THE KISSING BOOTH 3 - The Nonsensical Conclusion Nobody Wanted

  • Published on: 12 September 2021
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  • Runtime : 20:11
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  • Elvis The Alien
    Elvis The Alien   1 months ago

    now I will fall asleep foreverGo to to get up to $200 off your mattress, plus two free pillows.

  • catlea xmas
    catlea xmas   2 days ago

    All three of them is just horrible but Lee is the absolute worst. I hate his guts so much.

  • Dallas Garza
    Dallas Garza   2 days ago

    You should review ‘on the earth’ it’s pretty bad

  • CΞGY
    CΞGY   2 days ago

    14:19 Lmfao, I immediatly checked my Discord xddd

  • Brian James
    Brian James   2 days ago

    This movie was written by a woman who is in an abusive relationship but doesn't know it's an abusive relationship because she thinks this is how all relationships are. "You know how like your boyfriend will be like super mean to you and then go hang out with his girl on the side? What do you mean, no? That's what boyfriends do!"

  • Aqua Gal
    Aqua Gal   5 days ago

    And they couldn't make a season 4 of Anne with an E.

  • Thiccmufffubber Ara-Ara

    Okay so the reason Noah don't like Marco is because El kissed Marco and never apologized for it.

  • Hunar Oberoi
    Hunar Oberoi   1 weeks ago

    I didn't watch this movie and I struggling to watch it's review even. Sorry can't take it

  • Luis Games
    Luis Games   1 weeks ago

    Elvis redo your bloodborne walkthrough, pretty chill to watch you doing the dlc

  • Chad
    Chad   2 weeks ago

    it makes me uncomfortable knowing they filmed this movie where I live

  • Aesthetic Bïtch
    Aesthetic Bïtch   2 weeks ago

    Netflix pls delete this franchise and say it was just a joke 😭

  • Jeffrey
    Jeffrey   2 weeks ago

    This is a trilogy😂!?!?

  • FabulousJekster
    FabulousJekster   2 weeks ago

    Please watch killer mosquitos (2018) and make a video about it

    MMMMM MONKE   2 weeks ago

    Not gonna lie, I almost fell asleep myself, if not for Elvis's commentary, I would have ate Sleeping Beauty's poisoned apple to keep myself awake.

  • Alyse B
    Alyse B   2 weeks ago

    I know someone who followed their boyfriend to college and hated it... and also broke up with the boyfriend lmao

  • Tadem McDiffett
    Tadem McDiffett   2 weeks ago

    It seems like everyone could be happy if noah didnt exist

  • Anemic Leech
    Anemic Leech   2 weeks ago

    This entire movie seems like "Spoiled Rich Kids with Fake Problems: The Movie"

  • Emily
    Emily   2 weeks ago

    Maybe Elle didn't mention it because Noah been w Chloe too much HAHA o o p 🥱👻

  • Emily
    Emily   2 weeks ago

    I hope the generation watching these movies don't actually see these relationships as healthy 🤢🤢🤢

  • The Jade
    The Jade   2 weeks ago

    Can't wait for the Kissing Booth Universe

  • Shiga the Hyena
    Shiga the Hyena   2 weeks ago

    I just noticed that "El" is literally named "Him" in spanish lmao.Since spanish is my first language, I find it really funny jsksjsksj

  • nuclearbathory
    nuclearbathory   3 weeks ago

    A review of a disaster of a movie that you uploaded on 9/11. I see what you did there.

  • geeg
    geeg   3 weeks ago

    he probably did know about the flahsmob

  • Anarchy Gaming
    Anarchy Gaming   3 weeks ago

    Why were you Shopping for Plumbus on Amazon during your matress pitch? lmao

  • ann s
    ann s   3 weeks ago

    I'm just an average young adult from Eastern Europe and idk man some of your criticism feels really forced to me. I've stayed at my best friend's house with their parents numerous times while my friend's s/o wasn't around and they were fine with it. because there's nothing weird or romantic about it. I used to have a 'list of rules' with a high school best friend including "we go to the same college for sure" albeit it didn't work in the end exactly because our aspirations grew different with time but there's nothing fundamentally wrong with having those ideas...

  • MissTracyJ Anacion
    MissTracyJ Anacion   3 weeks ago

    Please review the gunpowder milkshake and Kate there are both in Netflix!!!! Please

  • NuggsGaming
    NuggsGaming   3 weeks ago

    I hate all the characters except Marco

  • snipe
    snipe   3 weeks ago

    It sounds like he is saying l it makes me think of Death Note

  • TheRebelGal
    TheRebelGal   3 weeks ago

    OMGOSH!!! You do the most hysterical review/commentary of these TKB movies I've ever seen. Had my headphones on at work listening and I can't stop laughing out loud. My co-workers must think I'm nuts. Thanks for making my day! 👍🤗🤣

  • Brian Miller
    Brian Miller   3 weeks ago

    Great videos. Please take one step closer to your razor...Shave!