Disney and Sony Battle Over Spider-Man | SJU

  • Published on: 21 August 2019
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    Disney and Sony Battle Over Spider-Man | SJU
    Hosted by Roth Cornet
    Featuring: Joe Starr, Spencer Gilbert, & Dan Murrell
    Produced by Ryan O'Toole
    Creative Director: Joe Starr
    Managing Editor: Eric Goldman
    Editor-In-Chief: Roth Cornet

    #SJU #SJUniverse
  • Runtime : 40:35
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  • Toni Hill
    Toni Hill   2 years ago

    The Matrix online already continuted the plot,a woman was born inside the Matrix called Sarah Edmontons which is an anagram of Thomas AndersonBringing back Trinity/Neo doesn't sound good,I'm curious about it too but the fact that one of the Wachowskis backed off from this is already a bad sign

  • Robby Maddox
    Robby Maddox   2 years ago

    Marvel/Disney should just straight up offer Sony 1 or 2 billion dollars for the rights. Marvel/Disney could certainly afford it. Sony would have to make like 10 hugely successful blockbusters to net them that much money. It would shore the studio up for the next 2 or 3 years at least and would only potentially hurt them in the 10+ year range. On Marvel's end, that would bring back a huge portfolio of stuff to work with in house. It would definitely sting having to fork over that much cash, but I'm sure they have plenty of reserves to cover that in the Mouse's war chest. They would then be able to make that money back over the next 3 to 5 years, because they'll be cashing in from all the angles, the movie and distribution and the merchandising and licensing deals.To Sony, Spiderman is a lucrative franchise. To Marvel, Spiderman is their bread and butter. Get it done.

  • williestyle35
    williestyle35   2 years ago

    @SJU ,Dan Murrell is absolutely correct: get Ryan O'Tolle ( not "new ryan" as Roth might say ) a microphone ( or camera ) ! "... i like that we talk to Ryan as if he has a microphone in front of him.." lol XD I like Joe Starr, but Ryan has earned it. Thanks everyone! (: Where's Billy Business ?

  • LaurenTheorist
    LaurenTheorist   2 years ago

    I was so happy these past few years because of all the great Spidey content. It is all going to be destroyed when Disney and Sony split.

  • TerryMcGinnis
    TerryMcGinnis   2 years ago

    I blame Sony for this 100% this smells of corporations manipulation games of chicken.

  • David Nielson
    David Nielson   2 years ago

    This channel is one of the best things on the internet.

  • D3adp00l324
    D3adp00l324   2 years ago

    Disney should give? Fuck that, Marvel should own all the movie rights to all their character so that they can build a living, breathing comic book world. Whatever price they gotta pay to get'em, do it. Spidey belongs in a world where Avengers exist, anything else, IDC. This is the definitive Spider-Man

  • Myron P
    Myron P   2 years ago

    I’m just sayin. The MCU has the recipe for success when it comes to Marvel movies. Spider-Verse was a nice beverage that comes with the meal, Venom was like some new sandwich like the double down KFC introduced. You don’t know why people like it but a lot of people ate it. No MCU is great original recipe good. And if Disney wants a 50/50 split just give it to them. But if they wanna do their own Sony Spider-Man. Good luck. I’m sure it will be “amazing.”

  • Josh Liam
    Josh Liam   2 years ago

    As always y'all are great! My big takeaway here is Disney is greeeeedy.

  • artandcard
    artandcard   2 years ago

    The mouse's gluttony has gotten him too big for his little, red shorts.

  • Ben Reilly
    Ben Reilly   2 years ago

    Marvel is divided between different companies. Sony Marvel is no less Marvel than Disney Marvel. Why does Disney NEED to be in charge of everything? Or why not just have Marvel be is OWN thing w/o a "parent" company? I'd like that. Also, people have short memories: Spider-Man 1 and 2 were fantastic imo(hell even SM3 wasn't irredeemable) w/o Disney and NO Spider-Man film made less than 700 million Dollars! and the games are successful, hell Spiderverse won an OSCAR! So imo Disney got greedy. VERY greedy. (Hell Disney already has merchandising that Sony can't profit from which is ridiculous anyway) So idk we'll see. Personally, I actually like and relate more to the Tragic Dark Action Dramedy of the Spider-Man mythology. 🤷

  • Momo Woods
    Momo Woods   2 years ago

    1:38 - Disney and Sony Battle Over Spider-ManUr Welcome.

