Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Trailer: "The Last Captain" (FM)

  • Published on: 04 August 2020

    Synopsis: I don't know if we're getting a POTC 6, so I made one myself. 🏝

    Some video plot points:
    -We're going for a slightly edgier/less comedic vibe.
    -Davy Jones has returned (as indicated by Dead Men Tell No Tales).
    -Jack has lost his purpose.
    -Will seeks out Jack to help him investigate Jones' return.
    -The "Sea Widow" has brought Davy Jones back to life (but plot twist...as a regular man. However, he can turn back and forth between his man and monster form).
    -The Sea Widow is like Ursula, as in, having the ability to turn into other people.
    -Other stuff goes down.

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    "Davy Jones Theme & Imperial March EPIC VERSION (Pirates of The Caribbean X Star Wars Mashup)," by Samuel Kim.

    "Blackburn" (Epic Dark Orchestral Trailer Music), by 2WEI.
  • Runtime : 2:53
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  • June Contrerasmendez
    June Contrerasmendez   9 hours ago

    Dudo mucho que Disney se haya puesto en contacto con Johnny Depp para hacer piratas del Caribe 6

  • Beckham7HK
    Beckham7HK   1 days ago

    Why everybody forgot about that doll? its still exist, remember the end of "on stranger tides"?

  • Bunda Cimut
    Bunda Cimut   1 days ago

    Gak bakalan nonton kalau gak ada Johny Deep.

  • 忍P X U L
    忍P X U L   3 days ago

    is this the last pirates of the caribbean ?

  • Conte Carlo Alberto Galanti

    Pirates of the Caribbean 6, directed by Joachim Ronning, written by Craig Mazin & Ted Elliott (2023/24). Cast:1) Johnny Depp: Jack Sparrow2) Bill Nighy: Davy Jones3) Orlando Bloom: Will Turner4) Keira Knightley: Elizabeth Swann5) Kevin McNally: Joshamee Gibbs6) Brenton Thwaites: Henry Turner7) Kaya Scodelario: Carina Smyth 8) Stephen Graham: Scrum9) Karen Gillan: Sea Widow 10) Penelope Cruz: Angelica Teach 11) Paul Bettany: Captain Benbow 12) Martin Klebba: Marty13) Giles New: Murtogg14) Angus Barnett: Mullroy 15) Adam Brown: Cremble

  • Denise Wood
    Denise Wood   4 days ago

    Any actors who are in this without johnny are no good

  • Denise Wood
    Denise Wood   4 days ago

    Not watching if johnnys not in it shame on disney no morals

  • Janet S.B.(Playlist )

    When pirates of Caribbean first released..i always waiting for the next part...and Johnny depp ability to act as captain Jack Sparrow makes it awesome and worthy to watch..

  • Shraddha Yadav
    Shraddha Yadav   1 weeks ago

    I hope we get the curse of the black peral Captain Jack Sparrow

  • Alli Chandu
    Alli Chandu   1 weeks ago

    Entho mandi captain lu vasthuntaru pothuntaru kani jack matram charitra lo nilichipothadu chirasthai ga......👍

  • Francis Onejohi
    Francis Onejohi   1 weeks ago

    This day will be remembered as the day you almost filmed Pirates of the Caribbean without Jack sparrow. No, Captain Jack sparrow.

    KAYLIN NK   1 weeks ago

    No pirates of the Carrbean without Jonny Deed

  • Suelen D'arc
    Suelen D'arc   1 weeks ago

    Quero maratonas piratas do Caribe 💗 que saudades

  • Sir ngxmmvh
    Sir ngxmmvh   2 weeks ago

    I'm like Deez Kneez when Disney's next P.O.T.C is JohnnyLESS🙄

    MANOJ R BHARADWAJ   2 weeks ago

    Is that a truth mate??he's coming again..with the Pearl...Aye....

  • Green shaz
    Green shaz   2 weeks ago

    No one caint replace Johnny Depp as this character he best one for this movies ever

  • Chevy
    Chevy   2 weeks ago

    1:29 blackbeard being killed in black sails 😂

  • Amol Patil
    Amol Patil   2 weeks ago

    Jonny depp is seen in this movie ( Trailer)Why every one is saying he is not in movie

  • Lindsey Depp
    Lindsey Depp   2 weeks ago

    My darling husband Johnny should be in the new pirates film and future ones

  • Irma Sauco
    Irma Sauco   2 weeks ago

    Johnny Depp es pirata del Caribe

  • Stephanie Page
    Stephanie Page   2 weeks ago

    I hope who would be in potc 6 ?jack will hector carina Elizabeth davy jones

  • yo friend chika
    yo friend chika   2 weeks ago

    absolute bullshit it's like watching naruto without naruto

  • Eric Gen
    Eric Gen   2 weeks ago

    In case you didn't notice, the series is called PIRATES of the Caribbean, not PIRATE of the Caribbean. I understand that over time Depp went from being difficult to being impossible to work with and that he had to have his lines fed to him through an earpiece one at a time because he couldn't remember them. What kind of commitment to acting is that?

  • Manjeet Gautam
    Manjeet Gautam   2 weeks ago

    No without Jhoney Depp captain Jack Sparrow character is is only 25 %

  • awesome on
    awesome on   2 weeks ago

    I can see how this is related to sea of thieves when davy Jones was resurrected and Jack was K.I.A by a cannonball

  • Grace Belhomme
    Grace Belhomme   3 weeks ago

    Johnny deep is always the great Captain and a Good pirate ever ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏽

  • samer Bonavetura
    samer Bonavetura   3 weeks ago

    Pirates of the Carribbean is nothing without the real captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp)

  • Seohee Noh
    Seohee Noh   3 weeks ago

    wait... but where is Will Turner? Why only Elizabeth appear in new acting?? Please.. I want Will and Elizabeth, both love each other.... AND who is that new man in 1:08 ??? Please I wish he is NOT Olando Bloom or Will Turner. That would be terrible.....