Hawkeye & Matrix Resurrections Trailer Talk! | SJU

  • Published on: 13 September 2021
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    Hawkeye & Matrix Resurrections Trailer Talk! | SJU
    Hosted by Eric Goldman (@TheEricGoldman)
    Featuring: Danielle Radford (@DanielleRadford), Bailey Meyers (@baileymeyers) & Emma Fyffe (@EmmaFyffe)
    Produced by Ryan O'Toole (@ryanohtrue)
    Tech Director: William Box
    Post-Production Coordinator: Mikołaj Kossakowski

    Executive Producer: Roth Cornet
    Writer: Eric Goldman
    Supervising Producer: Max Dionne
    Senior Producer: Billy Patterson
    Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
    Assistant Editor: Rebecca Castaneda

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  • Runtime : 43:35
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  • Heidi Wills
    Heidi Wills   1 months ago

    Emma plays Mass Effect? She's now my favorite SJU person.

  • Josh Phillips
    Josh Phillips   1 months ago

    my big issue with the mile morales dlc was they charged full price for a game 25% the size of the full game.

  • Joseph Depina
    Joseph Depina   1 months ago

    Thank you THANK YOUUUUUUUUU!!!! YES!!!!!.. I WAS SITTING HER THINKING sorry caps!!!.. so.. i was like...." if Danielle doesn't bring up , that we just did honest trailers and we talked about jessica henwick in Iron Fist!* , and its great that we see here getting more work.. and Freaking Eric chimes in with that very topic and comments on it..love ya Danielle, but Eric gotcha. Nice work.. and I love Jessica Henwick. So glad she actually is getting more work

  • Jason Williams
    Jason Williams   1 months ago

    Is this channel ever coming back to the studio? I like the in person interaction. "Corridor Crew" is based in CA and they work in close proximity...and have regular guests! So, it can't be a covid restrictions reason. Is it a money thing? Idk. I miss Screen Junkies that once was.

  • Martin Windi
    Martin Windi   1 months ago

    I'd really enjoy you guys talking about games more often.

  • Luo Sam
    Luo Sam   1 months ago

    40:22 Not in the shiity new tv show time line.

  • Michael Greve
    Michael Greve   1 months ago

    I hope that Neo's haircut implies that he's the same person as John Wick, and that the JW trilogy was just what happened to Neo between Revolutions and the sequel.

  • Tom Amit
    Tom Amit   1 months ago

    36:00 in Batman, apparently "Barbara Gordon" is both the name of Jim Gordon's wife and the name of Jim Gordon's daughter.

  • David Barr
    David Barr   1 months ago

    ps5 wont be in decent stock till 2023, so spiderman 2 release date sounds good

  • S.
    S.   1 months ago

    I forever remember Emma in the green jacket she wore when you guys had to tape a bunch of episodes at once. It was a cute coat, tbh. Danielle’s hair is extra luscious today and all 4 of you are the bees knees!

  • Lincoln Lu
    Lincoln Lu   1 months ago

    If you're sponsored by Hulu, aren't you sort of sponsored by Disney?

  • Herman Yam
    Herman Yam   1 months ago

    Cena playing Peacemaker in the DCEU and then the musical version of Rogers in the MCU.

  • Hunter Birch
    Hunter Birch   1 months ago

    Talked about Hawkeye before matrix? cmon lads and ladies, step it up!!!!!!

  • TheC00L r u
    TheC00L r u   1 months ago

    Matrix world: Happy Time Murders!Never saw it 🙃 but a world where puppets live normal lives would be pretty cool.Because even if your day sucks, at least your roommate is a puppet and Melissa McCarthy's a cop 🤣

  • Boef Molina
    Boef Molina   1 months ago

    First time in a while that we got gaming news on here! And such a great panel to discuss all the news!!!

  • TheC00L r u
    TheC00L r u   1 months ago

    Fingers crossed for a dope villain in Hawkeye 🤞😬🤞

  • Aldo Apache
    Aldo Apache   1 months ago

    Why do you still have the SJU logo?... is the bald guy still in charge of this?

  • TheC00L r u
    TheC00L r u   1 months ago

    Kate being 'Hawkeye' is like Lebron wearing 23. Sometimes it's just perfect.

  • TheC00L r u
    TheC00L r u   1 months ago

    I'm still the only one who wishes Steinfeld was playing someone else, as I personally like my Kate brooding; but Hawkeye'll probably end up being my favorite of the shows! (Well maybe still 2nd to my girl Wanda.)

  • TheC00L r u
    TheC00L r u   1 months ago

    Keanu can't act. Full stop. But he's fine with roles where he doesn't really have to emote.And no respect for Fishburne?

  • XenFayed
    XenFayed   1 months ago

    I wasn't very excited for/interested in Hawkeye before the trailer, but it looks fun. Can't wait!

  • Bryan Powell
    Bryan Powell   1 months ago

    The big cgi battles is what brings ppl to these movies

  • Ryan O'Toole
    Ryan O'Toole   1 months ago

    I'm not gonna go to the dentist while on vacation ERIC

  • redsands1001
    redsands1001   1 months ago

    7:58 def worst part of shang chi a movie I really enjoyed

  • All In The Game
    All In The Game   1 months ago

    Given how Marvel Studios are so usually in tune with the audience's thoughts/feelings, wonder why they haven't addressed the big 'everything blows up in crazy CGI fashion in the 3rd Act' issue in so many of their projects?! It's ok to go a little smaller every now and again!

  • Faisal
    Faisal   1 months ago

    You guys should go back to the studio setup with proper social distancing. I kinda miss that setup. I hate this Zoom/Teams windows format after looking at Teams/Zoom the whole day. 😔

  • Leonardo Klotz
    Leonardo Klotz   1 months ago

    One of the writers of "The Matrix Resurrections" made the CLOUD ATLAS book