SWIPED - An Impossibly Bad Teen Movie

  • Published on: 25 July 2019
  • Noah Centineo lol

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  • Runtime : 24:55
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  • Gifted Fox
    Gifted Fox   5 days ago

    I know a bit about coding but me and my friends never got that rude and high when we talk, if ever, about coding. Besides, everyone knows coding apps on phones take very little skill and effort.

  • PepperTheChiweenie
    PepperTheChiweenie   1 weeks ago

    I must say i as an avid reader do walk while reading and while having lunch so thats not that unrealsitic

  • Malachi Pharr
    Malachi Pharr   1 weeks ago

    "Nobody reads while they walk..." Me, doing it both with books, my tablet, and also doing it while writing this comment

  • anne
    anne   2 weeks ago

    ''People aren't just mean to people right away for no reason'' The guys in my class: Allow us to introduce ourselves

  • Melissa Sanders
    Melissa Sanders   1 months ago

    The plot point that Lance convinced an entire class to fail is RIDICULOUS (in college especially) since people are literally going into massive debt to get educations and/or get better jobs. Also, I have definitely heard of professors failing entire classes in their course (many classes are also graded on a scale so if any did any of the assignments Lance STILL might have failed while others passed). Also also, CS is definitely not a required general education class unless you're already pursuing something CS related. Why not drop it and pick up a course more in line with your studies? I once had a guy in my psychology class ask to cheat off of me for our electronic test (we were both taking it in the library) and I just told him to fuck off and take his own test.

  • sniperman 440
    sniperman 440   1 months ago

    Everything wrong with coding in this movie: 1. You cannot code anything in a text document. 2. You cannot just code an app. The way coding works is that you're controlling assets. 3. The only way that it is possible to shut down an app is to destroy the severs, or infect the servers with a virus. Both have to be done voluntarily and don't take a couple of seconds. There are some other problems: 1. Where is his server? Jungle can't even exist in the first place!

  • Nolan Myer
    Nolan Myer   1 months ago

    What about Found Footage 3D? It's pretty terrible

  • CheeseYourself
    CheeseYourself   1 months ago

    The "We don't have time to know a girl's name, we have school!" scene makes me think that Ann Deborah Fishman (the writer, producer, and director) has a condition where her mind can only do exactly one thing at a time and she is completely incapable of doing anything else until she is done with that one thing

  • parsa dolat
    parsa dolat   1 months ago

    Knock off Zuckerberg so kind of a knockerberg huuuuu

  • Kenneth Copeland
    Kenneth Copeland   1 months ago

    I see that Steve T reference there, very nice, earned a like

  • thisstewisstu
    thisstewisstu   1 months ago

    ngl i confused swipe for the perfect date - both awful movies with noah centineo

  • Electric Baby
    Electric Baby   1 months ago

    wait wait wait is this just me, or the mom from this shit show the mom from good luck charlie?

  • Niriel Bunny
    Niriel Bunny   1 months ago

    In high school; I read and walk. It's what nerds do.

  • Immolator772
    Immolator772   1 months ago

    didn't expect the Stevie T cameo neither Idubbbz to be on this movie. I can't find actual people on the legit dating apps let alone this.

  • Max Kelaher
    Max Kelaher   1 months ago

    “Let’s swipe some time” Your really going to swipe some time in an app that gives no names.

  • drdoofenshmirtz
    drdoofenshmirtz   1 months ago

    if you made this movie it would've actually done well

  • Nikbrickk [B's Gaming]
    Nikbrickk [B's Gaming]   1 months ago

    lol what youve never nice guy snapped before? your a nice guys dont want no trouble , then you have a bad day and come home and that problem roomie is doing that thing again and its just the last straw. . the kids demeanor changed because he was backed into a corner and realized these guys are controlling me but only because I have something that they really want and dont have... my coding skill.....which means I can flex a little and regain a small amount of control in this situation. what..... youve never done that at work before? lol

  • Shappeshifter
    Shappeshifter   1 months ago

    Please watch killer mosquitos (2018) and make a video about it

  • Ace Jo
    Ace Jo   1 months ago

    If he is really a genius that tends to mean a lower EQ or emotional intelligence. Normal emotional states would escape his grasp. Think of Sheldon from the Big bang theory. High IQ abysmal EQ.

  • The Ultimite Lifeform
    The Ultimite Lifeform   2 months ago

    How did they get leigh-allyn baker into this? She was in good luck Charlie for gods sake

  • Official Bojakk
    Official Bojakk   2 months ago

    I can’t believe you looked over the fact that his mom is the mom from ‘Good Luck Charlie’!

  • Anjounet Leavell
    Anjounet Leavell   2 months ago

    Why do you need a dating app when they’re all these bitches lol

  • S
    S   2 months ago

    Its noah sentini

  • GaZ
    GaZ   2 months ago

    4:35 eeeeeewww. That’s dude looks like when the guy in son of the mask transforms. Like what is with that facial structure/hair combo?

  • the guy
    the guy   2 months ago

    It's hard to even watch the movie while elvis is reviewing it.

  • okke faber
    okke faber   2 months ago

    app that leads homeless too shelters sounds stupid because most have sold their phone for drugs and or have no way to recharge it or even buy a smartphone

  • canderia
    canderia   2 months ago

    Crab looks like Tucker Carlson

  • Maraxus
    Maraxus   2 months ago

    I like how Lance pushes her out a window and she yells like she’s falling multiple floors, but the camera clearly shows they’re on ground level.

  • J. Harrison-Rickert
    J. Harrison-Rickert   2 months ago

    I watch you for your opinion / takeI not watching someone else for their view count / sub bots

  • Advice from a Hypocrite

    Someone doesnt let you into the dorm you pay 10k to live in? Hi police, i think someone is _______ someone in there please help. Also this is my room, and i need help getting in, also id blast KPOP till he opened the door and told me to stop then id bust my ass in

  • sthalor
    sthalor   2 months ago

    Are... are the menus at the restaurant with the Mom and her friends framed pictures? Why are they both holding framed pictures at a restaurant???

  • övö
    övö   2 months ago

    Homeless people don't usually tend to have cellphones.