• Published on: 13 January 2022

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  • Runtime : 22:17
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  • new edition04
    new edition04   5 hours ago

    let me tell you guys a a little known trick for the kiddos make as much noise as possible when they are babies and sleeping so you dont ever have to tip toe around.

  • gail richards
    gail richards   6 hours ago

    Do they ever feel scared being out there I see no neighbors close by.

  • ese.hombre
    ese.hombre   10 hours ago

    It dawned on me just a few minutes ago. Maybe I missed it in a previous video but you have an outside shower but where do you go to relieve yourselves (bathroom/toilet) before the inside bathroom? 🤔

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty   12 hours ago

    I've really enjoyed watching y'all build your beautiful home. Everything is really looking good.

  • Jerry Brandsness
    Jerry Brandsness   12 hours ago

    Are you going to continue sharing post? I have gotten so much fun watching you and now your two little ones. Hard work and fun the best combination! Please keep posting!

  • Michael Twing
    Michael Twing   17 hours ago

    I’ve design and built for 40 years. Never have liked sliding doors of any style. Pocket doors are awful.

  • jerry smith
    jerry smith   17 hours ago

    Why is everybody putting windows in the shower stalls. don’t you all know you are going to have trouble out of the windows it’s going to be a rotten mess later, just give it time.

  • Henry Griffiths
    Henry Griffiths   19 hours ago

    Hi from South Australia, as a new subscriber I've decided to go back to the start, looking forward to catching up. Love the format & recycling of the shipping containers. Congratulations on a great informative and entertaining post ❤️

  • Gra fox
    Gra fox   1 days ago

    Hi what make is the electric bike ?

  • tony tiger
    tony tiger   1 days ago

    Pocket-doors can be very dangerous/deadly if there is a fire. People have panicked and can't figure out how to open them

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty   1 days ago

    You guys have come such a long, long way. Great job on everything.

  • Gamal Eissa
    Gamal Eissa   1 days ago

    Very nice guys👏 .. well done!💪 but why you don't use Affiliate links for the tools that you used.. I think that would be great 😅

  • Asanka Nalinda
    Asanka Nalinda   1 days ago

    Can you show us your compleat home with side front and back views, also inside respectively please. Your family is a best family including your dogs. I like all of you very much. Thanks all of you. May you have The Tripple Gems Bless You.

  • Ken Yh
    Ken Yh   1 days ago

    So what does Kensi get for a toy to play with?

  • Ken Yh
    Ken Yh   1 days ago

    You could run into problems in the bathrooms because you used the wrong sheetrock. You could end up with black mold behind the sheetrock.

  • ken KennethF
    ken KennethF   1 days ago

    I I was late getting to watch this episode, If you would like to put an inconspicuous latch on the closet door to keep little fingers from being able to open it add magnetsto the inside of the fraim where the handle is.

  • contemporary clasics

    Love this guys they grow up on me and my daughter Rona is growing alone with them she's now 12

  • 2465832
    2465832   1 days ago

    You deserve the best! I enjoy your channel very much! Best wishes!

  • Vicky Carswell
    Vicky Carswell   2 days ago

    😳🤣🤣🤣 Beau really was storing up for something. Makes me remember my son when he was little collecting everything in his pockets, pbj, rocks, coins bugs ..... 😜😂😂🤣🤣Enjoy them while they are that innocent. It goes by so fast.

  • cyberland
    cyberland   2 days ago

    Nice adventure you done well.


    Love you guys , I loved every video you post in your beautiful channel even i subscribed to your channel just few months ago but when I watched the first video I immediately run back to watch all of them starting from the beginning, I loved every single shot of your videos ( when you jock between each other , playing with your kids , having a walk in the wood with your dogs, doing this work without any previous knowledge or experience ) , really you did not only a great job but extremely unbelievable job, you inspired a lot of people that never give up from your task even when you face difficulties or obstacles , God bless you with your adorable kids , Spenser really you are a good and strong man wishing you all the best in your life , Kenzie you are such a beautiful woman and absolutely a wonderful mom . good luck guys

  • Sazza Mittendorf
    Sazza Mittendorf   2 days ago

    Loved the storm show. Spencer is very handy person. McKenzie you are a lucky person on finding Spencer. So talented you both are. But miss the amount of videos you use to do. Do you watch Simple Living couple from Idaho. They are great in building their home and running of the 20 acres. They have a lot of snow up there now. But they are very cool family to watch on YouTube. They have 4 kids and Jeremy was an ex-cop from Washington. Got to watch them. For me I watch you both.

  • marilyn mckinney
    marilyn mckinney   2 days ago

    I was just going to ask you if you had a storm shelter !!! I hope you can manage one soon !! with them babies.

  • Billy Oltmann
    Billy Oltmann   2 days ago

    Bathroom looks Great ! Spencer , Be careful on that Bike!

  • Bruce Miller
    Bruce Miller   2 days ago

    Hey, a storm shelter would be a great new project! Imagine burying a smaller 20' container that would give you a fair amount of hiding space and storage along the walls. I talk a big talk, but was thinking about doing something like that out here in the "country". We don't many, but boy when they do!

  • Brad Bradshaw
    Brad Bradshaw   2 days ago

    Love the videos, I am a tad curious how much this project of yours has cost.. maybe a breakdown on the cost of the whole project when you're done? Thanks

  • scubaterry
    scubaterry   2 days ago

    Wondering where the dogs are when storming like that?

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou   2 days ago

    i love to watch you guys work on the house, i feel my stress go away and a calm while i watch, thank you for letting all of us be a part of your family each week

  • Kathy L
    Kathy L   2 days ago

    A project for when the house is finished! A storm shelter.

  • 19ken49
    19ken49   2 days ago

    I really like the soft close feature of the pocket doors. I hadn't seen that before.

  • The Happy Hanna's
    The Happy Hanna's   2 days ago

    Is Bear doing okay? I seen he was struggling to run when testing the bike. I had a Rottweiler named Bear who passed in November.

  • Mohit Yadav
    Mohit Yadav   2 days ago

    I really really love the transitions you do between the shots