[MV] Weeekly(위클리) _ After School

  • Published on: 17 March 2021
  • [MV] Weeekly(위클리) _ After School

    K-POP Wonderland, 1theK

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  • Runtime : 3:45
  • K-POP Kpop 1theK 원더케이 Original 1theK Original TOP100 idol 아이돌 라이브 LIVE 멜론 원더케이 오리지널 음악 Weeekly 위클리 After School


  • adrieana sofea
    adrieana sofea   6 seconds ago

    this might be your first time here but never your last time

  • Kaito
    Kaito   3 minuts ago

    Reki and Langa vibes

  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin   12 minuts ago

    Essa música é muito boa de escutar, passa uma vibe tão boa

  • Oppo A3s
    Oppo A3s   18 minuts ago

    Ni semua sebab Tik tok

  • 파인애플귀여운
    파인애플귀여운   36 minuts ago

    La cancion de tiktok jajs es la primera vez que escucho este grupo pero ame la cancion y decidi venir

  • Aleo Kyn
    Aleo Kyn   39 minuts ago

    Still stream twice a day.. Road to 60M views 🔥🔥🔥

  • Caitlyn Olivia
    Caitlyn Olivia   46 minuts ago

    can someone help me.. i'm going to debut as daileee but, 0:26 and 1:43 are they the same person? and who is she? soojin? what about the girl with that yellow hoodie on 2:14 ? thankyouu if you want to help me

    DIKA GMG   1 hours ago

    Lagunya enak bet sumpah modboster banget


    For me this group needs more recognition, because they make masterpieces.#stan_weeekly

  • Khang Phúc
    Khang Phúc   1 hours ago

    If 2 million likes i think that impossible if have i will be explode

  • ouva
    ouva   1 hours ago

    I really like it

  • M R
    M R   1 hours ago

    Does this song sample another song? the beat sounds sooo familiar

  • Valeria CarCi
    Valeria CarCi   1 hours ago

    Qué raro, una parte de su coro se parece DEMASIADO a so am I de Ava Max, pero las coincidencias existen no?