Robert Horry talks about Paul Pierce's wild weekend and why wasn't he invited? - Big Shot Bob Pod

  • Published on: 08 April 2021
  • Robert Horry and the crew have some laughs around Paul Pierce's wild Instagram party weekend, one that unfortunately cost Paul his gig at ESPN. But the good news is it sounds like he's got some creative work prospects on the horizon. From this week's Big Shot Bob podcast - subscribe, rate and review:
  • Runtime : 6:9


  • Montrell Brown
    Montrell Brown   1 weeks ago

    Houston strippers or Atlanta strippers??? Lol funny as hell!!

  • Og Stuart
    Og Stuart   3 weeks ago

    He's a legend number one Paul Pierce and he made a mistake he's human it ain't for people that's what's wrong with people today they sit around and talk about with somebody did then you know he made a mistake he didn't go out and kill nobody or wrong nobody did nothing like that he's human he went out and party when it somehow got on the internet but up to do a lot of people like to sit back and laugh because the man got fired this world is coming to nothing today everybody's happy that email stopped and got fired and shouldn't even be like that you know the man is yoonmin out having a good time and they got worse as stuff like that on TV worth of stuff in that on TV you got people out here killing people every day killing babies and stop that's the way go but you can't keep a good black man down and pulled his look good black man he ain't going to be down for a long everybody likes to talk about things forget about it let him go on if y'all ain't going to help them

  • Jason Kamara
    Jason Kamara   4 weeks ago

    If he was with male strippers maybe he would still have a

  • UptSrvr1
    UptSrvr1   1 months ago

    Orange bikini scripper was a beast. But he should've threw dollars not chips.

  • Robert Daniels
    Robert Daniels   1 months ago

    Fuck you haters. NBA executives doe this shit all the time and hide it, okay. He was flossing and now everyone mad cause they wasn't down. I'm not saying it was right or wrong cause it was his money and his decision.

  • chamberlain wonder
    chamberlain wonder   1 months ago

    Waoooo everybody talking about paul pierce nowadays. Social media is a trap

  • FMF Films
    FMF Films   1 months ago

    Lol Houston strippers or Atlanta strippers .. lol 😂

  • Intel-Pick
    Intel-Pick   1 months ago

    PP net worth like 50-70 million lmao... dude dont need NO JOB !!!! he done worked hard asf 20 years in the league, too funny and he did NOTHING wrong legally lol,

  • Nicholas Tomaselli
    Nicholas Tomaselli   1 months ago

    Mega media has to keep the utmost control over its subjects. They are molding our children’s reality, and training them to consume. Anything that threatens the image of legitimacy and normalcy of their product must be disposed of. Paul’s video tapped on so many taboos that his marketability is now tainted. His video hit on misogyny, antisemitism, drug abuse, gambling. I’m surprised they didn’t pull out their guns.