The Untold Truth Of Marvel's Mirage

  • Published on: 07 September 2020
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    Otherwise known as Mirage, Danielle Moonstar is a mutant born with incredible psychic abilities, but it’s her leadership skills and sheer tenacity that make her such an important part of the New Mutants. From her early origins to her latest adventures, this is the untold truth of Mirage.

    Dani is one of the five founding mutants to first appear in 1982's original graphic novel The New Mutants. Ironically, considering she would eventually become one of the team's leaders, Dani is initially the least cooperative of Professor X's recruits.

    Dani is first found in the mountains of Colorado with her mountain lion friend Ridge-Runner. When Dani's grandfather Black Eagle shows up, urging Dani to become Professor X's student, she angrily refuses. As a Native American, who is well aware of the betrayals her people have suffered, Dani is distrustful of anyone outside her own tribe. But Black Eagle insists, telling Dani that Xavier served in the Army with her father, and even became his blood brother.

    It's soon revealed that Black Eagle has already sent a letter to Professor X, and he, Wolfsbane, and Karma show up in time to save Dani from the mutant-hunting forces of Donald Pierce. Sadly, by that time, the bad guys have already killed Black Eagle and Ridge-Runner. Dani agrees to help Xavier and his students, but only to seek vengeance on Pierce himself.

    By the end of that first story, Dani has begun to forge friendships with the other New Mutants. She uses her powers to help save Sunspot from the Hellfire thugs who killed his girlfriend, and in the final battle, she even lets go of her chance to kill Pierce in order to help save the wounded Wolfsbane. Keep watching to see more of the untold truth of Marvel's Mirage.

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    New Mutants | 0:00
    The Danger Room | 1:29
    Wolfsbane | 2:32
    Powers | 3:21
    The Demon Bear | 4:28
    The Asgardian connection | 5:33
    Leading the New Mutants | 6:56
    Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. | 7:54
    M-Day | 9:05
    New Mutant once more | 10:17

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  • James Swayzey1987
    James Swayzey1987   3 months ago

    Tsalagi ayv I'm Cherokee and its awesome to see a main character of super hero movie be native even if it was a cw type movie. It was ok still though

  • deine
    deine   4 months ago

    but... where is karma? Isn't she leader?

  • Israel Soprano
    Israel Soprano   4 months ago

    This movie was so disappointing I like The wolf shorty from Game of Thrones tho i always fvk with her acting

  • Djbianca Frost
    Djbianca Frost   5 months ago

    I just watch thid movie recently, i realize the movie wasnt that bad. Last year i didnt watched it bec of all the bad reviews. Anya Taylor and thr girl that acts Mirage here is good.

  • Sagi
    Sagi   7 months ago

    That's super cool that they put all of those things and made the movie true to the comics!

  • dracoXdrayden
    dracoXdrayden   9 months ago

    In the movie her illusions have the ability to warp reality ,

  • Caleb Hicks
    Caleb Hicks   9 months ago

    I just dropped in to say: what is with these video titles? The untold truths? They are told in the comics

  • Diego Angel Lopez
    Diego Angel Lopez   9 months ago

    Dani also went by the codename"Psyche" and didn't become"Mirage" until(New Mutant's #19),She's been an advisor of the(New Mutant"s) training squad,mentoring characters likeElixir,Wither,Trauma,Prodigy etc..She was also briefly working with S.H.E.I.L.D. to infiltrate"MLF"Mutant Liberation Front,during her time with X-ForceDani was 15 when she joined the New Mutants,I've been a huge fan of them since they first appeared

  • Ryan G
    Ryan G   9 months ago

    Cool video, I enjoyed the story, but do you really need to throw in a commercial break every 90 seconds?

  • MichaelJ
    MichaelJ   9 months ago

    Great actors stuck in generic movie plotlines tbh Dani's character never had development through out the run thats why Magik was more likeable than her.

  • cliff woodbury
    cliff woodbury   9 months ago

    and by her peoples have suffered, she's not talking about herself. The exploitation of Africa.... to other peoples

  • NotYetKnown UK
    NotYetKnown UK   9 months ago

    Why do you keep calling your videos untold truth when you got all the information from the printed comics. Its obviously been told before.

