X-Men: INFERNO Trailer | Marvel Comics

  • Published on: 02 September 2021
  • No mutant can be trusted in Jonathan Hickman’s upcoming X-Men epic, INFERNO, on sale in September!

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  • Runtime : 1:51
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  • Adriano Daniel Brosowski

    Time-Line: House of X/Powers of X - Dawn of X- X of Swords - Hellfire gala - Trial of Magneto - X-Men: Inferno (2021).

  • Tyler Bremner
    Tyler Bremner   2 weeks ago

    So good. HOX/POX was great groundwork. Sadly a lot of the stuff that followed was poorly written by writers who couldn’t hold a candle to Hickman on a bad day, with the flu and a broken finger on his writers hand. Benjamin Percy, not included in that bunch that man has the chops. Just too much mutants meandering around doing nothing and acting as if they’ve been written by people without any knowledge on the books not progressing the story at all. Hopefully this gets it back on track.

  • greenbeancom38
    greenbeancom38   3 weeks ago

    I call BS on Bishop as one of the leaders stoping mystique he just got promoted after cyclops stepped down

  • Reey27
    Reey27   3 weeks ago


  • Phil A
    Phil A   3 weeks ago

    Hickman is a mastermind The greatest reboot that exceeds expectations ...so far.

  • Tommy Downes
    Tommy Downes   4 weeks ago

    Just put her in the pit with her other Ex, Sabretooth. 😂

    AARON BLAZE   4 weeks ago

    Mystique getting the Light she deserves

  • Wari
    Wari   1 months ago

    There's only one Inferno

  • Prince Rogue
    Prince Rogue   1 months ago

    Krakoa would be the best and turning point Era of our Merry Mutants.I don’t want to see everything gets ruined.

  • Spider Rocket
    Spider Rocket   1 months ago

    Erik and Charles really should have saw this coming

  • The Eric
    The Eric   1 months ago

    Moira Mactaggert knows the true fate of mutantkind. If Destiny were to return, she would know too & that knowledge would destroy Krakoa. Mystique doesn't know this but she doesn't care. She just wants Destiny back.

  • jim zub
    jim zub   1 months ago

    need more super hero tities like that

  • Mass
    Mass   1 months ago

    I'm big fan of fantastic four 4⃣ for human torch please develop the character for separate movie and also Hulk smush cities destroy enjoy hulk fans in Avengers end game bursbeinra in hulk most feel on theatre please change it

  • MT
    MT   1 months ago

    Inferno…….why reuse a name from the 80’s? Different story , I get it but why name the arc Inferno?

  • Ladyxkerrigan
    Ladyxkerrigan   1 months ago

    What is the name of the music trailer?? Its awesome!!

  • Funny Fje
    Funny Fje   1 months ago

    Is it just me but she sound like cruella

  • Moch Awimba
    Moch Awimba   1 months ago

    I'm with Mystique in this one. Moira, Xavier, & Erik are freaking hypocrites. 🙄

  • eduardo silva
    eduardo silva   1 months ago

    Began with the dawn, we reached the reign and to preapare for the fall

  • John Frederick Udtujan
    John Frederick Udtujan   1 months ago

    I don't want Karakoa to be destroyed as this is the first I've seen all mutants united. Maybe the Phoenix and Onslaught has a role on this.

  • Dejon Hadley
    Dejon Hadley   1 months ago

    Everything I got from the trailer>Inferno takes place after the Trial of Magneto okay than so it wasn't Mystique? Or does Inferno start with them looking for her?>Bishop newest member of the council? Lets go!>Nimrod is active and ready. Going to need a better team than that Logan to take out a Nimrod>No one can be trusted? So they lost faith with the leaders of Krakoa? >Did Moira officially turn against Krakoa or is it does classic comic book clickbait? Cannot wait.

  • Vikramaditya Jha
    Vikramaditya Jha   1 months ago

    NIMROD IS HERE! I am no x men fan, but an interdimensional sentinel is something else. For more on Nimrod, check out Contest of Champions.

  • Nanami Kento's Hubby
    Nanami Kento's Hubby   1 months ago

    I hope this isn't the end of Krakoa. I don't wanna go back to the oppressed mutant high school plot line again

  • MoonyLighty
    MoonyLighty   1 months ago

    LET'S GO LESBIANS!!!!!! (I'm literally crying right now I'm so happy we're getting more content for my favorite WLW icons!!! give Raven what she deserves!!!!!)

  • Cosmo Baby
    Cosmo Baby   1 months ago

    Anyway I really like Death Metal and the Metal stuff with DC, some black label is errrok but when they did future state that was a mistake they will take time to recover from. I hardly purchase DC anymore it’s mainly independents and some Marvel. These companies need to know I spend money to enjoy comics.

  • Arthur Rimbaud
    Arthur Rimbaud   1 months ago

    Does this have anything to do with the Inferno storyline from 30 years ago?