• Published on: 12 September 2021
  • Fortnite SKYFIRE Live Event - HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!
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    Fortnite SEASON 8 - The FINAL 5 Days (Season 8, Live Event)

    30 FUTURE Fortnite Updates FINALLY REVEALED!


    15 Fortnite SEASON 8 Updates WE NEED! (Live Event Operation Skyfire)

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  • Runtime : 10:45
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  • Esther
    Esther   1 days ago

    i want to try it out in real lifeeeee

  • Keenan and wynter ASMR

    I’m so mad that I missed this event this event is awesome I’m definitely not gonna miss the other one

  • Dr Slone
    Dr Slone   2 weeks ago

    We do not condone the actions that occured from this incident and do not take any responsibility for the incidents involving the cubes after Operation:Sky Fire. We also plan to resolve this by resetting the loop and bring about the Third Chapter of your beloved island.Sincerely,Dr.Slone DrSlone

  • Adam ali
    Adam ali   2 weeks ago

    Notice how the blue cube hasn’t moved yet

  • Logan Dane
    Logan Dane   1 months ago

    Did anyone see the reboot van lost power so did we reboot Kevin with the power of the van?

  • WiffyPog
    WiffyPog   1 months ago

    When the world needed him most he came back…

  • Rustyguacamole AF
    Rustyguacamole AF   1 months ago

    Your character is an alien, so I assume you defected from the alien mothership to help the humans.

  • TysonM
    TysonM   1 months ago

    I think the aliens back up was the sideways

  • William Oleniuk
    William Oleniuk   2 months ago

    5:30 oh my God it's Kevin the cube for which is not good

  • hi
    hi   2 months ago

    It logged me out in the middle of the event😭😭😭

    THEOOFR’S   2 months ago

    What happens if you DIE in the skyfire event form Kevin the cube

  • Kimberly.
    Kimberly.   2 months ago

    At 10:23 above the mother ship there's a explosion or a portal that looks like the season x explosion for black hole

  • C Durb
    C Durb   2 months ago

    The event was litttt

  • Hi I'm Joe
    Hi I'm Joe   2 months ago

    entire family tree of kevin nice

  • Jad Celine
    Jad Celine   2 months ago

    Tbh the mothership exploding reminded me of the Beirut explosion 💥 😞 😭( my home btw)

  • mdiiqbals
    mdiiqbals   2 months ago