Winners & Losers of the James Harden Trade | Through The Wire Podcast

  • Published on: 16 January 2021
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  • Runtime : 1:59
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  • Mhlomhle Duku
    Mhlomhle Duku   1 months ago

    Pierre’s take of how stupid the Rockets are aged very well.

  • Torqoh
    Torqoh   3 months ago

    Kenny you really need to talk louder

  • Audacious
    Audacious   3 months ago

    Damn first time watching this and I don’t think I can get used to Kenny dropping F-bombs 😂

  • Doms zone
    Doms zone   3 months ago

    Nobody:Kenny "how is everyone doing today tho"

  • Jorgeheisman The second

    As a rocket fan I still feel we got a fair deal for someone who was forcing their way out. We’ll see how those draft turn out.Also oladipo, wall, cousins if healthy can make things interesting. Not saying we compete but at least don’t give really good picks to okc.

  • qhamarii0
    qhamarii0   3 months ago

    Kyrie for Simmons if it doesn’t work without

  • Taylor Hollingsworth
    Taylor Hollingsworth   3 months ago

    I love watching the TTW podcasts and I smile everytime I hear "Welcome to Through the wire...THROUGH THE WIREEEEEEEEEEE". Make's my day! keep killin it yall:)

    ØBITO   3 months ago

    like this guy just said its gonna be easy to guard all 3 nets stars

    ØBITO   3 months ago

    kenny by himself >>>> rest of these dudes

  • UpWithLucid
    UpWithLucid   3 months ago

    My first time hearing Kenny say fuck👁👄👁

  • Chris Lambert
    Chris Lambert   3 months ago

    Enjoy the podcast so much You’ll are such true inspirations and Kenny I’ve enjoyed your videos since the mlb rebuilds. P you are so funny and I truly enjoy 2021 it was a banger and Dmills im so happy with you weight lose and it shows how much of a inspiration you are that now Kenny and many others are starting there’s too mike I love the creativity can’t wait for your birthday to see you without the dreads. I’m so happy y’all started this pod with and you all bring so much greatness to the podcast. You are true inspiration to me and thank you for making me love basketball as much as I do.

  • Dallas Jackson
    Dallas Jackson   3 months ago

    First time here, hope y’all are safe out there freal👊🏾

  • RoZ
    RoZ   3 months ago

    Who controls the audio for the podcast? Kenny always sounds soft so I can barely hear him. So I have to turn the volume all the way up but then P gets loud as hell lol

  • Kahlil Poet
    Kahlil Poet   3 months ago

    The winner is no doubt the player who had that spot on his liver

  • SilveRose
    SilveRose   3 months ago

    Lowry is such a team guy. He always sacrifices; his body to take a charge, his numbers to get the team involved and succeeding. While i can completely understand him leaving for a good contract somewhere else, i have such a strong feeling that hes gonna take the cut to help the team. He's still an all-star caliber player and can really help the team, and especially the new guys, with the intangibles

  • Darius Diehl
    Darius Diehl   3 months ago

    Aye Kenny, I got a question for you. Would you trade Zach Lavine for a package centered around Lonzo Ball? I just think it would make sense for the Pels and the Bulls

  • SilveRose
    SilveRose   3 months ago

    Maybe the reason the other trades for Harden had such better returns is because they weren't of even value for Harden. the Heat and 76ers declined those offers for a reason after all. The use of "declined", to me, only means that Houston brought up the trade thinking it was a good one, and seemingly the 76ers didn't. I dont think the fact that there were better trades declined means that there was actually a better trade on the table for them. unless i'm misunderstanding something

  • C Dai
    C Dai   3 months ago

    This isn’t a horrible trade for the rockets. They got Victor and a boatload of picks.

  • jake.s1mpson
    jake.s1mpson   3 months ago

    Shoutout to the knicks by beating my Celtics by 30, congrats pierre

  • solid bank
    solid bank   3 months ago

    I think akumpo should ask to be traded to a good team or ask the bucks to trade for beal

  • Patrick Fessler
    Patrick Fessler   3 months ago

    Ben Simmons for LaVine, Lauri and 2021 2nd rounder?

  • Nicholas Ferrari
    Nicholas Ferrari   3 months ago

    This dude is forgetting about the Celtics and nets trade a few years ago.... you can’t tell me those were “just picks” those “picks” are now Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown

  • Remy the Phoenix
    Remy the Phoenix   3 months ago

    I understand why the rockets are getting killed for taking the nets pack, but I also believe they chose their preferred option. I can’t fault them for not trading Harden for “Australian Draymond Green” and less picks. the rockets were smart to demand Maxey & the most picks possible in return. Morey’s the fool for not pulling the trigger. harden & embiid would’ve been insane

  • Marc Catalfo
    Marc Catalfo   3 months ago

    lmao “eat ur salad today man” 😭😭

  • Corey Brooks
    Corey Brooks   3 months ago

    OG been kinda disappointing this year. I was expecting him to make a jump after securing his bag but he's looking complacent

  • Super Mega Foxy Awesome Hot

    About my worst comment, I’m just saying it’s part of any business rn getting covid. We can’t just postpone work... idk, I think they should make the rosters bigger for this too but 🤷🏻‍♂️ if you can’t get 7 players take the LI’m not saying people should be punished for getting the virus, but like every team is in the same situation

  • Jatin Kulkarni
    Jatin Kulkarni   3 months ago

    Let's be honest the nets right now have 2.5 stars. We don't know what's going on with Kyrie and I'm not gonna speculate, but if he continues to miss stretches of the season it hurts the team more than it helps. They might never be able to figure out their team chemistry on the court. The trade was kinda a reset for the Rockets. Rafael Stone was able to get picks/pick swaps/players to be able to make future trades. The Ben Simmons trade didn't make sense mainly due to his lack of shooting and lack of trying to improve his shooting. The only way I saw it working out would be pushing him down to a 4/5 and running a double big lineup with Wood and that limits what Ben can do besides catching lobs (it does improve defense tho). The picks give some trade capital to the rockets to build with their young players like Wood, Tate, Jones, and Martin. I also think they are going a Heat route where the entire team is good rather than pick up a star for the heck of it.

  • Joey T
    Joey T   3 months ago

    P speaks the realist 💯

  • Daniel
    Daniel   3 months ago

    Kenny gotta turn up his mic

  • Peyton Elliott
    Peyton Elliott   3 months ago

    I know the warriors have been looking better since the beginning of the season and the wolves are struggling but i’d like to know opinions on every teams rookie so far throughout the season and how y’all feel teams did in the draft/could’ve done better in hindsight