Luka Doncic 31 pts 12 rebs 20 asts vs Wizards 20/21 season

  • Published on: 02 May 2021
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  • Runtime : 6:51
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  • oscar moya
    oscar moya   1 months ago

    Luca urgently needs a nutritionist if he gets that it will be faster and more agile

  • M2K NBA
    M2K NBA   1 months ago

    Magic / Bird Hybrid

  • M2K NBA
    M2K NBA   1 months ago

    omfg i love this guy so much luka magic thats my fucking guy

  • Peter
    Peter   1 months ago

    How many rings to put him on Mt Rushmore with MJ and Lebron?

  • Nick Kim
    Nick Kim   1 months ago

    craziest part is that hes still working to improve his game... he's not even at his prime yet

  • jvstix
    jvstix   1 months ago

    what foul? - fouling in love with u. jaja

  • Never HeardTay
    Never HeardTay   1 months ago

    If Giannis and Luka were to pair up youll see the true next Magic and Kareem. They’ll dominate the whole league

  • Balboa Balboa
    Balboa Balboa   1 months ago

    NBA never been more internetional then it is now.In last three or four decade we had a 3 the greatest of all time,Michael,Kobe and Lebron.Lebron is on the end of his Brilliant career.All respect for grat players Durant,Curry,Harden but they are not on the same level as Lebron !I think in the future more then ever the main stars in NBA will be from Europe primarily.Jokić,Dončić,Janis!

  • Imdb Truth
    Imdb Truth   1 months ago

    Jason Kidd is still the Mavericks as well as the NBA's all time leader for Assists in a single game with 25 Assists back in 1996 in a game against John Stockton and Karl Malone's Utah Jazz. Kidd showed out with 20 points and 25 Assists in his third season against the great veteran John Stockton. The lowly Mavs defeated a great Jazz team in a 136-133 thriller. The Mavs were led in scoring by Jim Jackson with 38 points and the CBA call-up George McCloud had 32 points.Somehow, less than 10 months later, the dumbass Mavericks would trade Jason Kidd for a role player named Michael Finley. Imagine the Mavericks doing that today, trading away Luka Doncic in exchange for De'Andre Hunter or some shit... Kidd's name is still littering the record books for Mavs highest assist games, as he is also tied with Luka for 2nd place on the Mavs list with a 20 assist game in his second run with the Mavericks in 2009. This time Kidd was showing out against his former team the Phoenix Suns, and also his former backup PG in Phoenix, Steve Nash. In this game the Mavs trounced Nash and the Suns 140-116, as Kidd had 19 Points and 20 Assists, compared to 12 and 8 for Nash. Dirk led all scorers with 28, and Josh Howard had 24.. The Suns oddly enough were led by the player who shared co-RookieOfYear honors with Jason Kidd way back in 1994, as Grant Hill had 23 points. In his stints with the Mavericks, Kidd also had 18 Assists in ×3 games, and 17 Assists in ×7 games, and Kidd never even played with the Mavericks during the prime of his career. Steve Nash in comparison, in his 6 seasons spent with the Mavericks, he only went over 15 Assists in a game twice, as he had ×1 game with 19 Assists in 2004, and ×1 game with 17 Assists in 2000.As for Luka, he can score way better than Kidd, but unfortunately his defense is a lot closer to being Steve Nash. As for Luka's ability to dish out dimes, he's already got ×1 game with 20 Assists, ×2 game with 19 Assists, and ×1 game with 17 Assists.

  • Matt
    Matt   1 months ago

    Luka makes the very difficult look very easy

  • Spazz Jenkins
    Spazz Jenkins   1 months ago

    This the best game of lukas young career smh 🤯🤯 😤

  • Timothy Chen
    Timothy Chen   1 months ago

    ebay Luka Doncic Select 193, invest now thank me later.

  • Ori S
    Ori S   1 months ago

    Is there anyone left that would still take Westbrook over Luka?

  • Svjetlan Gavranic
    Svjetlan Gavranic   1 months ago

    Mavs are cooking!Luka and Dodo will pull others into the hot zone.Luka sharing the ball (like always),but now his teammates get the job done.They will be a dark horse for everyone in the playoffs...

  • Andrew Ashby
    Andrew Ashby   1 months ago

    Unreal, I wanted to see that last play but your recommended videos cover the screen for the end of the video. Gotta fix that!

  • Maki Roll
    Maki Roll   1 months ago

    so sad that he cant fix at least his FTs, or be reliable from 3, would then be even better

  • Svjetlan Gavranic
    Svjetlan Gavranic   1 months ago

    For me...everyone who put Embiid in front of Dončić for an MVP award is nuts.Just remember.Luka put on these kind of numbers in the not so good team.Embiid is suround with stars!And they-the press try to do a narrative that Embiid should be the MVP.AHAHAHAHHAHAAA.Joker is the man,Jokić is the real MVP!

  • NCP Realty
    NCP Realty   1 months ago

    I am so sick of the ball Hogg commercials.

  • Adrian Gevero
    Adrian Gevero   1 months ago

    I was shook seeing that 20 assists, that's +40 points already if 2s only plus his 31 points.

  • beastmry
    beastmry   1 months ago

    At this point, I'm losing hope in his FTs. There's no reason he shouldn't be shooting 80% at the rim. I don't understand it.

  • Bojan Palink
    Bojan Palink   1 months ago

    Bye Bye Porzingis, hype care for fame.....some other team

  • HH Channel
    HH Channel   1 months ago

    Next year, in his fourth season, he will already be in top 10 trip doubles of all time. Let that sink in.

  • Rok
    Rok   1 months ago

    Luka will be first player ever to hit 30 points, 10 rebounds and 30 assist. Mark my word

  • Matheus A. Ferreira
    Matheus A. Ferreira   1 months ago

    You see how special a player's performance is when the video of highlights for a single game is more than 6 minutes long.

  • F Humble
    F Humble   1 months ago

    People think I’m dumb but if he had decent teammates he would be averaging 17 apg EASY

  • d d
    d d   1 months ago

    MVP RACE1.Jokic2.DoncicI have feeling it's going to be like this next few years