We Try the Fashion Nova x Megan Thee Stallion Collab *massive haul*

  • Published on: 03 December 2020
  • We love Fashion Nova, so we HAD to get our hands on the new Megan Thee Stallion collab! We try, rate and style the newest collection! Next, watch us take on the TikTok Target Challenge AGAIN, but this time we gave it a holiday twist! ►► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNpSl7YAep8
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    What We Tried!
    PANTS *
    Drew - Rex Slash Pant Set - https://fave.co/3g1OWit
    Madeleine - Groovy Baby Distressed Flare Jeans - https://fave.co/3fYLW6D
    Jackie - Strings Attached Lace Up Flare Jeans - https://fave.co/3mAliTX
    TOPS *
    Drew - Tie Breaker Halter Top - https://fave.co/36wVyT2
    Madeleine - Krystal Denim Mix Top - https://fave.co/3lrL4bG
    Jackie - Bite Your Lip Top Set - https://fave.co/3lyGV5V
    SETS *
    Drew - Oh She Rich Rich Skirt Set - https://fave.co/3mwHdve
    Madeleine - Finesser and Fly Dresser Skirt Set - https://fave.co/3myI0vP
    Jackie - Spend His Income on Me Skirt Set - https://fave.co/39CdNYT
    WTF *
    Drew - Shake It Like Jelly Jumpsuit - https://fave.co/2JENB4W
    Madeleine - Taste Like Suga Mini Skirt Set - https://fave.co/39E1k78
    Jackie - Call Him Captain Hook Mini Skirt - https://fave.co/39x4SIp
    Living Dangerous Bodysuit - https://fave.co/3mE1krG

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    We try #Fashionnova 's new #megantheestallion collab!

    FTC Disclaimer: Items gifted to us for consideration will be denoted with an (*).
  • Runtime : 17:42
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  • Greycie Pesh
    Greycie Pesh   2 months ago

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. 😂😂😂😂 when drew turned in her jumpsuit 😂😂😂

  • MamaBear🧸
    MamaBear🧸   2 months ago

    I LOVE DREW… so much, her personality is so much fun, her body is smoking and she’s just 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Cay
    Cay   2 months ago

    Jackie looked stunning in all the pieces she had on and she has the bodyodyody Megan was talking about👏🏽 Props to everyone for trying this MTS line on and I hope to see more of Jackie✨

  • Nelly J
    Nelly J   3 months ago

    THIS TRIO hahahaha i laughed so friggen hard omg girls hahaha love this energy!!

  • Lexi Argue
    Lexi Argue   3 months ago

    I immediately went and bought the lace up flare jeans 🙈 Jackie sold them pants for me and I knew I couldn’t live without them 😍

  • *youtube name*
    *youtube name*   3 months ago

    I would have been really upset if no one picked the peach emoji

  • Nina Wolf
    Nina Wolf   4 months ago

    The girl on the left said she is a size M! :))))

  • Halo Plays
    Halo Plays   4 months ago

    as a equestrian some things make me mad as they say wrong stuff

  • Shazia Kamran
    Shazia Kamran   5 months ago

    I seriously didn’t like any of Madeline’s outfits cuz her choice were soo weird!

  • Kim Barbeau
    Kim Barbeau   5 months ago

    Drew in that walrus tusk top. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Wana Mumbi
    Wana Mumbi   6 months ago

    I neeeeeed to work with you guys

  • d:?6’niinef
    d:?6’niinef   6 months ago

    the brown dress with the hand warmer things, on madeline. i actually liked it!

  • JennMcCl
    JennMcCl   6 months ago

    The first three pants are definitely what we wore in high school

  • Kara P
    Kara P   7 months ago

    I usually find hauls so boring but these women are so empowering and have the best sarcastic humour! I'm from the UK and they just take the piss out of the clothing and themselves, which is just so good for young girls and women to see.

  • Tiffany Elisca
    Tiffany Elisca   7 months ago

    I’m sorry I discovered these women on Snapchat. Y’all are just judging badly 🙄 keep it moving and let her live and succeed

  • Ariel Watson
    Ariel Watson   7 months ago

    Madeline looks like a Bratz doll in the top round

  • Amber Mason
    Amber Mason   7 months ago

    Jackie looks like Amanda Seyfried's clone. Stunning.

  • Lil mess
    Lil mess   7 months ago

    7:27 it looks like Loki’s headpiece but upside down

  • J C
    J C   7 months ago

    All those outfits are hideous in my opinion but the ladies are gorgeous.

  • Sajira Mai
    Sajira Mai   7 months ago

    The girl in the middle wearing those tennis with that pants made me uncomfortable...looks like it should be illegal 🤣

  • Muria Mcdonald
    Muria Mcdonald   8 months ago

    The placid cheque effectively choke because lumber architecturally bat out a illustrious drizzle. alike, far minister

  • LifeGoesOn
    LifeGoesOn   8 months ago

    Randomly clicked this video and now 🤣 the jumpsuit with thong attached at the back🤣 can't stop laughing seeing her reaction 🤣

  • Ariel Webb
    Ariel Webb   8 months ago

    Fashion Nova always looks cheap to me. The materials and construction, I wouldn't call someone cheap because who the f*** am I to judge? Some people look amazing in it, but it radiates low wage seamstress just trying to get through their work load. I will say, the white outfit with the garter/suspenders off the bottom looked like old time ladies undergarments to me. Like, the skirt would be shorter with the garter/suspenders there to keep your stockings up. I could understand it being in this sort of old west collection because of westerns with the girls in their undergarments being sultry. The orange dress was such a beautiful color on her. If the suspenders bother her she should unclip them and either cut them off or just tuck them under the shirt. The built in whale tale brought me into a traumatic flashback of the 2000s. I wasn't expecting it. Overall, I love Megan, she confident, humble and acknowledge all the people in her life who help her grow and be where's she's at. I hope she gets more chances to make lines we can buy.

  • Joanne Renee
    Joanne Renee   8 months ago

    Jackie's bahdee is sick! goes to do some squats

  • J H
    J H   8 months ago

    No one should buy hideous fast fashion for a 15 sec social media post. But drew is so cute and so gorgeous

  • Melissa Jarabanda
    Melissa Jarabanda   8 months ago

    the fact that neither one chose 👅 as the emoji is concerning

  • Courtney Gossman
    Courtney Gossman   8 months ago

    I kinda wish you guys had a thicker girl on here but I will say I love this show but I wish I could see what it would look like on someone with my body type

  • Preksha
    Preksha   8 months ago

    Wait didn't they choose these pieces before buying them?? I'm hella confused cause they literally look the same as the picture and good quality too