31 Minecraft Facts You (Maybe) Missed

  • Published on: 03 May 2021
  • 31 Minecraft Facts You (Maybe) Missed! Minecraft is full of different blocks, items, and mobs, so it's easy to lose track of information or even just miss a fact entirely. So, if you've ever wanted to learn 31 random (and possibly pointless) facts about Minecraft, you've come to the right video. Did you know fireworks can be moved by water? Or that spiders have different vision when in spectator mode? All those facts and many more are covered in this Skip the Tutorial Minecraft 1.16 fact video featuring 31 minecraft things you possibly didn't know!

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    Footage by Frankie Mundo
    The map used in this video is a modified version of the world download in GeminiTay's survival let's play series, which you can watch from the beginning here: https://youtu.be/cAvlj5jJlUg
    Texture Pack: Vanilla Tweaks https://vanillatweaks.net/picker/resource-packs/
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    Other Credits:
    ✔️ MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod: The Modern Update! (Showcase)
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  • Greg Greg
    Greg Greg   3 minuts ago

    give a flint and steel mending would help u deal with the issue of being lazy

  • Nooby Playz
    Nooby Playz   5 minuts ago

    Phantoms only do 3 hearts it’s not much plus attacking it before it reaches you makes it stop attacking u

  • Mikayla B
    Mikayla B   24 minuts ago

    plot twist. diamonds are petrifide tutrle egss from centeryis ago

  • Fauzia Tareen
    Fauzia Tareen   29 minuts ago

    /replaceitem entity @e armor.head minecraft:glass

  • QuetzaCota
    QuetzaCota   33 minuts ago

    To answer your question, Skip, granite has a lot of quartz, and it tends yo be made up a lot of different stones, so Quartz + Diorite

  • GrammieNoob
    GrammieNoob   43 minuts ago


  • LEDNoodle
    LEDNoodle   44 minuts ago

    jokes on you i was already subscribed

  • pupypup
    pupypup   44 minuts ago

    you know its extremely bizarre to see that this has become a top 10 minecraft channel when it used to be a channel about beating games with unconventional challenges. I really miss old skip the tutorial.

  • Cody Gibson
    Cody Gibson   48 minuts ago

    You know if you press Lcntrl and q you can drop whole satcks

  • IRodric
    IRodric   51 minuts ago

    3:17 that was actually sick, I had no idea

  • btw goku
    btw goku   55 minuts ago

    You can also do ctrl + q and it drops a stack

  • Sweet Potato
    Sweet Potato   58 minuts ago

    Make sure u don’t blink!” Me: blinks* also me: “frick”

  • J H
    J H   1 hours ago

    Regarding No. 24 we all know we only use the disgusting diorite with cobblestone to make andesite cause its the only decent looking 'stone' block not gonna waste quartz on making diorite or granite

  • Mi Phegl
    Mi Phegl   1 hours ago

    In peaceful mode, wolves, iron goloms, and bees will also spwan.

  • The İsot is Back
    The İsot is Back   1 hours ago

    Fact 32: In spectator mod you can use your scroll button to change flying speed.

  • gamer samyak
    gamer samyak   1 hours ago

    hes like I found Q key to throw stuffs but he doesnot know that is in the minecraft manualyou can throw anything by shift+ F5

  • MaverickFire
    MaverickFire   1 hours ago

    fact in older versions of bedrock and console minecraft you could break arrows with a perfectly timed sword shot

  • Cookies and Bunnies
    Cookies and Bunnies   1 hours ago

    I'm sorry but did anyone else realise that this is Geminitay's survival lets play world?!?! Like seriously its all the same! The farm the house the biome the watch tower etc... (no hate)

  • Epic Chill
    Epic Chill   1 hours ago

    Llamas don’t hurt me on peaceful when I hit themMaybe it’s a bedrock thing idk

  • _Little . Shoto_
    _Little . Shoto_   1 hours ago

    I was like "Oh i will try this is in the smp!" and then i remenber that i choose merling as my origin

  • Dog Food
    Dog Food   2 hours ago

    Technically its the same sprite not shape. Kid.

  • ღ BlobFishii ღ
    ღ BlobFishii ღ   2 hours ago

    I’m sorry but you really should give credit to GeminiTay. Everyone knows you used her worlds.