Deathpool One Shots Doom - Doom 1.1 Gameplay - MARVEL Strike Force - MSF

  • Published on: 19 August 2021
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  • Runtime : 21:17
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  • Aaqilian5.0
    Aaqilian5.0   2 months ago

    5 million damage? Getting just a bit silly with the op nonsense.

  • Clapp Brynn
    Clapp Brynn   2 months ago

    '0:40' 😘 Your choice but only*𝚒𝚗𝚓𝚊𝚙𝚙* + ✔️

  • loL
    loL   2 months ago

    im a swgoh player who just saw mobile gamer's name and clicked on the video and holy shit none of that made any sense to me. seems a lot more complicated that swgoh

  • Sean McGInnis
    Sean McGInnis   3 months ago

    I still like using Thanos and I drop AW for DP. The energy per death is amazing

  • William Mckimm
    William Mckimm   3 months ago

    I have mine 4rs gear tier 14 108k and she's a beast. But I found out she one shots doom the first day.

  • Richard Welch
    Richard Welch   3 months ago

    Lol he has spent thousands of dollars on this game and can not make a decision by himself.

  • Ville-Matti Amonsen
    Ville-Matti Amonsen   3 months ago

    Why did you eat that Electro ult both times? RR wouldn't have slowed you down half as much.

  • Tony Ruggiero
    Tony Ruggiero   3 months ago

    Someone want to let him know Adam warlock doesn’t extend ability block

  • rudi Wot
    rudi Wot   3 months ago

    Only 1 big damage shoot for deathpool , Hmh:(

  • Venom Black
    Venom Black   3 months ago

    Adam Warlock's Basic doesn't extend Ability Block. Read your abilities, Boomer! lol

  • Cory Young
    Cory Young   3 months ago

    this is stupid, beyond stupid. scopley is digging that hole of nothing but op characters will be in the game. I'm happy for everyone who enjoys this. But i'm just bored of it.

  • Frame Jump
    Frame Jump   3 months ago

    AW's basic doesn't extend stun or ability block.

  • Edgar Aleman
    Edgar Aleman   3 months ago

    Bro u did amazing u know how many players won't survive one turn I wish I can get Doc.Doom soon so I can get go hard on mystic nodes

  • Brandon Sorensen
    Brandon Sorensen   3 months ago

    Tried playing RTA in its newest shitiest version and the match making is beyond itself and now nothing showed up on the battlefield as the time ticked away, im just about over this dumpster fire game

  • ThaEntertainer72
    ThaEntertainer72   3 months ago

    Post $$ need all t4sPS. Tell me you play MSF without telling me 😂

  • Brandon Sorensen
    Brandon Sorensen   3 months ago

    Turn off the 1x camera and turn on 2x and 3x cameras and your time out problem will go away

  • rivs999
    rivs999   3 months ago

    I do enjoy the majority of your content but thumbs down cos of the continual terrible use of abilities and overall lack of gameplay understanding!

  • R Andom
    R Andom   3 months ago

    The damage was amazing. Letting Invis Woman get her shield off is a guaranteed node-fail in my experience, it gives them 15 trillion shield-hp

  • Adam Crawforth
    Adam Crawforth   3 months ago

    The dude has Basic Auto which he's been asking ages for and he still doesn't use it...

  • Dorian Gray
    Dorian Gray   3 months ago

    So. . . I see Doom First Strike and I see Doom I but I can't find Doom I.I

  • Viktor Shramko
    Viktor Shramko   3 months ago

    On that node I usually use Maw ult first to apply slows and then Doom ult as fast as I can. So he gets his ult one more time before the end of the match, like 50-30 sec left. That usually helps to one-shot. Maw ult because sometimes Electro goes first before Doom and she applies offense down. And that makes Doom giving 3 attacks to Thanos instead of $$

  • V. N.
    V. N.   3 months ago

    man.. the way you use abilities sure looks weird....

  • Gabriel Comeau
    Gabriel Comeau   3 months ago

    i was hoping that deathpools basic would give her 1 energy everytime she uses it. Like for exemple 5 minion dies she bonus attacks 5 times and get her insta kill ready.

  • Sam Turner
    Sam Turner   3 months ago

    god damn man, they need to either make the game all about bursty one shotness, or make it slower and more tactical, because atm, its like two different dev teams are designing the game, half the characters are slow paced and tactical, but all the new ones are super fast paced turn one one shot you with ridiculous stats.what the f is going on with the game? its going too fast lol. Yo they bring out a new team every month and it takes 3 months to build a team to max unless you're a whale. are they ONLY making the game for whales now?AS F2P im getting totally lost with it all, like oh silver srufer quickly omg kestrel now omfg quickly quickly with the god damn strike pass and then immediately after its like INFINITY WATCH COMING Oh shit better hastily try to acquire these characters oh shit i missed moondragon by 20 shards FFS OH GREAT A NEW TEAM OK I GOT SHARON CARTER FFS I MISSED MARIA HILLas a f2P at this pace we end up with 2-3 individual members from these teams meaning we have to mix and match our way to a cobbled together victory that often feels like it was purely gifted by the RNG lol. feels like a broken f'ing mess!

  • Axe Battler
    Axe Battler   3 months ago

    Using the inferior non Thanos version.....

  • darksideofthesand
    darksideofthesand   3 months ago

    Watching this is kinda painful, I feel like if you changed up your kill order a bit you would be able to accomplish more

  • Oleh Chudiiovych
    Oleh Chudiiovych   3 months ago

    Man you play raid so…weird. Like why using doom special before he got 2 turns after ult and gets offence up? Why not to stun shehulk? Why not to spread ability block using deathpool? Why ability block on enemy that dies from 1 attack? Love your content but man your raid gameplay looks like that commercial where people play the game for the first time

  • Greg Martinez
    Greg Martinez   3 months ago

    I have my deathpool 5/5 15, 6,7,7,5 blue 1 and she does fucking work man. Auto auto auto but I don’t cause she’s fun to play with

  • keone brathwaite
    keone brathwaite   3 months ago

    BS... Doom and Silver Surfer did all the heavy lifting!

  • Derrick S
    Derrick S   3 months ago

    I wouldn't say she got destroyed lol. Deadpool did amazing for 3 fricken stars! this is Doom 1.1! I have 5RS 7YS that take that carange ult and go to red and then bleed out on their turn. she survived

  • croc2390
    croc2390   3 months ago

    The fact she’s only one of at least a team of 3, all of which are 100 shards btw, you know they’re gonna be good

  • Pound Play
    Pound Play   3 months ago

    why dont you use your auto basic lol