  • Oscar Ruelas
    Oscar Ruelas   2 years ago

    no sony doesn't deserve spider-man they don't care about the character they care about the money it can bring, the first trilogy has a special place in my heart no lie. the first time i get spiderman on the big screen that's so crazy for like 10 year old me, the fist reboot was made just to not lose the movie rights. Andrew Garfield is a great actor but the movie was not good, now Tom is the spider-man that I didn't know I wanted or need it in my life spidey done right. sony had 5 attempts and only two are great 2/5 is 40% is a failing grade, bottom line is marvel doesn't need spider-man but sony does need marvel in order to make a good spider-man movie.

  • Abril Ryan Dacanay
    Abril Ryan Dacanay   2 years ago

    I wonder if putting the future of the MCU in Spider-man's hands was Sony's idea or Marvel Studio's idea. If it were Marvel Studio's idea, it was a bad investment if they had only been getting 5% of the profit.

  • kingofthesharks
    kingofthesharks   2 years ago

    last 5 min of this video reminds me why i love you guys and this show

  • PrinceJarming
    PrinceJarming   2 years ago

    Spidey's not really as intrinsic to the MCU story-wise as you're making it sound. To the fanbase, definitely, but look at where the story goes from here. We have mystic multiversal adventures with Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch, cosmic adventures with Thor, the Guardians, Captain Marvel, and the Eternals. A kung fu movie, a vampire movie, and the isolated world that is Black Panther's Wakanda. Where does Spider-Man even fit into all of that? Story-wise he's not that central to the universe. He's "the next Tony Stark" in a world that has been built up to not need a Tony Stark anymore. Fans WANT more Spider-Man in the MCU and that in it of itself will be detrimental to the franchise somewhat but they're not going to need to be jumping through hoops to write Spidey out of the story the same way Sony will need to, to drop all the MCU aspects out of their story. Tony Stark and Happy Hogan are big parts of Peter's journey and he can't even mention their names anymore? THAT is going to be difficult for fans to get behind.Marvel has a stronger hand in this deal. Disney might be the bad guy in basically strong-arming Sony into an unfair deal, but Sony wrote themselves into a corner building this franchise so heavily on its connections to the MCU.

  • Jose cadena
    Jose cadena   2 years ago

    Sony is vulnerability is a result of their track record, js

  • Maurice Charles
    Maurice Charles   2 years ago

    Tom Holland and Zendaya unsubscribed from Sony. They're millionaires though... They get paid to act and be obedient; and portray icons. Marvel needs to stop being so arrogant.

  • Aaron Brothers
    Aaron Brothers   2 years ago

    I am with Dan on this. Creativity and story continuity would be ruined. Fans have every reason to be disappointed.

  • Shane Taylor
    Shane Taylor   2 years ago

    Ok at the ten minute mark I just had to stop and think isn't it obvious they'd just bring venom into the spiderman movie and have enough jaw dropping action scenes to sprinkle into a trailer and wala, instant box office smash. I honestly think that regardless of how disappointing losing the marvel influence would be, Seeing venom and spiderman done right(I mean one sold a billion and one over 800 million)pays for itself over and over again.