  • The sage 85
    The sage 85   9 months ago

    I love how everybody is talking about all the characters in the New Mutants movie but there's one character that they just totally just did not include at all and that is karma who is the Vietnamese character who's the first person that Xavier recruits she's a very important Vietnamese character and the oldest of all the New Mutants when they first meet each other, it's bad enough how they whitewash sunspot but not to include her is ridiculous

  • BrownSuga and Sunflowers

    Be nice to have Black Indians in comics. As a Seminole Indian I would love to see more of black Indians in comics.

    DAVID A   10 months ago

    One thing they got wrong was the Cherokee legend..its not a bear, its a wolf but the story continues..which could have been better for the movie that she continues and says one can't live without the other

  • AnthonyyNC
    AnthonyyNC   10 months ago

    Is this true she’s Northern Cheyenne?!?! Omgosh I’m friggin out haha ❤️

  • Rm Glover
    Rm Glover   10 months ago

    was at the New Mutants inception. this was back when Marvel introduced a larger, self contained, slightly mature format called "graphic novel." I think The New Mutants was the third(?) installment. I was a pre-teen. good times.the Asgardian Wars was one of my absolute favorites. Marvel's merry band of mutants travels to Asgard and - Storm is transformed into the goddess of thunder. Xian Coy Manh had become physically distorted because of the shadow king, Dani became a valkyrie, a portion of Ragnarok (if memory serves) was depicted. incredible artwork by Arthur Adams.this video was a love letter to my childhood. special shout out to Cypher and Warlock as the Team Supreme.

  • Martin Alvarez Ucar
    Martin Alvarez Ucar   11 months ago

    I kept watching these type of videos and didn't even watched the movie yet. Can someone please tell me where I can watch it, I'll even pay it

  • Ian Cruz
    Ian Cruz   11 months ago

    The creator praise the actress but complain the lack of poiny tail look . I forgot.

  • Casey Jones
    Casey Jones   11 months ago

    I wish I watched spongebob after finishing new mutants. real talk. sorry

  • A M T
    A M T   11 months ago

    They wrote mirage BAD. IN THE MOVIEEE

  • R0b_b_b _b
    R0b_b_b _b   11 months ago

    I enjoyed the movie but the ending was underwhelming and so is Daniel Moonstar’s acting.

  • James Moss
    James Moss   11 months ago

    I got the new mutants #17, and 18.😀👍

  • darkwaterentertianme
    darkwaterentertianme   1 years ago

    Not trying to be a di k but selene should have been the main villian in this

  • Rakhunuhepp Taylor
    Rakhunuhepp Taylor   1 years ago

    You forgot a major part of her story as well as evolution of her powers. No pun intended in the major event the High Evolutionary goes on a Eugenic culling of mankind. Seeking out all of the "weak links" in humanity. He goes after some mutants with radioactive powers and tries to depower them with a machine he invented. Daniel Moonstar in the process gets thrown into the machine and is having her powers stripped from her. The 2 mutants they were trying to save are dying after being subjected to the power sapping machine. In their collective final dying breath they push the lever to the extreme opposite setting while Daniel Moonstar is caught in it's midst. The effect is that her projecting the other person's worst fears actually becomes real flesh an blood. She can only do this with one thing at a time. She creates her own first pegasus and turns him into her own spear .

  • Apollo Light
    Apollo Light   1 years ago

    What if in the mcu the mutants are hiding on the island 🤔

  • Jax Eden
    Jax Eden   1 years ago

    Isn’t the title of the clip something to do with Mirage?So why did I just waste 12 minutes of my life listening to other random nonsense???...

  • The Tarot Thot
    The Tarot Thot   1 years ago

    She should be black indigenous , not Caucasian.Definitely not watching this

  • Nicholas Ramoser
    Nicholas Ramoser   1 years ago

    Horrible acting bad writing, movie was a train wreck from the begining.

  • Tracye Paul
    Tracye Paul   1 years ago

    I only saw the trailers and the only one I recognized was Illyana (Magick). The others were totally off.

  • Brian
    Brian   1 years ago

    I really had mixed feelings about this movie. It was both great and it really sucked.

  • Gael Almaguer
    Gael Almaguer   1 years ago

    Yea another movie will be great the first one was great