SWIPED - An Impossibly Bad Teen Movie

  • Published on: 25 July 2019
  • Noah Centineo lol

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  • Runtime : 24:55
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  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson   1 weeks ago

    "Program must be down."Oh yeah, that common and relatable problem.

  • Greg The Gay Poodle 🐩

    You know at first I wanted to make cgi animated movies about green four legged Egg Laying carnivorous alien👽 animals and only carnivorous alien animals, but I suppose logically I can't just have all the aliens on the planet being carnivores otherwise they'd all eat each other until there's nothing left, am I right?

  • Yoshiya 'Joshua' Kiryu #319

    “People aren’t just mean to strangers for no reason unless they’re having a bad day”. 😂 Met a girl in college and she legit said “I don’t like you” and when I asked why she said “not everyone is going to like you get over it”. She was nice to other people so it was like uhm. What. 😂😂😂

  • Quix Nix
    Quix Nix   2 weeks ago

    Woman don't like sex - yeah right totally not a movie written by a virgin...

  • Grubb
    Grubb   3 weeks ago

    An app to lead homeless people to shelters. What happens to those that don't have smartphones?

  • Jaden Vicious
    Jaden Vicious   1 months ago

    I work at starbucks and can actually 100% confirm that people are indeed dicks and cunts for literally no reason.

  • Ian Brandt
    Ian Brandt   1 months ago

    When i was in elementary school, we had a math homework assignments that had a pretty brutal trick question on it. I apparently was the only person in the entire class to answer it correctly. Fucking tracher made me go to the chalkboard and re answer the question in front of everyone. Some teachers really dont understand that some people dont like showing off.

  • Quintin
    Quintin   1 months ago

    I liked that movie ngl

  • ImTheYankee
    ImTheYankee   1 months ago

    At 20:31 the profile pic is the digitally created photo of miles stevik (I think that’s his name) killed himself in a motel room. If it’s not the pic the. It’s mad close

  • Tali
    Tali   1 months ago

    Zucc looks like a hollywood version of a guy i kissed once

  • adamcbourke
    adamcbourke   1 months ago

    so these guys just made straight Grindr?

  • Mongo gojjo
    Mongo gojjo   1 months ago

    13:28 it's almost like he popped an Adderall before getting to work on that app.

  • Helen Harpist XD
    Helen Harpist XD   2 months ago

    Totally agree on the review, dear god this movie was terrible, and your vid was hella entertaining, but "with every mental disability on earth" isn't the best insult my dude :/ lil offensive

  • Pixel DiCaprio
    Pixel DiCaprio   3 months ago

    i'm a year late the this, but "who walks while reading: NO ONE!" uhhh, i have to disagree!! many people will read while walking, people do in fact do that

  • BlazeHeartPanther
    BlazeHeartPanther   3 months ago

    8:52Oh sh!t. I just realized. That teacher is played by Kristen Johnson. I remember she played Sally Solomon on 3rd Rock From The Sun, one of my favorite sitcoms. What the hell is she doing in this trash heap?

  • Jimi Hendrix
    Jimi Hendrix   3 months ago

    I'm guessing the filmaker's aim was simply to portray men as dickheads. Hence the finer points of plot and characterisation were unimportant.

  • Travis Perry
    Travis Perry   3 months ago

    Please do I video on the movie Malignant!! It is one if the dumbest horror movies I have ever seen !!! Please lol !!!!

  • amdm amdhg
    amdm amdhg   3 months ago

    I read and walk sometimes...so much for the tolerant alien

  • Brógán
    Brógán   3 months ago

    Couldn’t he just add a feature(s) to Jungle allowing you to be anonymous or allow to change from dating mode to just sex/hook up mode instead destroying one app he seemed to have spent weeks on and then making ANOTHER app.

  • Katzuma
    Katzuma   3 months ago

    Zuck is much better looking that mark zucchini

  • NickNock
    NickNock   3 months ago

    Dude. Your white shirt is glowing. Did you "swipe" it from God?

  • Daniel Poole
    Daniel Poole   3 months ago

    Can you please do a video about 'If Only' with Jennifer Love Hewitt. It is beyond terrible, and myself and my mates through our final year of University!

  • Mr SepTic
    Mr SepTic   3 months ago

    Just to let you know Elvis, I’ve never heard of Danny Gonzalez and Drew GoodenAnd in my opinion, your way more funny and amazing!Keep up the great work🤙🏻

  • bloodrunsclear
    bloodrunsclear   3 months ago

    I'd like to think there was a script that literally said 'And then he shuts down all the dating apps in the world...somehow'

  • Aleta Nook
    Aleta Nook   3 months ago

    "In real life, people don't call each other by their names constantly"Rick and Morty has entered the chat.

  • Ahmed Tawbi
    Ahmed Tawbi   4 months ago

    Noah Centineo is in like EVERY bad teen movie...GOSH💀

  • Charlie Iannini
    Charlie Iannini   4 months ago

    He made an app for homeless people that’s like giving a car to 5 year old

    NERDZ   4 months ago

    sees this movie Yup definitely gonna swipe past this oneAlso the fact that my name is the main characters name in this movie makes me rly mad

  • LM47
    LM47   4 months ago

    11:37 Bob's Burgers

  • Optimas Crime
    Optimas Crime   4 months ago

    Hopefully we get more super hero movie reviews🤣🤘

  • Pax😤
    Pax😤   4 months ago

    Me:🖥️ ⌨️ 🖱️Also me:goes on youtube sees this😭💥🔫🖕☠️Me:dies⚰️

  • Edyta Nizioł
    Edyta Nizioł   4 months ago

    What do you mean who reads and walks? Have you literally never met ANY students?? I've been reading and walking since October because of how far I have to walk and music isn't enough to entertain me.

  • Ronald L. Johnson
    Ronald L. Johnson   4 months ago

    those fuck apps exist. i friend of mine, super dorky dude, and if you met him you wouln't beleive he gets pussy every night, but this dude is 50 now and using the same app and fucking... he's gotta have aids... gotta ask him next time i dont see him

  • Sparky Sydero
    Sparky Sydero   5 months ago

    I feel personally attacked at 7:08. I used to read a lot and i would sometimes read while walking. Its not even that hard honestly.