  • Tristan Frodelius
    Tristan Frodelius   2 years ago

    I firmly believe that people's opinions of the Matrix movies, regarding the pervasive hatred of the sequels, is shaped purely by nostalgia goggles after having seen the first one. I never watched them when they came out. I never had the hype. I never had any preconceptions or nostalgie. When I watched them, I watched them all together. They did decline in narrative quality, but only slightly, as far as I can tell. They were all good. But even the first one wasn't as "game changing" as people hype it up to be. It was influential, sure. But people definitely have strong prescription nostalgia goggles for that movie, and it's why people watching the sequels felt let down. It's because the original itself wasn't actually all that much better than the sequels. It was better, but not by the amount people say. At least in my opinion. They really all had the same general feel. It was cool and clever, and had some very nice cinematography, but when it comes to memorability, I recall about the same amount from the first as the last, and the conveyance of cohesive plot, in each one, came across pretty much the same throughout. <:/However, the first movie did have one very important thing that the others didn't. Introduction. The best part of any new franchise is the setup. That first experience of dipping ones toes into water for the very first time. Of being provided an entirely new place and characters and learning and wondering about this new place you've been given. That feeling of discovery and of possibility. That is where charm comes from, for so many things. It's a significant part of why many series feel so good at the beginning and then feel dull. It isn't the only reason, and isn't always one of the reasons, but it i often one. And, with The Matrix, with the way the story was presented, I think that's also the other most important factor in why people loved it more than the sequels. So, in watching it all together, as one experience, it did all feel cohesive, and of comparable quality. But that's an anecdotal take from one person who watched them all at the same time with fresh eyes, so take it as you will. Which probably will be negatively, given how strongly a lot of original Matrix fans feel about it... :x Personally, I'm thankful that I'm able to have a good time watching all of them.Also, the "the universe is a hologram" thing is often misunderstood. It's more about the dimensional shape of the universe and the mathematical structure of particles and of the "information" encoded in reality than any kind of "we're in a simulation" thing. People misinterpret that A Lot as the idea that this isn't the "real" universe. But that's... not what it is, really.

  • Josh Phillips
    Josh Phillips   2 years ago

    so for those wondering what happened. originally sony gave 5% over every spider man move to marvel, and marvel gave 5% of every mcu movie spiderman was in to sony and let you be in our timeline. This was so they could use spider man in marvel movies and marvel characters in spider man. 5 movies went by, and the deal came up for renewal. Disney went to Sony and said, we will give you 5% of every mcu movie spider man is in, but we want 50% ( half ) of every spiderman movie if you want to use any marvel character and be apart of the mcu movie timeline. So sony said FU and walked away.

  • Tristan Frodelius
    Tristan Frodelius   2 years ago

    Okay, so, the short version is that Disney tried to strongarm Sony, Sony said "No, you're being absolutely ridiculous.", because that's the reality, Disney is a monopoly that is being absolutely ridiculous, and then, when they didn't get their way, Disney said "Fine, you don't take our unfair deal, nobody gets to have Spider-Man.". And I mean, look, I'm an avid fangirl of Tom Holland's Sipder-Man. He's the best incarnation of Spider-Man, in any medium, in my opinion. Legitimately. I was so worried and, at first, annoyed about yet ANOTHER Spider-Man reboot, but he became the best Spider-Man, in my heart. So I AM invested in the movies. But it is NOT Sony's fault for not kowtowing to Disney's demands. Disney has a history of pulling this kind of stunt. They're an awful company.And hold up. "Fans don't care."? That... is a very bold claim. I mean... I sure as FUCK care more about not living in a dystopian, capitalistic, monopoly-controlled nightmare world, and telling Disney to fuck off, than I care about Pretty Fight Movie. No matter how much I love Spider-Man. Disney is real, and killing art. Fans care. It's most of what I've seen online, too. Yeah, there's fans who don't, but there are a lot of fans who are conscientious about this.

  • Mel Man
    Mel Man   2 years ago

    Roth you need at least 3 sticky notes over the apple.

  • mystikaal
    mystikaal   2 years ago

    The MCU was built with a bunch of D list characters a lot of people never even knew existed. Tom Holland is one of most dear and precious creatures ever created, but the MCU will carry on just fine without Spidey. He's just one of 75 characters in rotation.

  • R R
    R R   2 years ago

    Makes no sense to me that people are blaming Sony. Spencer is right. Once in a while someone has to stand up to Disney.

  • Imcuban2
    Imcuban2   2 years ago

    Robert Downey jr. And Tom Holland we're just on Instagram 20 minutes ago they post pictures and sometimes video and sometimes answer questions that people ask

  • TheSeeker
    TheSeeker   2 years ago


  • Louie La Compte
    Louie La Compte   2 years ago

    18:00 - * Idealistic Dan pops out * Spencer: "Hey, buddy!"

