Cape | Marvel Studios’ Eternals

  • Published on: 22 October 2021
  • Not all Heroes wear capes. 😎

    In 2 Weeks, experience Marvel Studios’ #Eternals. Only in theaters November 5.
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  • Runtime : 31
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  • Le Burg
    Le Burg   16 hours ago

    I loved Richard Madden’s delivery of the line.

  • Freddy Pedraza
    Freddy Pedraza   2 weeks ago

    Who else is waiting for the Spider-Man trailer? I been refreshing this like 20 times already... DROOOOOOOOP IT!!!!

  • zy santiago
    zy santiago   2 weeks ago

    this movie was so good i’m in love with it

  • Farmer boy
    Farmer boy   2 weeks ago

    For falcon his new name should be called Captan Falcon

  • Att Sean
    Att Sean   3 weeks ago

    Why celestials didn't kill dormammu

  • Sacha D. S.
    Sacha D. S.   3 weeks ago

    Just saw this movie! And i loved it!!! 🤩

  • Ramon Delgado
    Ramon Delgado   3 weeks ago

    So, let me get this straight.The Eternals were manufactured the same place "STORMBREAKER" was forged at, The World Forge?

  • Firdaus
    Firdaus   3 weeks ago

    I saw him on tv, he wore cape, he is the superman

  • Amsyar Norazman
    Amsyar Norazman   3 weeks ago

    Spider-Man: into the spiderverse (2018)Peter to Miles: No cape!Ikaris: 0:05 😂😂🤣

  • Shamas Dar
    Shamas Dar   3 weeks ago

    Are you wizard like doctor strange ? Sersi : are wizards are beautiful like me and doctor strange !!!!

  • Jas Borromeo
    Jas Borromeo   3 weeks ago

    the vibes is more like a series than a movie

  • Isreal Salvador
    Isreal Salvador   4 weeks ago

    If it wasn’t him then it was probably Hyperion the guy has powers like Superman

  • Adreana Garza
    Adreana Garza   1 months ago

    And I love how they look up to the Avengers and how they say eternals assemble like Avengers assemble

  • Adreana Garza
    Adreana Garza   1 months ago

    I love how marvel made there own Superman like eternal lol

  • Specs And Zero
    Specs And Zero   1 months ago

    🤣 Im pretty sure there talking about superman

  • Edward Zimmerman
    Edward Zimmerman   1 months ago

    Only really smart people like us can understand that ‘Eternals’ is a truly fantastic movie...

  • Crazy Critic
    Crazy Critic   1 months ago

    I really hope they do the justice with Kit Harington’s character Black Knight because i don't know why I have feeling that he is not going to get major role in this movie .

  • TTToxic-Psycho
    TTToxic-Psycho   1 months ago

    If Marvel will change than no one will love it, I am just scared that if marvel just changed without its old heroes which made it cool see its falcon cant be captain america steve is captain america and he can only make it rdj is Iron Man and peter cant be next tony because Tony was Tony no one can never change it if it goes like this than I fear that one day marvel will just be in names not in content I am just of 12 years but have seen every movie since I was 2 years never missed but after the launch of endgame i think youre losing your one fan I still love your movies but just of spider man I dont know that I will remain a marvel fan forever but if it get's like this than Marvel is going to leave his fans many of them and keep from me living in India and also I am commenting this because you mentioned it in your trailer that marvel willl never remain as before and if it is than I would become a hater of marvel, please dont make it like this...from India

  • Deanna
    Deanna   1 months ago

    at first i thought it was going to be bad and I wasn’t going to like the change but then I found out Angelina Jolie was gonna be in it and I saw all the sneak peaks. I’m excited to watch it. But The Avengers will always be the best 😌

  • Captain Abhi
    Captain Abhi   1 months ago

    Ikaris: Eternals AssembleThena: Let's finish thisDane: Are you a wizard, like Dr. Strange? This all seems like Marvel's Eternals connect itself to the MCU timeline. But they uses the epics as the Easter eggs, this is something wrong as well as curious!

  • lemons
    lemons   1 months ago

    Kit's voice is so posh. I love Dane already

  • The Ocean Man
    The Ocean Man   1 months ago

    This looks like a Marvel parody that's how bad it is

    GIZMO RADOS   1 months ago

    I've been wondering what exactly cape do ? 🤔

    D EDITS   1 months ago

    0:18 shang chi rings ?

  • Zee
    Zee   1 months ago

    Sersi dont know dr strange, but she knew sherlock holmes and met him at the museum 😂

  • P Snitkin
    P Snitkin   1 months ago

    I need the subtitles on whenever she speaks