Destroying Friendships with the Minecraft Gravity Mod

  • Published on: 03 September 2021
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  • Runtime : 12:22
  • Minecraft Technoblade Technothepig Modded Minecraft Minecraft Mod Minecraft Gravity Mod


  • Technoblade
    Technoblade   10 months ago


  • fanz
    fanz   6 minuts ago

    oh my hearing this voice today

  • Dizzird
    Dizzird   8 minuts ago

    I’m glad Techno was here, and I’m glad that he left behind such a legacy for us to spread and enjoy, even though it hurts right now

  • Human Vale Soot
    Human Vale Soot   18 minuts ago

    i saw this pop up on my recommended so i clicked on it, just watching this because its short and will most likely help me sleep, Rest Now Technoblade, so you you can fight god

  • Caeya
    Caeya   23 minuts ago

    The community will never be the same without you, we will miss you so much.even tho you can’t read our comments i’m sure you have a great strategy to defeat god. :)Rest In Peace, and thank you for being my childhood. ❤️

  • stone nelson
    stone nelson   26 minuts ago

    imagine if this happened in vroh what could have been

  • cyril
    cyril   30 minuts ago

    Rest in peace techno

  • montgumery gater
    montgumery gater   35 minuts ago

    How many people are just watching old vids to hear techno voice again

  • Random_Potato55
    Random_Potato55   43 minuts ago

    "if i die tell my family" -tommy (very sad)"calm down sokka" -techno (very funny)

  • __
    __   44 minuts ago

    R.I.P Techno 😣😭

  • kenisha jonnalagadda
    kenisha jonnalagadda   46 minuts ago

    When you realize that death is guaranteed and that someone who you love or like (example Technoblade) would also die any second any minute any hour any day,month or year...........

  • Allyssa
    Allyssa   52 minuts ago

    It's just depressing how you're rewatching his old videos and you're halfway through one them and realizing that this guy is dead.

  • Rattler
    Rattler   57 minuts ago

    I'm rewatching all of his videos, trying to relive the joy I got from watching them in the past. It's just not the same, knowing that he is dead. I can't watch any minecraft videos or even play minecraft without crying. I want to wake up to a reality where techno recovered from cancer. Long live the king of minecraft.

  • RetroATM
    RetroATM   58 minuts ago

    I hope the Technoblade channel owners upload videos Technoblade abandoned/forgot to upload.

  • Slimyflame
    Slimyflame   1 hours ago

    RIP Techno... Technoblade Never Dies

  • notakid7034
    notakid7034   1 hours ago

    R.I.P technoblade... never... dies...

  • Angela Kim Galinato
    Angela Kim Galinato   1 hours ago

    Its fun to re-watch Techno's old video after he just passed away, This a remembrance for us. Thank Technoblade, we'll miss you. RIP

  • [DefinitelyDiamondO7]

    Watching his skeppy videos... Friend videos.... Makes me happy. Fly high Technoblade O7.

  • Niamh Farrell
    Niamh Farrell   1 hours ago

    Thinking about the fact that this was the first video he uploaded after he announced his cancer diagnosis.