THE NUN is Terrible (and other awful movies about nuns)

  • Published on: 31 October 2018
  • Nun of these movies are good

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  • Runtime : 25:44
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  • Astelle 066
    Astelle 066   3 days ago

    That dog with the mask scared me more than the movie 🤣

  • Lilith Jester
    Lilith Jester   4 days ago

    Movie idea: "Nun-ya" get out of the dark church/basement. ITS.NOT.YOUR.PROBLEM🤣

  • Ami chan
    Ami chan   4 days ago

    A nun shouldn ' t have a Boyfriend right? Married to Jesus and stuff like that..... I am confused🤣

  • Azul B
    Azul B   5 days ago

    Janne will attack you At night since you called it’s awful

  • AzeBlaze
    AzeBlaze   5 days ago

    Thats a lot of Nun-sense 🥴

  • Ross Watson
    Ross Watson   1 weeks ago

    After reading the negative reviews of these movies guess how many I watched......?

  • Channel Gio
    Channel Gio   1 weeks ago


  • Fluffcake
    Fluffcake   1 weeks ago

    The Jesus's blood subplot made me and my mom burst out laughing. These movies are so bad, I'm pretty sure Reverends and Bishops are way scarier from way better movies I've seen.

  • BigSensei
    BigSensei   1 weeks ago

    Lol your skits is sacrier than the movie

  • Snarkastic Douche
    Snarkastic Douche   1 weeks ago

    The thing is, there have been a lot of very real, very twisted nuns throughout history. It wouldn't have been hard to look into history to find a much more compelling story than all the hogwash they made to piggyback off the already lame "Conjuring" series nun flick.

  • Science First
    Science First   1 weeks ago

    You missed a great pun; what’s a nun before they become a nun? Second to nun.

  • Collective loneliness

    Why, why,........why so much violance and lies and death and kills on the entertainement-media's today ? Hollywood and co represents more and more : monsters/gore, murderers celebrating and dope advertising. What they expect from us to do with that ? the very same time, they TURN NUNS and PREACHERS and PRIEST INTO BAD GUYS in series, they destroy churchs in movies, and most, they mocking the Lord ( with subtility, I agree ). It's mathematical = they like dope and murderers but not the Lord. Do you need a dragon eating your car in front of you to realise ? ( For N.D.E belivers : Jesus is in so many witnesses and storytells from all around the world ). Don't be afraid/ASHAMED to just talk with him, you can even talk with JESUS in secret, while nobody notices it. Or you can ask him help in a very sad day. If you, now, reconise where is the devil, make the total OPPOSITE WAY from what he advises you in whispers from the lightedscreen. GOD BLESS YOU. (:-)--/---(

  • no ir
    no ir   2 weeks ago

    is that really frenchie from the boys?🤔

  • Randz20
    Randz20   2 weeks ago

    I thought the first purge was pretty good

  • not significant
    not significant   2 weeks ago

    The last one looks like a dhar Mann production (sorry if i spelt that wrong)

  • James Flores
    James Flores   2 weeks ago

    “All the scares were pretty weak”.......shows clip....Me: Jumps almost immediately

  • Brian Bradley
    Brian Bradley   4 weeks ago

    Just came upon your channel. I'd highly recommend watching the directors the Hollow, it's part fairy tale part body horror and very well done.

  • Tater Tott
    Tater Tott   1 months ago

    I LOVE this movie! I love all of the exorist/poltergeist style movies!!!!! But The Nun is excellent!

  • Quandalious Bingleton The 3rd

    Ah yes,the nostalgic feel of the 2018 humor and Elvis,so sad it passed so fast,but now it's awful compared to nowadays,but still its so nostalgic,I miss those days

  • Jesse James
    Jesse James   1 months ago

    The only movie that does the “main character wakes up and everything thats been happening is a dream” correct was Click

  • panapoly
    panapoly   1 months ago

    "The Bad Nun" sounds like a name for a school presentation you thought of last minute

  • Laddi Quintanilla
    Laddi Quintanilla   1 months ago

    lol I enjoyed the okayness of The Nun, no way it was good tho

  • Max
    Max   1 months ago

    Who tf titles a movie the bad nun

  • Korean Cowboy42
    Korean Cowboy42   1 months ago

    This movie was a joke. Like.... relied too heavily on the jumpscares. The scares were also weak I agree. But way too heavily relied on nothing else to drive the movie on. Also those halls would've had torches and more candles to lit the hallways. So it's stupid.

  • Big Wendigo
    Big Wendigo   1 months ago

    Just in case you’re unfamiliar - Nunsploitation films is an actual genre 👍

  • Simple Jack
    Simple Jack   1 months ago

    Your dog in the nun mask was scarier than the movie.

  • Jeez!Alax
    Jeez!Alax   1 months ago

    Putting The First Purge with all of the other awful money grabs is wrong to me. Yeah, looking at them from the outside, it looks like they're just made for money (and probably partly so), but they improve every film and continue a story that has engrained itself into our culture already.

  • Deedeewilks BB
    Deedeewilks BB   1 months ago

    Can you PLEASE review “Incident in a ghostland”

  • Lizor .B.K.
    Lizor .B.K.   1 months ago

    they couldn't kill him because he is in conjuring 1

  • The Engineer
    The Engineer   2 months ago

    They straight up used the balloon boy sound effect for a jumpscare