

  • James Layne
    James Layne   1 weeks ago

    How it feels when you get the magnificent solstice armor glow in Destiny 2.

  • Snaggyjoe
    Snaggyjoe   2 weeks ago

    This and The Three Ninjas are goated

  • Dirk Leon
    Dirk Leon   2 weeks ago

    2021 and I still can’t get enough of this scene.

  • SupermanHopkins
    SupermanHopkins   2 weeks ago

    Bruce Leroy went Super saiyan before Kakarot was even born!

  • Dark Wing
    Dark Wing   2 weeks ago

    This is how a Spider-Man and Venom fight should feel…… PETERRR!……Jenkins.

  • The Godfather 2021
    The Godfather 2021   2 weeks ago

    Leroy aka Goku , the first supersaiyan , and his reward was Vanity. The irony is he had to have Vanity in himself to get Vanity , the singer !. Talk about on the nose writing.

    PSYHCO   2 weeks ago

    I need the power of the glow!! Brings back memories......I got to reach that final level

  • Rendar
    Rendar   2 weeks ago

    My man Leroy going super saiyan

  • Edwin Rosa
    Edwin Rosa   3 weeks ago

    One of my fav movies of all time💯👍🏽🙏🏾💪🏾

  • Kyle Davis
    Kyle Davis   4 weeks ago

    these two should be the next MK dlc

  • Kirk Thompson
    Kirk Thompson   1 months ago

    The Glow to this day still looks better than most CGI in Marvel movies.

  • Noel Reynoso
    Noel Reynoso   1 months ago

    A lot of time people think old movies are great due to nolstagia. I just watched this yesterday for the first time, it was badass!!! No nostalgia, just a lot of Sho Nuff!

  • James Wells
    James Wells   1 months ago

    This movie would’ve be great to do a series like what they’re doing with Cobra-Kai. Sho-Nuff is one of those favorite villains that fans would love to see more of. Imagine seeing what Sho-Nuff has been up to in the present after this fight. Too bad a few of the main actors and actresses in this movie are deceased. RIP to them all.