Uncle Roger Think Cowboy Fried Rice SO WEIRD (Kent Rollins)

  • Published on: 21 February 2021
  • To all my Malaysian niece and nephew, #nowyoucan get Heineken 0.0 deliver to your house: http://bit.ly/Heineken00UncRog #socialiseresponsibly. For non-Muslims aged 21 and above only.

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  • Runtime : 15:1
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  • Cowboy Kent Rollins
    Cowboy Kent Rollins   1 weeks ago

    Thanks Uncle Roger, you come by the wagon and we will cook some beef

  • The_username
    The_username   1 hours ago

    yo uncle Rogers james may made fried rice

  • Prince Rayn
    Prince Rayn   2 hours ago

    9:41 oh uncle roger, he's just providing milk for all the paying cowmilk-drinkerstheir customers doesn't care about the broken feelings of a newborn calf anyway, it's not human after all

  • Fabian Girsch
    Fabian Girsch   3 hours ago

    Heineken is good for American Market. They can feel special by drinking European beer and we Europeans can get rid of that piss. Also without alcohol. Would you promote egg fried rice without msg?

  • Yuberry Lala
    Yuberry Lala   4 hours ago

    WHAT IS KENMA DOING THERE- (Also i love this channel :)))

  • Alice Chan
    Alice Chan   5 hours ago

    Kiko Man..😜😜😜so cute so cute

  • Shannanagins14
    Shannanagins14   9 hours ago

    "Oh no! The food too bland! Who should we call? Kikkoman!"

  • Roger H
    Roger H   9 hours ago

    That was a hilarious joke!

  • Like90
    Like90   12 hours ago

    Uncle roger is definitely right about the cast iron being white peoples version of a wok. We were given many family cast iron pan when we moved out. I plan on giving a cast iron pan to my daughter when she moves out.

  • Dylan Douglas
    Dylan Douglas   12 hours ago

    I just use a cast iron wok, problem solved.

  • Craig Connor
    Craig Connor   13 hours ago

    If MSG is King of Flavour.... is Garlic Queen of Flavour???? 🤔

  • Dávid Szilágyi
    Dávid Szilágyi   17 hours ago


  • bird up
    bird up   18 hours ago

    As a Malaysian, I'd try this. Really. It's not traditional sure, but it ticks all the important steps and all the stuff he cooks look pretty nice. And southern US food has never disappointed me.

  • Sgt Greenjeans
    Sgt Greenjeans   18 hours ago

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm a 70 year old 'Uncle' and used to live in Yishun on Ring Road...took MRT everyday to Tanjong Pagar for work...I lived in S'pore for 8 months doing anime' VO and I can't stop laughing at your incredible wit! Again, thanks for some much needed ORIGINAL comedy, lah!

  • 李太陽
    李太陽   20 hours ago

    egg wet rice..........炒心酸的?

  • Tzesyfox Akaimi
    Tzesyfox Akaimi   20 hours ago

    see why i say your thoughts are a mess.you say to people to eat meat yet you say dont torture animals .we dont kill them with love you know. its all cruelty..all animal igridients are cruel.except eggs i think.

  • Kristina Savic
    Kristina Savic   21 hours ago

    Why tf would you drink beer just for the taste? Is y’all alright in the head!?

  • Burley Mullins
    Burley Mullins   23 hours ago

    You know what? He openly admits that this is not a traditional recipe and is simply his take on the dish. By not trying to pass this off as straight up egg fried rice, he comes out leagues ahead of Jamie Oliver on that alone.

  • zonked1200
    zonked1200   23 hours ago

    Did Cowboy Kent add eggs to it? I never saw that part.

  • Clickbaitisreal 2
    Clickbaitisreal 2   1 days ago

    Celery part of a mear pua i dont know how to say it but it is traditional in french sauces like jus

  • jiq nyoq
    jiq nyoq   1 days ago

    uncle roger should remind about the drink being halal or not

  • Gcja Umayam
    Gcja Umayam   1 days ago

    Thats not good uncle Roger! Why you drinking while working 😂😂😂???