POV everyone gets a mark on their arm when they lie, except for him…

  • Published on: 24 November 2021
  • Inspired by @NicoleRodgers on TikTok (https://www.tiktok.com/@nicolerodge?) // Follow me on IG for your daily dose of Ian! 🙌🏼 IG: https://www.instagram.com/ianboggz/

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  • Runtime : 47
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  • Katy Millis
    Katy Millis   23 hours ago

    Does anyone else think that he is very good looking??

  • Marika Vecenayawa
    Marika Vecenayawa   1 days ago

    Bots: this shorts are so entertaining People:😡get out of here (and yet the likes)

  • Hyper ZCG
    Hyper ZCG   1 days ago

    The fact that he almost said “I’m just built different” was way too funny 🤣

  • PsK
    PsK   2 days ago

    part 2?

  • eire
    eire   2 days ago

    Can people explain to me the reason for these fuck stupid clips , I mean ae us humans becoming so dumb that shit ape clips are even entertaining, I see people actually enjoy theses , I honestly would love to know how your brains work , as ye all so twisted in the hads that ye can't comprehend the stupity of this shit , gold bless us all

  • Monica Gomez
    Monica Gomez   2 days ago

    Wow I did not notice that on he’s neck at all

  • •Milky•
    •Milky•   2 days ago

    Me giving my mum my phone saying I've done nothing wrong:

  • Star platinum requiem

    I would just be like: oh that that’s a scar I try to hide it with makeup but guess it didn’t workThey would probably believe that

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover   3 days ago

    Wft are you talking about..... This is BS

  • OglalaN8tv
    OglalaN8tv   3 days ago

    It prolly would of been funny if I heard of this mark on an arm when you lie. I usually tell by the eyes.

  • murasaki Phoenix
    murasaki Phoenix   3 days ago

    Ok but if that happens when he lies he is built different so ???????

  • P. T.
    P. T.   3 days ago

    What’s the piece/ song?

  • Mykal Ridikulus
    Mykal Ridikulus   4 days ago

    I don't get why they just appeared like that..?Also.. none of these corporations want someone that never lies. They just don't want you to lie to them.

  • JahJahxyz
    JahJahxyz   4 days ago

    Bro I’ve only told 2 lies in my life One: I lied about my dog saying she has puppies and two: I told my mom that I got a raise when I didn’t

  • Opal Sky
    Opal Sky   5 days ago

    Plot twist. He never lied and the marks on his neck mean something else.

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy   5 days ago

    These shorts are so entertaining they always make my day better❤