  • Doug Harris
    Doug Harris   2 years ago

    Been busy I just got to watch this. I love how Roth said almost word for word what I think is going through Disney's mind when it comes to Spiderman in the MCU.

  • Vesemir
    Vesemir   2 years ago

    Spiderman 3 : Homeless

  • Sean Hope
    Sean Hope   2 years ago

    Marvel Studio was suppose to be getting Spider-Man back after the 3rd film. Sony announced after Homecoming that they will not be funding anymore after the 2nd (Far From home) which broke the original deal to basically make a lot of money and give the Spider-verse back. Disney stated at the time that they will fund the 3rd movie (make all of the money), complete the agreement and take the Spider-verse back.Venom happened and it did well enough for a sequel but not well enough to do Black and Silver. Disney has already started making its plans for when they no longer have Sony. Sony did something unexpected and Spider-man into the spiderverse happened - which has re-energized Sony and Spider-Man or at least has Sony feeling that they can still survive without Disney and the MCU.Sony is the bad guy here. I don't care how many statements they come up with about how they tried to make it work or how they pretend that this was going to be a lasting relationship with Disney. After Amazing Spider-Man, Sony was on the verge of losing everything and made a deal with Disney to make some money using the MCU for a short period. Even Kevin Feige has made it very clear that his intention is to get all of marvel back under Marvel and that he wanted to have Spider-Man as that lead.Disney will let Sony fail, even risking the MCU phase 4, without Spider-Man. The 5% licensing fee is what Sony wasn't paying, while Spider-Man was in the MCU. If Sony breaks the contract (which that seems like a done deal - Sony has to pay Disney, not just for Homecoming and Far From Home, but Venom and Into the Spider-verse.Now I could be wrong, but the only reason Disney offer the 50/50 split was that they were also going in for half, so that they can make the 3rd MCU Spider-Man movie. If the 3rd movie is made - Sony might still lose Spider-Man. Now Sony does hold a card, and they can not allow Disney to make the 3rd movie without them. Sony can also make a Non-MCU Spider-man movie, which I think is their current plan - but Sony wants their movie to be MCU because that is what makes money and Disney knows it.So the question you all seem to be struggling with is how does phase 4 move on without Spider-Man. It's simple they continue on without him and wait for Sony to fail.

  • Jay M
    Jay M   2 years ago

    Talking about the good things the Wachowskis have done and V for Vemdetta isn't even mentioned... I liked The Matrix Reloaded, too.

  • Tom Miller
    Tom Miller   2 years ago

    What if the Matrix was like Windows 3.1, shinny and "easy" to live in, and what Neo woke up to was DOS, dark and gritty, but the real world is what the new movies take place in?

  • Axells Abode
    Axells Abode   2 years ago

    with the Matrix 4 i could see them trying something like this:Terrorist within the Matrix plotting genocide as that would get rid of the machines power source. If you die in the matrix you die in the pod. I hope they dont do this as no one in the films ever had a problem with killing anyone within the matrix even though they are actually taking the life of an innocent person. And therefore they would suddenly be against this person killing people.

  • Axells Abode
    Axells Abode   2 years ago

    Forgive me if im wrong but i interpreted the end of Matrix as NEO beating a virus within the matrix system (Agent Smith) and the machines then deciding a truce as NEO (humankind) saved them from it. So they didnt kill/destory the machines

  • Marceline Abadeer
    Marceline Abadeer   2 years ago

    i guess it's kind of an unpopular opinion but the mcu was fine before spider-man and the mcu will be fine after him. they are contracted for 2 more movies so they'll figure it out. i don't know, i wish he was staying with disney/marvel but i dont think it's fair to say this will be their downfall.

  • Chris B.
    Chris B.   2 years ago

    There are hundreds of Superhero characters this could happen to and it has to be Spider-Man.....constantly. Seriously, half of me wishes Sony's movie division would have folded years ago just so Marvel could get Spider-Man back and the nonsense with the character and all this movie studio politics could just end.