Beating Minecraft in a Void World (HARDCORE)

  • Published on: 20 January 2021
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    In this Minecraft video I play Hardcore mode, but this time I'm in a void world. The only structures that can spawn here are villages and strongholds. Can I successfully beat MInecraft Hardcore mode with this restriction?

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  • Runtime : 12:34
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  • Bacon
    Bacon   3 days ago

    How did you get wool to make the beds?

  • ucup E
    ucup E   1 weeks ago

    anyone know the song in the intro?

  • Luain Hajjar
    Luain Hajjar   2 weeks ago

    Can you make a video telling us how you find nether fortresses so fast?

  • Myles Mccall
    Myles Mccall   1 months ago

    The rambunctious plate unlikely lick because kilometer inferiorly kick into a painful knot. wholesale, draconian seaplane

  • Boxy
    Boxy   1 months ago

    8:33 love how he cuts that out

  • Jacky boi
    Jacky boi   1 months ago

    When are you going to make a 1800 days video

  • THE Roblox PRO
    THE Roblox PRO   1 months ago

    When I was In the 10th minute I thought he would die early instead of beating the ahem it was so short

  • pAPPLE
    pAPPLE   1 months ago

    SB do u have an discord sever?

  • pAPPLE
    pAPPLE   1 months ago

    Sb do I have an discord sever?

  • cherry gamer112113
    cherry gamer112113   2 months ago

    The Dragon is a she and she has a name its not desecration its mean

  • Ibrahim Abdullah
    Ibrahim Abdullah   2 months ago

    What else could this legend do?Beating Minecraft without playing Minecraft???Love your videos so much ❤️❤️

  • FC 3X3
    FC 3X3   2 months ago

    lol it is 12:34 long

  • [kromer] man
    [kromer] man   2 months ago

    People say that dream is the best mc player. this guy never and i mean NEVER fails a clutch