Top 5 Vehicles Bucket List

  • Published on: 13 September 2021
  • TOP 5 VEHICLE EXPERIENCES! Wing Walking, Monster Trucks, Tanks & driving 200+ mph! Our best Bucket List yet! ► Thanks for subscribing! -
    ► Check out the Behind The Scenes:


    1. The Score - Top of the World
    Listen on Spotify:

    2. The Score - Miracle
    Listen on Spotify:

    3. Hardwell⁠ feat. Trevor Guthrie - Summer Air
    Listen here:

    Monster Truck FPV Drone Pilot IG: Justin Skinner @justinsmash

    Vehicles and Locations!
    1. Mason Wing Walking Academy:
    2. Ox Ranch Drive Tanks:
    3. Indianapolis Motor Speedway:
    4. Sea Breacher:
    5. Bristol Motor Speedway:

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  • Runtime : 18:12
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  • Dude Perfect
    Dude Perfect   2 months ago

    Thanks for watching guys!! 👊🏼NEXT UP 🗓 🎩 Optical Illusion Trick Shots w/ Zach King🚨 Overtime 30🛶 Build a Raft Battle

  • Anderson mehrle
    Anderson mehrle   18 hours ago

    I am your biggest fan, and thanks to your amazing videos it has inspired me to do my own trick shot channel

  • Ruben Feitch
    Ruben Feitch   19 hours ago

    I’ve seen someone in one of those at tahoe

  • Christian Albanito
    Christian Albanito   22 hours ago

    Grew up watching you guys. You're all amazing and your videos make my day.

  • GameGod 711
    GameGod 711   1 days ago

    I'm so happy for everyone on dude perfect yall started with a house and a hoop yall are all still together and yall are living the dream yall have stayed humble and kind thx FROM TEXAS

  • Someone [GD]
    Someone [GD]   2 days ago

    Challenge: think of something that would get a bigger adrenaline rush that wing walking. I literally can’t think of anything.

  • kevonn13
    kevonn13   2 days ago

    They should've hooked each dude up to a heart monitor for their experiences to rank the excitement levels

  • RRHM
    RRHM   3 days ago

    These guys are the luckiest people on earth

  • Maxim Jupiter
    Maxim Jupiter   3 days ago

    Gary says bad boy many times , later says " alright let's start her up ."

  • Levi Arkerman
    Levi Arkerman   3 days ago

    The plane your on reminds me of the red baron

  • Simp
    Simp   3 days ago

    Wow it look super dangerous

  • VaultOfArms
    VaultOfArms   3 days ago

    You mean to tell me going left is more exciting than a rally ride along?

  • BoopBop
    BoopBop   3 days ago

    Gotta be honest, the tank was the lamest of them all...

  • Muhammad Asyraf
    Muhammad Asyraf   4 days ago

    My bucketlist : ride lockhead martin F-35 lightning ll

  • Christelle Cunha
    Christelle Cunha   5 days ago

    The place where he drove the tank was the same place Tfil went

  • Dqclan
    Dqclan   5 days ago

    wait so why couldn't cody just start of on the top of the plane?

  • KidMango
    KidMango   6 days ago

    8:02 in the Sherman8:04 the Leopard 1?

  • jensspahn_offiziell
    jensspahn_offiziell   6 days ago

    Mario Andretti being 81 years old and driving 200+ mph might make him the coolest grandpa you could have

  • redlegend piere5
    redlegend piere5   6 days ago

    Im gonna do my top 51: Sea Breacher2. Tank3. Race car4. Monster truck5. Wing walk

  • ol gregg
    ol gregg   6 days ago

    why did he pretend to be in the tank when it fired? haha