minecraft VR is the ultimate fitness program

  • Published on: 23 August 2019
  • with this technology, gamers will become the most athletic people in the world
    mod: Vivecraft
    VR headset: Oculus Rift
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  • Runtime : 20:15
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  • Technoblade
    Technoblade   2 years ago

    ok i figured out how to fix the resolution in future videos you can stop calling me short now. please. i'm 6 '2 i swearalso as a PSA: I'm pretty sure watchdog will instantly ban you if you try to play Hypixel in VR (if you do any motion that can't be done in regular MC). no im not talking from experience

  • Homem Ovelha
    Homem Ovelha   4 hours ago

    this is the closest we are ever gonna get to playable minecraft animations

  • Hufflepuffgirl7755
    Hufflepuffgirl7755   9 hours ago

    Techno in Minecraft: * invincible blood God*Techno in vr : * le gasp*it's a doggy I'm gonna pet it

  • Leafmonke
    Leafmonke   21 hours ago

    Wait till he finds out about gorilla tag

  • Pistol Paul 2
    Pistol Paul 2   1 days ago

    Why did I get this in recommended in 2021? idk

  • Katelyn Kus
    Katelyn Kus   2 days ago

    alt title: how i got a six pack in an hour

  • My name was to long
    My name was to long   3 days ago

    Just realised that techno's arms in minecraft is literally irl i,m dumb

  • My name was to long
    My name was to long   3 days ago

    You hit the celling real lifeMe: WHAT THE HEK U OK?!Are you a kangaroo?!I originally thought u were a kangaroo but turns out ur just short

  • Ʀʉẓḕ
    Ʀʉẓḕ   3 days ago

    Who needs Wii Matt anyway, we got the vr techno instead

    INOTFRANK   3 days ago

    Video idea : emerald prestige in vr mode and party me 🥳🥳🎉🎉

  • JoeMcpad56
    JoeMcpad56   3 days ago

    I can just imagine walking into his house and I just see him swinging his arms all over

  • L J
    L J   4 days ago

    “I don’t want to deal with anything from that direction. We proceed with caution.” Me in public

  • 719s
    719s   5 days ago


  • cici xia
    cici xia   5 days ago

    Techno on keyboard: THE BLOOD GODTechno on VR: waving his little arms like a kangaroo and pants after breaking two blocks🤣also, is that only me or the VR actually makes the cave SO SCARY (but more like a real adventure

  • Ye Boi
    Ye Boi   5 days ago

    He sounded like ranboo at 15:50

  • GYspace
    GYspace   5 days ago

    12:16 you miss one iron above you

    HYPERGOLD   6 days ago

    technoblade literally never dies, and whats that? no, he doesnt get motion sick either

  • Nabir14
    Nabir14   6 days ago

    Alternative titlePOV: You wake up in the morning and you see your in Minecraft

  • Floopy
    Floopy   1 weeks ago

    I just closed my eyes and listened and I was dying of laughter🤣😂

  • Dani Moreno
    Dani Moreno   1 weeks ago

    Techno I dare you to do a 100 days hardcore vr.Money 💰