Half in the Bag: 2021 Movie Catch-Up (part 1 of 2)

  • Published on: 13 January 2022
  • 00:00 - Intro
    03:39 - Last Night in Soho
    06:09 - Saint Maud
    12:35 - Lamb
    15:16 - Woodstock 99
    19:12 - The Scary of Sixty-First
    22:05 - Being the Ricardos
    26:29 - Bad Trip
    37:04 - I Think You Should Leave
    41:55 - I Care a Lot
    44:48 - The Amusement Park
    48:12 - Dexter: New Blood
  • Runtime : 50:41
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  • MrJagermeister
    MrJagermeister   1 hours ago

    I loved that very last frame of Saint Maud. It WAS the perfect punctuation for the end of that film. As someone that grew up in a Catholic family, that went to Sunday School and was an altar boy… then grew up and took World’s & Comparative Religion courses in college and came out the other side an agnostic atheist (meaning I don’t believe ANY of the religious shit I was taught as a kid but I also don’t think that any of us can possibly know the truth without a shadow of a doubt, but still lean on the side of “this is all we have here on Earth, and we should be the best people we can be and make the most of it while we’re here”. I think this was an excellent and terrifying movie that shows how dangerous someone can be when they fully believe they have the power of God on their side and that they’re doing the right thing and you’re going to hell if you don’t do the same. It’s on Hulu if you wanna check it out. I think it’s a good watch.

  • Ramsey Doon
    Ramsey Doon   1 hours ago

    "I only have nine movies. And.. ..uhh.. A couple of them aren't even movies. ..I don't know." Lol same here🤣

  • Mindtrix
    Mindtrix   2 hours ago

    In Europe, you call a Euro a Donner Kebab

  • Amy Jackson
    Amy Jackson   2 hours ago

    I didn't know there was a second season of I Think You Should Leave... Everyone should watch it.

  • J C
    J C   5 hours ago

    Are you guys starting a band? who's playing drums?

  • SpicyNoodle666
    SpicyNoodle666   5 hours ago

    Tim Robinson had a previous show on CC called Detroiters, filmed in Detroit and it was also brilliant

  • koobmoon 745
    koobmoon 745   5 hours ago

    1:36 reference to the infamous event 201 (covid19) Maybe Jay knows more than he lets on... But then again maybe he doesn't

  • lucas wood
    lucas wood   6 hours ago

    Huh, I'm generally an Eric Andre fan but I thought bad trip kinda sucked. If you've seen his show you already know the punchline of most of the bits.

  • Miri
    Miri   6 hours ago

    I didn't watch it but someone told me the husband had sex with the mother sheep and that's the origin of lamb boy.

  • NotaBear
    NotaBear   6 hours ago

    The fact that dressed up in a costume and you don't really know why and had no intention for it for the video. This all the reassurance I need to skip those dogshit-fucking-mind-cancer intros you guys doing in half in the bag.

  • wacky swacky
    wacky swacky   6 hours ago

    Oh christ almighty they did the Red Scare movie

  • Billy Lindberg
    Billy Lindberg   7 hours ago

    The Tomorrow War was amazing. You two are dead wrong about that movie. Probably one of my favorite movies. Great action and special affects. Great pacing. Not boring. Not too much action. Great acting. Everything was the right amount. Plot was constantly moving locations so it didn't become stale. No agendas or politics getting shoved down your throat. Just regular old fashion entertaining popcorn flick. Period. LOVED IT.

  • evan armstrong
    evan armstrong   7 hours ago

    I’m a big Wes Anderson fan. I like his stylized movies. I went to see The French Dispatch in the theater. I kept falling asleep. I could not care at all about the characters. I just couldn’t believe that I kept falling asleep. So, I left early. I sort of remember Francis McDormand. Very sadly disappointed.

  • Karlton Kinley
    Karlton Kinley   7 hours ago

    The Woodstock ‘99 doc had some great footage but the commentators ruined the whole thing with some of the worst takes of all time. Equating a bunch of dehydrated nu-metal fans with the capitol rioters is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard

  • VR Sofa
    VR Sofa   7 hours ago

    When talking about 'i think you should leave' i have to say i was reminded of the IT crowd from the uk/. may be worth watching if you havent.DO NOT watch the USA one. watch the original.

  • Elias Lowe
    Elias Lowe   7 hours ago

    Yeah, no, they fuckin BUTCHERED Dexter 😂😭

  • Ian Johnson
    Ian Johnson   8 hours ago

    Missed the St. Maundate Pun literally unwatchable.

  • Redswipe
    Redswipe   8 hours ago

    I would certainly be asking questions of my husband if one of our sheep gave birth to a human/sheep hybrid

  • Aurelius
    Aurelius   8 hours ago

    I Think You Should Leave is amazing

  • Black Kami
    Black Kami   9 hours ago

    Imagine unironically watching a movie made by Dasha Nekrasova.

  • mj91212
    mj91212   9 hours ago

    Holy crap, how has some vigilante NOT taken out Spacey already?

  • The Kyle
    The Kyle   9 hours ago

    When will we get the Bozo Mike and Dick the Birthday boy cinematic crossover?

  • MLM
    MLM   12 hours ago

    9:12 “anyways back to 9/11”

  • Roger
    Roger   13 hours ago

    Cool video!

  • Catalistic
    Catalistic   17 hours ago

    How does Jay find all these weird movies no one likes but Jay?

  • Jake Wojack
    Jake Wojack   18 hours ago

    You guys really gotta watch Joe Perra Talks With You

  • Josh Whalen
    Josh Whalen   18 hours ago

    There is a secret bonus episode of "I Think You should Leave" on Netflix, hidden in its precursor series "The Characters". Tim Robinson's episode earned him a whole series.

  • Plate O'shrimp
    Plate O'shrimp   19 hours ago

    Lets not forget that Kevin Spacey also hung out with Jeffrey Epstein. He flew on Epstein's plane w/ Bill Clinton and Chris Tucker to Africa.