James Harden Highlights | Triple-Double vs. Kings

  • Published on: 24 February 2021
  • Brooklyn Nets guard James Harden gets his sixth triple-double as a Net in a 127-118 win over the Sacramento Kings
  • Runtime : 2:22
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  • AK KD
    AK KD   2 months ago

    Harden Best player in the league, KD #2, and Kyrie top 5

  • AK KD
    AK KD   2 months ago

    In terms of skills and the versatility of roles he can play for a team, Harden is the most well-rounded player I’ve seen since I started watching basketball.

  • easy assaf
    easy assaf   2 months ago

    Harden and brown the new big dwo

  • Ric A
    Ric A   2 months ago


  • Camavinga
    Camavinga   2 months ago

    Need KD back so i can fully enjoy greatness.

  • Mark Moe
    Mark Moe   2 months ago

    Put Harden on ANY team and you will get results

  • neoxsupreme
    neoxsupreme   2 months ago

    Harden strengthening his MVP case with each game...

    WT KENG   2 months ago

    He’s that guy we turn to improve our skills!

  • 싼다
    싼다   2 months ago

    my guy harden needs a rest

  • taemin ha
    taemin ha   2 months ago

    he makes grade B team member to grade S!!

  • Ca
    Ca   2 months ago

    Best guard in da league fasho

  • Ar Wong
    Ar Wong   2 months ago

    Nice job James harden