THE NUN is Terrible (and other awful movies about nuns)

  • Published on: 31 October 2018
  • Nun of these movies are good

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  • Runtime : 25:44
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  • tonycornflakes
    tonycornflakes   1 days ago

    Wardrobe…wig…hat and hair design brought to you by the makers of “Samurai Cop”. 😉

  • Kalay
    Kalay   3 days ago

    I got a bit sad when you said you have a wife :(

  • Ghost
    Ghost   4 days ago

    Netflix adaptations be like:

  • The Poison Kid
    The Poison Kid   6 days ago

    Anyone who hasn't seen the awful and hilarious "Nude Nuns With Big Guns" has sinned before the eternal!

  • Commander Slam
    Commander Slam   1 weeks ago

    I liked the Nun Movie very much...Fight me.You must watch Bollywood Horror Movies so in comparison this movie was really gold..

  • Dusty Smith
    Dusty Smith   1 weeks ago

    ANYBODY gonna review scream it’s a great saga but I mean I don’t really like the plot I mean cmon

  • AlmightyFDR94
    AlmightyFDR94   1 weeks ago

    I like the first nun movie I got what the movie was trying to do it made sense in the mythos

  • Toadster
    Toadster   2 weeks ago

    "Nun" of this movies are good

  • Andy Varkalau
    Andy Varkalau   2 weeks ago

    Dude The Nun is a good movie and the jump scares got me pretty good. That’s just my opinion though. Maybe If I watched a second time it wouldn’t be as good

  • MemeXD
    MemeXD   2 weeks ago

    Me after seeing dis 💩🖥️🏷️

  • dieyng
    dieyng   2 weeks ago

    IDK, about no likeable characters. Taissa Farmiga plays Sister Irene, and I usually find her quite likeable. Agree about basically everything else.

  • Newheart
    Newheart   2 weeks ago

    It's the casual "flip into the oven" for me. XD

  • IAmTurtle
    IAmTurtle   3 weeks ago

    the bad nun just sounds like a porn movie

  • Daniel Clapp
    Daniel Clapp   4 weeks ago

    Is that the complete H.P. Lovecraft book behind you?

  • suman BAraL
    suman BAraL   4 weeks ago

    This guy is scary , he is like :create likable fascinating characters and kill them all .. 😂

  • arugula-ragu
    arugula-ragu   4 weeks ago

    If you've ever been through Catholic school, you know nuns are awful enough without the prosthetics.

  • yeye
    yeye   4 weeks ago


  • Ray Warren
    Ray Warren   1 months ago

    That was the nastiest looking lasagna ever! Shit was disgusting 10:20

  • Ádám Mező
    Ádám Mező   1 months ago

    These movies have no redeeming qualities whatsoever, nun !!!

  • Sandy N
    Sandy N   1 months ago

    It was dumb and I hate nuns anyway dumb beeches lolz.

  • MiPi
    MiPi   1 months ago

    "to a supernoooose"

  • king ayrton
    king ayrton   1 months ago

    movie is good! moron video made by moron

  • Harry AV Spruce
    Harry AV Spruce   1 months ago

    The nun was a good origin story line. Just because you like to look cool and say a movie isn’t scary like…. Well done I guess. But just because you say it’s a bad movie doesn’t make it a bad movie

  • Twice Shy
    Twice Shy   1 months ago

    The only scary nun movie is Freddy Krueger's mom's story

  • Frank_The_Alien
    Frank_The_Alien   1 months ago

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  • PuceBiscuit7616
    PuceBiscuit7616   1 months ago

    Hey it's better than any movie you can make so stfu

  • Abominable Yeti
    Abominable Yeti   1 months ago

    the nun was so boring, glad i didnt watch it in theatres

  • Amr Tamer
    Amr Tamer   1 months ago

    why are there so much horror movies about nuns being demonic like nuns are suppose to be the purest people in the world

  • Jeffrey314159
    Jeffrey314159   1 months ago

    18:40 Slow motion is good for adding to the run time!

  • Dharmabummin '
    Dharmabummin '   1 months ago

    no bodies going to see this comment since im three years late but never refer to hereditary as decent, its so fucking good

  • p_g3YT
    p_g3YT   1 months ago

    good taste awfull execution

  • Sara Moore
    Sara Moore   1 months ago

    The Disgruntled Nun. Just. Let’s just sit and stew with that for a moment. Then digest it, poop it out and then BAM! Blockbuster!

  • Chris Serrato
    Chris Serrato   1 months ago

    The leprechaun had better movie titles than the nuns movies

  • Sarah Limsey
    Sarah Limsey   1 months ago

    Dude, Quiet Place isn’t even nearly decent though…

  • thor30013
    thor30013   1 months ago

    I'll say this for The Bad Nun - at least they appear to have had some kind of a budget. Curse of the Nun looks like they filmed it in someone's house, hence the not being able to leave. Also the apparent lack of almost any special effects.