the hypixel skyblock experience

  • Published on: 14 June 2019
  • i spent 45 minutes getting that two second clip of the pumpkin growing y'all better leave a like i swear to god

    shoutout to for the thumbnail. i hereby decree that unlike the vast majority of you peasants, this person is not bald.

    i referenced videogamedunkey in this video because he's my favorite youtuber but this video got a lot (2400%) more views than i expected and im not tryna look like a thief so go sub to him
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    Music from
    "Meatball Parade" by Kevin MacLeod (
    Licence: CC BY (

    (and also the Minecraft song at the start was "Mice on Venus" by C418)
  • Runtime : 10:16
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  • Louise Goodlad
    Louise Goodlad   53 minuts ago

    Techno: wheat wheat WHEAT Stop taking my wheatMe: it respawns

  • Enes Cebeci
    Enes Cebeci   1 hours ago

    4:03 "it was at this moment that technoblade knew,he messed up *boom*"

  • Imsaadi
    Imsaadi   1 hours ago

    anyone know the sound technoblade used on the sky block experience video at exactly 0:58 ?

  • FileCorruption
    FileCorruption   3 hours ago

    I know this isn't related to the video but like 15 to 14 days after this video released, I got diabetes.

  • SickSquid8564
    SickSquid8564   1 days ago

    Just him playing C418 Mice On Venus makes it SO much better

  • Oops Michael
    Oops Michael   1 days ago

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  • Its Olek
    Its Olek   2 days ago

    the inspirational speech at the begining was low key AMAZING :0

  • Sinneryy
    Sinneryy   2 days ago

    1:40 Is the funniest clip after the potato war

  • Anayet
    Anayet   2 days ago

    "Merry Christmas young man"

  • NobelDestroyer
    NobelDestroyer   2 days ago

    watching early skyblock videos makes me tear up man, i miss it all so much

  • TechnicalDiff
    TechnicalDiff   2 days ago

    That intro gives me a chill from how amazing the message is and how much I relate to that intro.

  • MasonPlays
    MasonPlays   3 days ago

    You can really tell how hard he worked on photo shop for that thumbnail tho

  • ann elise
    ann elise   3 days ago

    "no one cares about farming" famous last words potato man

  • Alex Coxon
    Alex Coxon   3 days ago

    “Ain’t nobody cares about farming” *farms 500,000,000 potatoes*

  • Poglin the commentor

    techno: aint nobody care about farmin lets go mine some diamonds!potato war...

  • anderson niu
    anderson niu   4 days ago

    this came out two and a half years ago i feel old

  • Kaykay Abuel
    Kaykay Abuel   4 days ago

    also technoblade:ok time to farm 500 million potatoes

  • deadly _Ed_
    deadly _Ed_   4 days ago

    That's why you should use baked beans instead of green beans.

  • Aksho Venkatesh
    Aksho Venkatesh   4 days ago

    No joke literally spat my iced mocha when he said “oh cool, transferred my stats from real life”

  • Sauresh Kumar
    Sauresh Kumar   4 days ago

    Intro of the highest quality for a block game :)

  • Alan V
    Alan V   4 days ago

    This is THE best intro

  • LAMBDA076
    LAMBDA076   4 days ago

    This made me join Hypixel Skyblock

  • Tzmuri
    Tzmuri   4 days ago

    The intro is so calming