Making liquid air

  • Published on: 01 May 2021
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    Today I'll be using a cryocooler to turn air into a liquid.

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  • Kruqtion
    Kruqtion   7 minuts ago

    Can... can you drink it?

  • Cole Lewkoski
    Cole Lewkoski   14 minuts ago

    Turn it up to 100 and show us what happens?

  • Das Erika
    Das Erika   16 minuts ago

    ''Hey you need to wear a mask in the store''. ''No need i dont breathe''. Pulls out a can of liquid air

  • Dogetuberyt
    Dogetuberyt   17 minuts ago

    Im going to drink liquid air, and NOBODY will stop me! Muahhahahahah!

  • gerda melle
    gerda melle   20 minuts ago

    Imagine you give that liquid air to someone and ask him to DRINK it

  • Trian Jim トライアン

    Him: It's not something fancyThat thing: Literally liquifying airI really wanna know this man's terminology for fancy.

  • bun e
    bun e   44 minuts ago

    What happens when u crank that thing all the way up

  • R
    R   47 minuts ago

    Anyone else notice that when the tip was cooling but ice hadn't formed yet that it was slightly smaller in circumference than the upper portion? If I saw it correctly I thought it was a really cool example of how things contract/expand when exposed to different temperatures.

  • shani yan
    shani yan   48 minuts ago

    Basically: liquid nitrogen + liquid oxygen + liquid %other gases.

  • Hozic
    Hozic   54 minuts ago

    I'm drinking it

  • Monroville
    Monroville   1 hours ago

    Looks refreshing!Also: is this what happens to air inside your lungs when exposed to the vacuum of space without a spacesuit?The Expanse was/is fairly good at maintaining a good degree of reality, but whenever they “spaced” anyone I always felt they were being a bit “Disney” about it.

  • LionTion
    LionTion   1 hours ago

    Imagine "drowning" in oxygin liquid

  • Gaming Reaper
    Gaming Reaper   1 hours ago

    My question was, can you drink air. Looks like you can.

  • Jichael Mackson
    Jichael Mackson   1 hours ago

    If it you drink it what will happen. And if if it goes down the wrong pipe would you choke?

  • flxwers
    flxwers   1 hours ago

    What if you set it to max?

  • TheConfusedChemist
    TheConfusedChemist   1 hours ago

    Liquid air. For only €69.420, Get your own, coming to a store and chem lab near you!

  • Max GameZ
    Max GameZ   1 hours ago

    This is basically liquid nitrogen, oxygen, co2, and some weird stuff.

  • Yuz Asaf
    Yuz Asaf   1 hours ago

    I'm like, shit was intense on level 1 of the dial!! Yet I stillnwant to know more about IT ALL THE WAY UP!!

  • Antonio Nash
    Antonio Nash   1 hours ago

    What happens if it’s on it all the way up

  • Cold Spoons
    Cold Spoons   1 hours ago

    When air becomes a luxury in a million years we’ll all have to drink liquid air

  • Arch SK8
    Arch SK8   2 hours ago

    Title: making liquid airMe: wait isn’t that just water 😅🤔

  • Ryan Hickcox
    Ryan Hickcox   2 hours ago

    Ok ok ok I have one questionWhat if your under water and drink that

  • Dkdavidlp
    Dkdavidlp   2 hours ago

    Would it be save to drink liquidised air cause I would like to try that it sounds cool