SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME - Official Teaser Trailer (HD)

  • Published on: 24 August 2021
  • What just happened? Watch the official teaser trailer for #SpiderManNoWayHome, exclusively in movie theaters December 17.

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    For the first time in the cinematic history of Spider-Man, our friendly neighborhood hero is unmasked and no longer able to separate his normal life from the high-stakes of being a Super Hero. When he asks for help from Doctor Strange the stakes become even more dangerous, forcing him to discover what it truly means to be Spider-Man.

    Directed by:
    Jon Watts

    Written by:
    Chris McKenna & Erik Sommers

    Based on the MARVEL Comic Book by:
    Stan Lee and Steve Ditko

    Produced by:
    Kevin Feige
    Amy Pascal

    ​​Executive Producers:
    Louis D'Esposito
    Victoria Alonso
    JoAnn Perritano
    Rachel O’Connor
    Avi Arad
    Matt Tolmach

    Tom Holland
    Benedict Cumberbatch
    Jacob Batalon
    Jon Favreau
    with Marisa Tomei

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  • Runtime : 3:4
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  • Mayson Buster
    Mayson Buster   1 minuts ago

    Spiderman no way home doesn’t look that good😕

  • DC Supremacy
    DC Supremacy   9 minuts ago

    I have a really bad feeling about this movie. I hope it has a good story and not just a action packed fan service movie. I’m so hype for this nonetheless.

  • ShadowYTGaming
    ShadowYTGaming   9 minuts ago

    For the next movie I think you should name it Spider-Man:found way home Villains: tombstone,mister negative,the scorpion, the shocker (maybe)

  • Santixpro0I
    Santixpro0I   11 minuts ago

    Sony i need the 2 trailer one dude tobey and Andrew this in the movie?

  • Tedtheman5
    Tedtheman5   15 minuts ago

    Hi no way home trailer...just checking in for the 29th time today

  • L_imact3
    L_imact3   28 minuts ago

    Bro it’s need two months wtf time flies fast

  • Austin Chaney
    Austin Chaney   38 minuts ago

    When I saw this for the first time, when I saw Ock I literally screamed "OH MY GOD!!!" at the top of my lungs and started shaking, my adrenaline was pumping. My Mom comes into the room and asked what was wrong. And then I just started crying because I was just so overcome with emotion, a part of my childhood came back to me in that moment. I was so shook up I had to take a couple shots of liquor to get myself to calm down. Sam Raimis Spider-Man movies were everything to me as a kid, so to see Doc Ock, a character from my favorite superhero movie trilogy of all time, come back, was undescribable.

  • Haiqal Khosim
    Haiqal Khosim   47 minuts ago

    2016Tom: i blew up the internet with just said "hey everyone"2021Alfred Molina: i blew up the internet with just said "Hello Peter"Ps: sorry for my English

  • Tobey Parker
    Tobey Parker   47 minuts ago

    Youtube: Spiderman Far From Home 😈🍷

  • BUii
    BUii   53 minuts ago

    “Hello 🅱️eter”

  • @D
    @D   59 minuts ago

    Saca el segundo trailer la ptmr

  • nrg_aceu
    nrg_aceu   1 hours ago

    Quedamos como payasos ooooootra vez 🤡🤡🤡

  • Johnny #LLJ
    Johnny #LLJ   1 hours ago


  • 넬슨Yair
    넬슨Yair   1 hours ago

    Ya pongan el segundo trailer 😡😡😡

  • andy dou
    andy dou   1 hours ago

    Si no sale el trailer hasta las 9:30, no habrá hasta mitad de noviembre:(

  • Footage Catchers
    Footage Catchers   1 hours ago

    Bro Tom Holland know this movie is going to hurt everyone when all there theories are wrong so that’s why he went up to play Nathan Drake in uncharted so people would love him again

  • Windy 456
    Windy 456   2 hours ago

    2nd trailers not dropping today y’all. Get some sleep kings/queens

  • ATS
    ATS   2 hours ago

    im really curious to see strange in this movie i feel like with all the other spiderman cross overs people are forgetting about him and him acting so strange

  • jaf1213
    jaf1213   2 hours ago

    OdinAre u the god of homes

  • Not_banana _man
    Not_banana _man   2 hours ago

    Crazy how this movie is literally just around the corner and still no 2nd trailer.

  • Mah Ar Ba
    Mah Ar Ba   2 hours ago

    Es un país libre pero no un país libre del trailer.

  • Emma R
    Emma R   2 hours ago

    i wanna see my big man tobey and my skinny boy andrew swing for the last time