Honda Made A Real Truck?

  • Published on: 21 February 2021
  • Wow at this rate I could hit 20k soon! My mustang exhaust coming soon btw.
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  • snark
    snark   2 hours ago

    "It's 280 horsepower but I wish they went to 300."Okay what difference would that make for you.

  • Slim
    Slim   8 hours ago

    You can not be in truck gang!

  • Corey Schwanke
    Corey Schwanke   16 hours ago

    Still not a real truck. Leave the trucks to Dodge.

  • Mustang Mark
    Mustang Mark   16 hours ago

    "Widebody"? Those are called fender flares, numb nuts...

  • Gary Chambers
    Gary Chambers   17 hours ago

    Man you guys !!!!There is a difference in four-wheel drive and all-wheel driveDo some research before you make yourself look stupid

  • Bleach
    Bleach   17 hours ago

    We'D lOve To seE a 4x4 as if its impossible to have both

  • Marvin Cruz
    Marvin Cruz   19 hours ago

    That's a truck for an Oriental or a woman.

  • David Reza
    David Reza   20 hours ago

    He said wide body πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • votekyle3000
    votekyle3000   20 hours ago

    I’m sorry, but putting HPD on a black and white truck makes you look like a cop. Imagine being in Houston driving this.

  • SAVAGE -777-
    SAVAGE -777-   21 hours ago

    Awd is 4x4 lmao someone get this man some help he aint got a damn clue on what hes talking about

  • Nabil S
    Nabil S   23 hours ago

    Looks like a mini Chevy Avalanche

  • Cocogoat
    Cocogoat   1 days ago

    He's the type of person to think that looks give more power

  • Cory Ward
    Cory Ward   1 days ago

    Is the exhaust actually duel? Or just the tips? And it's not a widebody, they're barely fender flares

  • Michael Mackey
    Michael Mackey   1 days ago

    If it's awd it's also called a 4x4 how do you think a 4x4 works all 4 wheels work a the same time πŸ€”πŸ€¦πŸ€¦ I think you should not make no more videos about vehicles

  • Luna392SCAT
    Luna392SCAT   1 days ago

    To say honda made a good car let alone a good truck, we don't accept you in the car community

  • CorvetteStinger
    CorvetteStinger   1 days ago

    No. Not a real truck. It’s a real honda pilot with a bed it can’t pull crappBuy Ford people

  • dirtydan
    dirtydan   1 days ago


  • Neev Dash
    Neev Dash   1 days ago

    When he said he would prefer a tacoma over this, I immediately gagged. That's unnerving to even think that there are actually people who buy the tacoma and enjoy how they drive

  • Director M
    Director M   1 days ago

    Front looks like F150?.. oh fuck offπŸ˜‚

  • Jetmech0417
    Jetmech0417   1 days ago

    2 exhaust tips doesn't always mean dual exhaust. Probably just a split exhaust.

  • Grand Gochez
    Grand Gochez   1 days ago

    More plastic for your more money. Weak upgrade.

  • devin g
    devin g   1 days ago

    I love Hondas but that truck is for yuppies

  • Jackson Waffleman
    Jackson Waffleman   1 days ago

    The front end looks like a honda crv and wait its still a HONDA.

  • real MrAnonymous
    real MrAnonymous   1 days ago

    I hope they send all the foreign cars back home American-made or nothing

  • Troy Mihalicz
    Troy Mihalicz   1 days ago

    Still not even close to a truck. Anyone who buys it is just plainly...

  • Xotic_Reaper
    Xotic_Reaper   1 days ago

    Are you stupid? Awd is 4x4!Edit: you act like you know so much about cars when you really don’t.

  • Dakota John
    Dakota John   1 days ago