Nets vs Warriors HIGHLIGHTS Full Game | NBA February 13

  • Published on: 14 February 2021
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    Check out our Nets vs Warriors highlights on NBA Week 8! Our Sports Highlights team picked the best NBA highlights from tonight's game for you to enjoy.

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    The Nets beat the Warriors 134-117

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  • Runtime : 6:58
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  • Jofinsky
    Jofinsky   2 months ago

    Balanced scoring = nobody needs to drop 40 or 50.

  • john luke
    john luke   2 months ago

    ohh what a game. Its certifies the end era of warriors. Poor Curry and Green. I cant see their proud look anymore.

  • Claise Gildas
    Claise Gildas   2 months ago

    Just waitin for Lakers vs Nets !!! 😌😌😌

  • chinedu keshi
    chinedu keshi   2 months ago

    I wasn't expecting no miracles from the warriors. This was a mismatch. The nets are a well stacked team and it would take more than curry alone to bring them down.

  • troy casinillo
    troy casinillo   2 months ago

    Durant: "honey.... i got Green salad for appetizer and chicken Curry for dinner". Harden/Kyrie: so delicious

  • Rich at Large
    Rich at Large   2 months ago

    It's so cheesy with the recorded crowd noise, then you see the empty stands.And they all shoot 100% in these highlight reels - they never miss! Just like a real game! Not.Harden seems to have needed to play with two other All-NBA first team players. Same goes for Durant and Irving.

  • Gerry Gotama
    Gerry Gotama   2 months ago

    Harden really enjoy the team dude, he is happy now

  • Michael Finch
    Michael Finch   2 months ago

    I can't rate kd as the next best player not even as good lebron he could nevwr walk in Lbj shoes he left his team to join a 73 win team that knocked him out the playoffs after bein up 3-1 he can't jus be the difference maker like lebron does on any team he needs a super team to win

  • Eric Liu
    Eric Liu   2 months ago

    Cry baby Harden is ballin while facing a washed GSW

  • Reuben Simmons
    Reuben Simmons   2 months ago

    What happened Warrior's fans. Brooklyn stand up.

  • 死會
    死會   2 months ago

    Durant harden kyrie joe harris and old squad how do you stop this superteam

  • torch mobile
    torch mobile   2 months ago

    buti pa c harden natuto na mamasa.c curry kaya kelan?

  • Asaru Ptah
    Asaru Ptah   2 months ago

    Durant and new look Nets despatch The GSW.

  • sheed -
    sheed -   2 months ago

    Warriors lucky he didn't drop 30+ on them

  • Shijie Cai
    Shijie Cai   2 months ago

    as a lebron fan,I wish warrior beats the crap out of net

    JOHN MONJE   2 months ago

    WTF GSW...champion team b4 bcoz of durant

  • Marj Samarita
    Marj Samarita   2 months ago

    Bwesit na highlights to panay gsw Ang tira pero nets Lamang

  • Evo1122
    Evo1122   2 months ago

    Warrior taste its own medicine playing a superteam 🤣

  • Star
    Star   2 months ago

    RIP Lakers ☠️

  • manex mil
    manex mil   2 months ago

    Demon Green 🤣without KD we can be a champ lol...

  • 黃小虫
    黃小虫   2 months ago


  • kenntaron
    kenntaron   2 months ago

    Poor warriors facing Durant revenge